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Alberta Amateur Winemakers
Contains information on different styles of wines and downloadable sheets for judging various classes of wine in competitions.

Enology and Grape Chemistry Group of Virginia State University
Lists training and information offered by the university enology department, together with factsheets for winemakers containing technical and practical information about enology and viticulture.

Grape Stomper Home Page
Winemaking information, recipes, glossary as well as advanced and basic techniques.

Home Winemaking
A UK site dedicated to home wine making enthusiasts, giving advice, recipes, books and kits available together with information on various equipment.

How do you make wine
Some low cost fruit wine recipes along with some basic information about winemaking.

HowStuffWorks: How Winemaking Works
A photographic narrative of the winemaking process, with a scientific slant.

Introduction to Home Winemaking
Discusses the basic techniques and principles of amateur winemaking, and supplies recipes for still, sparkling and dessert wines.

Old World Meets New World
General advice and some tasting notes from a winemaker who uses no added sulfites.

Pioneer Thinking - Winemaking
Information on edible fruits and plants in the United States and Canada which are suitable for winemaking.

Techniques in Home Winemaking
Home winemaking resources as well as useful information on how to make award winning wines at home.

The Daily Fruit Wine
A fruit winemaker's account of his experiences in the industry with some technical information for winemakers.

The Home Wine Making Pages
Includes recipes along with articles about equipment, techniques, and ingredients.

The Home Winemakers Manual
An online book for home winemakers offered at no charge that covers winemaking in depth.

The Home Winery
Home winemaking recipes, tips and information about making wine and meads at home from kits as well as from raw ingredients.

The Winemaking Home Page
Offering tips for both beginning and advanced home winemakers and covers just about all aspects of winemaking. Many wine recipes are included on the site.

UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology
Academic study of winemaking from the University of California, Davis in the US.

Vintner Resources
Resources, information and assistance for the home vintner.

Wine Files
Searchable database for industry professionals and wine lovers offering access to information about wine making, grape growing, and the history of wine.

Wine World FDW
Free recipes and instructions for winemaking with fruit, flowers, roots, seeds and leaves.

WineMaker Magazine
Online version of the magazine. Includes articles, resources and information to help people at all levels create their own world-class wine at home.

WineMaking Radio
Winemaking techniques and issues are discussed on line by experts. Includes written transcripts of the broadcasts.
Discussion forums for home winemakers.

Discusses amateur wine making, grape growing, fruit wines, wine cellar building. Includes a large discussion forum.

Winemaker's Notebook
Winemaker's Notebook contains an array of wine and cider recipes from Apple to Pumpkin, has hints and tips for beginner and intermediate winemakers, and tracks winemaking in process.

Yahoo! Groups: Wine-making
Discussions about winemaking recipes and techniques.