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Canadian Railway Telegraph History
Site dedicated to Canada's railway telegraph, agents, operators, and railway.

Early Telegraph Apparatus
Early telegraph instruments from the John Jenkins Spark Museum collection.

J-38 Keys
Descriptions of a common telegraph key used by the U.S. Army Signal Corps.

Modern Practice Of The Electric Telegraph
The entire 19th century book by Franklin Pope is viewable at this site. This was the standard reference book used by the U.S. Signal Service.

N1FN Key Collection Pages
An assortment of telegraph keys from the personal collection of Marshall Emm, N1FN.

SV1EDY Homepage
A telegraph instrument collecting site located in Greece by ham radio operator, Apostolos Bourousis, SV1EDT.

The Old Telegraph Station
The personal Vibroplex and telegraph collection of Frank O. Remington.

The Sparks Telegraph Key Review
Informational and photo display site on telegraph keys. Includes information about instruments used during the spark-era of radio. By Russ Kleinmann, WA5Y.

The Telegraph
An assortment of telegraph instrument images compiled from several early physics apparatus collections by Professor Thomas Greenslade Jr. of Kenyon College.

The Telegraph Office
A resource for wire and wireless telegraph instrument collectors and historians. Several images of instruments are viewable in the photo galleries.

W1TP Telegraph & Scientific Instrument Museums
The Telegraph Museum on this site contains hundreds of images of American and foreign telegraph instruments from different eras. Presented by Tom Perera, W1TP.