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Ate My Balls
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Da Ebonics Site
Pseudo-ebonics entertainment website. Featuring translators, mailers and jokes.

Dirty Laughs
Several thousand offcolor and adult jokes arranged by category.

Disgusting Food List
Revolting combinations of otherwise palatable food and some disgusting food games.

Animated cartoons about poop.
South African jokes, humor, cartoons, and photos.

Mike's Rude Jokes
Popular destination for rude jokes about men, women, elderly, religion, blondes, and Clinton.

Mike's Zine
News, advice, and short stories from the wrong side of the tracks. Updated more or less monthly.

Number One Jokes
Blonde, gross, redneck, Clinton, marriage, and sex jokes.

Rectal Foreign Bodies
Medical case stories (some real, some hoaxes) of objects and materials inserted where they shouldn't be. Includes some X-ray pictures.

Roadkill Around the World
This site is about educating people on roadkill. It contains pictures and other funny stuff.

Scoop on Poop
FAQs on poop, synonyms for poop, pooping, diarrhea, constipation, and animal droppings; and a collection of poop folk rhymes.

Sick and Twisted Jokes
New sick jokes every weekday plus new links each week to the best in humor and sickness on the Net. From

Tasteless Clinton/Monica Lewinsky Jokes
President Clinton's Deposition by Dr. Seuss - Tasteless Jokes
Posting and discussion of tasteless jokes.