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Alternate Reality
Commentary and critique of topical events. Andrew Lee's summary of various news events, plus links to the full stories.

Funny, bracing or important posts by the house-bound Gary Farber who offers his views on news, politics, the media, history, science, and science fiction.
Encourages activism in business, education, environment, health, science, technology and travel. The work of John Fitzpatrick.

BTC News
An acerbic, satirical, outraged and occasionally outrageous look at news, politics and miscellaneous oddities.

Back to Iraq
Being a recounting of Christopher Allbritton's journalistic adventures concerning Iraq.

Backstage with Supak
Watching the Junta in the White House and other stories of note with stagehand Scott Supak, backstage in Hollywood. Features links, quotes, pictures, and free stuff.

Barbados Underground
Covers topical and controversial news, with a prime focus on Barbados.

Have your say on the latest UK news from entertainment to current affairs or just chat with other Brits on the message board.
Daily updates on the Internet and its social and public policy implications useful websites, political/ cultural musings. From David Brake a UK-based academic (PhD researcher @ the LSE), Internet consultant and journalist.

Blogger News Network
Blogging site with dozens of contributors, covering aspects of the news business from a citizen journalist perspective.

Bob Stepno's Other Journalism Weblog
Explores the topic of online community journalism as being today's alternative mode of news coverage.

Bob Stepno's Other Journalism Weblog
Thoughts, notes and headlines about news reporting, personal and community journalism on the Web. The name refers to the author's view that weblogging itself is the "other journalism" mode of the modern era.

The eclectic views of Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist, Brian Chin, a senior online producer and a native Seattleite. Covers technology, politics and social trends.

Charlotte's Web Blog
Opinions of author and syndicated columnist Charlotte Laws covering topics involving philosophy, politics, law, education and current events. Particular focus given to animal rights, and environmentalism.

Charlotte's Web Blog
Syndicated columnist Charlotte Laws shares her views on philosophy, politics, law, education and current events. Gives particular focus to animal rights, and environmentalism.

Daily Kos at
Political analysis and other daily rants.

Don't Be A Shamed
A news weblog, with a bit of politics and culture thrown in, written by a DC-based libertarian-conservative Republican.

Don’t mind me, just talking to myself
The work of Andy Riga, a reporter and occasional political writer at The Gazette in Montreal.

Editor on the Verge
Musings from the newsroom and beyond by Yoni Greenbaum, an experienced and award-winning newspaper and online journalist.

Electric Venom
Constantly updated news, current events, analysis and punditry from a decidedly conservative, sarcastic and educated perspective.

documenting the Elian Gonzalez story.

Everything I Know Is Wrong
Political and philosophical commentary from a classical liberal (in the U.S. that means conservative) viewpoint.

Fables of the Reconstruction
Weblog about law, politics, sex and Philadelphia, written by an anonymous kinky liberal lawyer.
Bits about technology, books, publishing, and miscellany from the author of several computer books. A display of customizable headlines from hundreds of sites. And mice.

Posts focus on historic news-clippings available through the archive held Also provides tips and hints on how to navigate and search at that clipping service.

Free Internet Press
Create an account and submit original news and items from other sites. A collaborative, non-profit project.

Grumpy Editor
Critical observations from a journalist keeping an eye on all media, especially print and broadcast.

Guardian Unlimited - Newsblog
Team weblog from the British newspaper's news team, augmented with dispatches from their journalists around the world.

Human News
News offered with a unique, quantitative approach to editorial policy. Link at the footer of each story explains the formula as to how article's length was set proportional to the estimated number of lives affected.

Glenn Reynolds' weblog offers opinions on current events, as well as humor and personal notes.

James Wolcott's Blog
Vanity Fair contributing editor blogs about politics and current events.

Kristine Lowe
Deals with current trends in online journalism. Also includes personal observations about life in Scandinavia.

Lean Left
Another small attempt at disseminating progressive thought.

Lynn Sebourn
Comments and links about international, national and Tennessee-related events. Covering politics, religion and other topics from a conservative viewpoint.

Media Nation
Dan Kennedy blogs about the press, politics, technology, culture and other passions.

Community based news oriented weblog.

Michael Wong
Weblog offering Internet marketing news, press releases, product announcements, statistics, tips and commentary.

Midwatch Industries
All the news that's fit to ridicule.

Military News Watch
A reality check for news coverage of military issues.

Monkey Media Report
Watchdog weblog covering the American media.

Morpheme Tales
Contains journalism on international issues, the humanities, and technology. Written by a professional journalist and poet.

My Free Press
Buck Macklin's weblog information, news, and links to assorted websites.

Nathan Newman
News analysis with an emphasis on labor and progressive politics.

News Compass
International news and current affairs.

