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Canada's Cryptozoology Organization
Provides information about the club and their efforts.

Reports and sightings of cryptids from around the world.

Crypto Sightings
News and reports from around the world.

A blog that includes news and reports on the subject.

Cryptid and paranormal news and forums covering Florida and beyond.

Includes late breaking news, educational articles, facts, and funnies.

Contains information on the study of hidden animals, and information on various cryptids such as Bigfoot, Yeti, and other less well known creatures.

Cryptozoology Links
A massive collection of cryptozoology related links. By Philip R. "Pib" Burns.

Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia: Cryptozoology
Takes a skeptical view of cryptozoology, grouping the subject with paranormal claims.

Discussion group about various cryptids.

La Bête du Gévaudan
Collection of writings about the Beast of Gevaudan or Auvignon, a real life monster that has killed at least 100 people in France.

Legendary Cryptids
Includes information about the wildman, hybrids and serpents.

Strange Ark
Includes articles, reprints, cryptofiction, biofortean information, and links.

Taking a Hard Look at Cryptozoology
A collection of cryptozoology related articles. By Ben S. Roesch.

The Cryptid Zoo
Offers a cross-linked list of cryptids, including descriptions and information, sorted alphabetically and by type. Provides an interactive cryptid map, links, and a list of publications and organizations.

The Cryptozoologist
Discusses some unknown creatures, and details the pursuit of these species by Loren Coleman, author and editor of The Cryptozoologist, and Cryptozoology A to Z.

The Lord Geekington: Cryptozoology
Cameron McKormick's blog.

The People Behind Cryptozoology
Offers short biographies on well know cryptozoologists.

The Shadowlands
Includes pictures and information on bigfoot, sea serpents, lake monsters, and other cryptids.

Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology
Discussions on all aspects of Cryptozoology. In French and English.

WebRing: Cryptozoology
Links to various websites on the subject.

Offers an introduction to the study of unknown creatures, including details on various cryptids, and cryptozoology news.