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Aceria guerreronis
Provides photographs and a description of the coconut mite, with information on its distribution, life history, ecology, hosts, damage, economic importance and management.
News, information, links and chat for avocado growers in many of the leading growing nations.

Cornell University Fruit Resources
Features information for scientists, gardeners, and commercial growers, including fact sheets and programs.

Date Palm Cultivation
Information from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on all aspects of date production.

Dragon Fruit
Provides information on the dragon fruit cactus plant, also known as pitaya or pitahaya, its history, pollination, cultivation, its nutritional value and how to eat the fruit.

Fruit Facts
Fact sheets for about twenty little known fruits that can be grown in California with a description of each, its culture and a list of suitable cultivars.

Fruit Tree Propagation
Article from Wikipedia on both bud grafting and whip and tongue grafting, and suitable rootstocks to use for apples, pears, cherries and plums.

Growing Blueberries
Plenty of information on this crop with instructions on planting and growing, pruning and problems.

Growing Cranberries
Information on preparing the land and establishing this crop, tending the fields and harvesting.

Growing Rhubarb
Information on soil preparation, planting this crop, care over the years, forcing, harvesting and the varieties available.

How Cranberries Grow
Article following the cultivation of these fruit in the bogs of Massachusetts throughout the year.

Integrated Pest and Disease Management for Australian Summerfruit
This downloadable manual provides information on the practical options available for controlling pests and diseases in orchards.

International Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits
Online scientific papers concerning fruit and fruit cultivation.

Information on this tree, its description, culture and cultivars.

Juneberry or Saskatoon Serviceberry
Information on this fruit, its cultivation, pruning, cultivars, diseases and uses as a garden or commercial crop.

Kiwifruit: Actinidia deliciosa
Information on the origins of this fruit, its climatic requirements, varieties, general cultivation and uses.

Knoll Acre Blueberries
Provides information on a project to establish a small commercial, sustainable, organic blueberry operation in Virginia, USA.
Information on history, science, folklore, culture. Also photos and nutritional uses.

New Plants for Florida: Tropical Fruit
Information on the achievements made by scientists at the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station resulting in the development of disease-resistant varieties and the improvement of fruit quality.

Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook
Guide to the control and management tactics for the more important plant diseases in the Pacific Northwest.

Papaya: High Tech Tactics Enhance a Tropical Fruit
Researchers in Hawaii are using micropropogation techniques and genetic studies to ensure that only productive plants are grown.

Pawpaw Planting Guide
Information on the climate and site requirements, propagation and cultivation of the native American pawpaw, Asimina triloba.

Pennsylvania Tree Fruit Production Guide
Online information on diseases, pests, natural enemies, chemical management, integrated pest management, harvest and postharvest handling, cider production and farm management, establishing an orchard, choosing a tree fruit nursery, caring for nonbearing trees, and maintaining bearing orchards.

Persimmon Fact Sheet
Tips on growing this crop.

Pineapple: Ananas comosus
Much information on this crop, its origins and distribution, varieties, culture, harvesting, storing and uses for food and other purposes.

Pomegranate: Punica granatum
Information on growing this small tree with details of its cultivation, pests and diseases and uses.

Discusses several ways to increase fruit stocks including taking cuttings, layering, grafting and budding and the all important selection of rootstocks.

Pruning and Training
Information on techniques to help maximize production from the orchard, including how to deal with abandoned or neglected trees.

Quest for Quince
The quince is a less-known relative of pears and apples. Researchers at the National Clonal Germplasm Repository are seeking further cultivars to include in their collection of genetic material.

Rutgers Blueberry and Cranberry Research and Extension Center
Includes information on the history of these crops, cultivation methods and techniques.

Description of this tree with edible fruit and much information on its origins, distribution, cultivation and uses.

Detailed account of Tamarindus indica, including its origin, cultivation, uses.

The Breadfruit Institute
Project of the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii. Includes uses, research, varieties, mission, and resources

The Cranberry Institute
Conducts research into the crop. Includes brief details of recent work and findings.

Tropical Fruit
Listing of publications available from Australia's NSW Department of Agriculture. Some of the publications, whose topics range from bananas and passionfruit to orchard groundcovers, are free for download, others for sale.

U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council
Promoting highbush blueberry growing. Information on the plant, growth, and the product.

Upper Canada Cranberries
Provides a history of the cranberry in North America and an illustrated account of how cranberries are being cultivated commercially in Eastern Ontario.

Virginia Fruit Page
Fact sheets on the cultivation of various fruit crops.