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Thoughtful political views from Gunnison, Bluthner, NatashaFatale, Squirrel and MadameMax. - U.S. Politics
Links, articles and other resources about current events in the United States.

Angry Bear
Slightly left of center economic commentary on news, politics and the economy.
Provides split-screen video dialogues about politics and ideas reflecting a diversity of views in dialogs and comments. Founded in 2005, operated by The Nonzero Foundation.

Crooks and Liars
A politically left blog focusing on political events and the news coverage of them.

Duncan Black posts about news and politics. Liberal/left-leaning points of view.

Interesting Times
Archives of a U.S. political blog.

Political analysis and commentary by retired political expert Dorothy (Gray) Gurney, former attorney, professor, author of "A Women's Guide to Political Awareness", campaign organizer, and a former California delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Public blog open to all where real people can express real opinions on politics, news and social issues, and enjoy political debates and discussions.

Radical Middle Newsletter
Archives covering policy issues, conferences, and books in the fields of politics, government, law, business, and foreign affairs. Edited by Mark Satin.

Talking Points Memo
Commentary on political events from a politically left perspective, by Joshua Micah Marshall.

The Moderate Voice
Joe Gandelman, political independent and moderate, comments on important stories in the news.

Washington Post - The Fix's Best State Based Political Blogs; Extended Edition! - The Washington Post
The best of the best political blogs in all 50 states, as suggested by readers to Chris Cillizza in 2013.