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Weekly articles, expansive directory of related sites, and reference guide with recipes, tutorials, espresso machine advice, health information, and glossary.

A cocktails and spirits writer. Includes photos and news.
Reviews of beers, wines, liquors, liqueurs and alcohol-related books and items.

Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages
Information on the history and the making of mead, wine, beer, brandy, whiskey, liqueurs, cordials, and vinegar. Includes recipes.

Art of Drink
Bartender Darcy O'Neil offers commentary and tips on the art of mixology, wine, beer, and bartending.

Bar Stories
A former bartender shares stories, recipes, and observations.

Blog on wine and beer.

Barshots Bar Guide
A bar guide with photos of every bar listed and peer reviews. Currently lists establishments in Maine, Vermont, Louisiana, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Dowd on Drinks blog
Albany, New York Times Union drinks writer William Dowd's blog expands on articles from the newspaper.

Glasses placemat
Free open-source software that makes the paperwork to run a tasting: pages to hold glasses, for tasting notes, to identify people, for WOTN voting, to display the corks, and for pre-pouring.

Lyke 2 Drink
Drinks journalist Rick Lyke offers news and commentary on beer, wine and spirits as well as details of travels to breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

MurphGuide to NY Bars
Bar reviews, bars by category and relevant articles.
Links to sports bars in the United States and Canada including their addresses.

The journal of the Beverage Testing Institute. Reviewing thousands of wines, beers and spirits each year, and a searchable database with thousands of links to wineries, breweries and distilleries.

The Beermonsters Guide to Alcoholic Beverages
Information about beers, wines, spirits and cocktails with brief descriptions and links. Games, pub guides and other related articles.

The CoffeeBeer Homepage
A Seattleite searches for coffee and beer in the United Kingdom and United States, offering monthly reviews. Also contains articles, and tips for ordering in several languages.

Wines, Beers and Spirits of the Net
Index to Internet websites, mailing lists and discussion groups gateways on wines, beers and spirits. Maintained by Dean Tudor.