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Lofting software, personal simulation works, and desktop CFD.

Aeronautics Education Software
FoilSim basic aerodynamics software. Interactive simulations of flow around airfoils.

Airfoil Comparison Tool
Wind tunnel data analyzer by Mike Garton and David Orman. Uses UIUC airfoil data.

Airfoil Design Workshop
Airfoil design software for modelers and aircraft designers. Graphically display and modify standard airfoil data files. Output to DXF format.

Links to various software and airfoil plotting packages.

Advanced airfoil plotting and editing software. Plots full sets of ribs, foam templates, modifies airfoils.

DreeseCode Software
SNACK - airfoil creation, analysis, and design software.

F3J Score Software
Free software that will perform all needed tasks to setup and run a F3J competition.

Frankie Arzu
Public domain software: Profile Program (V2.2) plus some airfoils (.zip) Profile Source (V2.2) in Visual C++ (.zip).

Hanley Innovations
Aerodynamics software for Windows 95. Test airfoils, learn aerodynamics, plot airfoil sections for model airplane constructions.

Helmut Lelke Aircraft Design Program
Computes important flight parameters based on your design input.

Mean Aerodynamic Chord
Calculation software for computing the mean aerodynamic chord on a multi panel wing, and locating the center of lift. Freeware.

Profili 2
A freeware-shareware software for wing airfoils managing, drawing, and analysis.

Quality Simulations
Hang glider flying simulator.

SFS pc
The soaring simulator reproduces flight with a soaring plane on IBM compatible PCs.

The Panknin Twist Formula
Excel spreadsheet software; including all of the fundamental information required to design and build a high performance, swept-wing tailless sailplane.

Unit Conversion Calculator in JavaScript
Physical and temperature conversions. English units of mass, weight and force are Avoirdupois; metric units are International metric.

Vacuum Bagging EXCEL Spreadsheet
Used in preliminary design on triple tapered vacuum bagged wings for weight and strength estimation.

Winfoil Aeronautical Design Software
An aeronautical computer-aided design tool for designing, analysing and modifying model aircraft. Shareware.

Wing Analysis Program
This Java application computes the lift and Cl distribution over a wing, with sweep and twist.

Wing Designer Plus
Software that will help you in the conception of the wings of your planes, or gliders.

Combines several wing-analyses, such as MAC, lift-distribution and bending-moment evaluation, into a single, web-based application.

Mark Drela's XFOIL low Rn airfoil design and analysis code. Great analysis code for soaring airfoils. Requires UNIX, links to source code.

Xfoil discussion group
Group discussions on using the XFOIL airfoil design code.