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Discus Launch Gliders
Pictures and information on making fuselage molds.

EH Airfoils
Designed by John Yost, and developed specifically for swept wing tailless aircraft.

Epoxy Safety
Tips for working safely with epoxy, including discussion of latex gloves.

How to Cast Lead Nose Weight
By Michael Shellim, a relatively simple method of casting lead noseweight to fit accurately inside the nose of your model.

Liftroll Cookbook
How to design a good wing using a vortex-lattice spreadsheet by John Hazel.

Mark Drela's Allegro 2m
Paper and plans describing the aerodynamics and structures of a 2m RES sailplane.

Pressure Sensor-Based Altimeter Circuit
Includes introduction, what the circuit does, the circuit, the Schematic and PCB layout, tuning and adjusting, installation in the model, use, and parts list.

Project F3F
Anatomy of a project to design a moulded F3F-class radio control slope soarer, by Adrian Bedford.

R/C Soaring UK
What Do Thermals Look Like by Wayne Angevine, an atmospheric physicist.

Sailplane Performance Analysis
A theoretical study to evaluate the effect of minimum sink rate, span, and aspect ratio on the performance of a family of conventional radio controlled thermal sailplanes.

Seamless Molded Fuselages
Doing a layup with and joining the fuselage in the mold.

See How It Flies
A new spin on the perceptions, procedures, and principles of flight.

Tubular Hinges
Knuckle or arrowshaft hinges for gapless hinge lines.

UIUC Applied Aerodynamics Group
Information on low speed airfoil testing for model airplanes.

Vacuum Bagging Wings
Vacuum bagging techniques for foam wings with composite, or wood veneer skins.