Dedicated to discoveries, trends in the humanities, sciences, travel news, x-treme sports, martial arts, alternative, meditation, technology news, culture, sport news, special news.

NextDraft News
A newsletter and website that covers all the news from politics to pop culture, from Jerusalem to JLo. It's your dinner party prep.

Observer Blog
General news blog from some of the staff at the British newspaper. Includes mobile, gallery and audio posts, along with podcasts and RSS fees.

POE News
Daily odd ball and political news with an active forum to discuss current events.

Pacific Views
Liberal weblog commentary on the environment, politics, technology, culture, and periodically, space colonization.

Politics in the Zeros
Musings on politics, California, water, and otherwise.

Prague Writer, Jim Freeman
Political and current event commentary by author Jim Freeman, an American citizen living in the Czech Republic.

Rahul Reports
Covers news, politics, sports, business and entertainment items - with a tinge of Indianesse.

Ready Fire Aim
Interesting news and statistics in media, business, technology, and life in San Francisco.

Reality Bites Back
Steve Gosset, a veteran of print and broadcast news, now watches the industry from the sidelines and assess news coverage and content. Offers opinions on a wide range of topical items.

Red Pepper News
Left, green and radical perspectives on news and current affairs. Comments aims at "raising the political temperature".

Regularly updated commentary and analysis of rhetoric and spin in politics and journalism.

Schwartzreport is a daily publication in favour of the earth, the inter-connectedness and interdependence of all life, democracy, liberty, and things that are life affirming. It also warns readers about actions, and events that threaten those values. Stories have been vetted for accuracy by either a significant peer reviewed research journal or, at the least, a major journalistic publication.

Scoobie Davis Online
San Diego media critic shares his views on popular culture and current news stories.

Social Uproar
Social Uproar investigates the innovative ways that Social Media is being used to induce Social Change. Advice on how to use social media is available for charities and activists.

Spew It Forward
Book reviews, general rants and a daily quest to find the answers in life.

Random comments on events of the day.

The Constant Observer
Deals with the intersection of media, technology, and social networking. Includes schedule of Tish Grier speaking engagements.

The Fulcrum
The weblog of a liberal, humanist, ex-military pilot.

The Green Ribbon
London-based Irish journalist, Tom Griffin, offers news, analysis and opinion.

The Guardian Technology: Blogging
Starting point to a set of news stories providing introductory information about all aspects of blogging.

The Hidden World
Artist Shea Holliman comments on news stories of interest to him.

The Mahablog
News, opinion, and discussion critical of the Bush Administration.

The RipZAW
A Libertarian-Democratic leaning Californian-turned-Pennsylvanian college student's weblog. Covering politics, sports, religion, politics, entertainment, and politics. 100% organic, PABA-free.

The Scoop
Derek Willis largely focuses on journalism and computer-assisted reporting. Deals with how reporters can use spreadsheets, databases, mapping and statistical programs to make stories better.

The Serenity
Original commentary and analysis focusing on public policy, international relations, sex roles, crime, education, and medicine.

The Stationmaster
Magnus Bernhardsen is an anti-war, anti-EU, left-wing Norwegian who writes mostly about politics.

The Thorn Papers
Sample the thoughts of Mitch Cohen, a writer and political media analyst working out of Mississippi. Also links to an online archive of his editorial pieces previously published in a variety of newspapers.

Canadian conservative weblog that publishes daily commentary on political events in Canada.

Funny and cool video clips. Televisions skits, cartoons, jokes and humor. Flash games and cartoons, tons to do.

Topix - Blog News
Headline links about news on blogs and blogging collected from diverse media sources worldwide.

Voluntary Exchange
Posts on current events and culture, focused from an economic perspective.

Providing small journalistic forum and tools for contributors. Multilingual site claiming to be a platform for free thinkers globally.

Washington Post - Blog Directory
Comprehensive listing of the newspaper's blogs, organized by subject. Includes archives of no longer current blogs.

What Does Not Change
My writing on politics, Rilke, some photography and other little web projects.

Zach Everson
Freelance writer, editor, and consultant in based in Washington, DC, comments on grammar, word choice, and the business of writing. Also deals with the topics of international development, defense news, finance, and leisure.
All kinds of odd and interesting news on the web.
A personal view of Ian Lind from the newsroom of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, which is at the center of a precedent-setting legal battle over the antitrust limits of newspaper joint operating agreements.

Keeping watch on the collision of conventional rights (such as free speech) and the internet, and researching new expressions of those rights.

Mickey Kaus follows developments in politics, advertising, business, and the media. A Slate weblog.
Personal observations of Dr Simon Howard, a British public health doctor. Deals with UK current affairs, politics, book reviews and humour. | conflux
A weblog that provides daily updates and links to news items and stories related to science and technology, culture, privacy and the media.