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El Niņo and La Niņa
Ice Storms
Storm Chasing
Thunderstorms and Lightning
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Extreme Temperatures
Recorded from hundreds of localities around the world.
Provides forecasts for some parts of the US. Supplies maps and pictures.

National Weather Service: Active Warnings
Current weather warnings and special weather advisories from the National Weather Service.

National Weather Service: Climate Prediction Center
Long-range assessment of weather threats, including drought, heavy rain, tropical systems and El Nino/La Nina events.

National Weather Service: Storm Prediction Center
Provides updated severe weather information.

National Weather Service: Warnings Area
Immediate access to all available warnings for the United States, including tornado, hurricane, and winter weather warnings.

Storm Prediction Center Mesoscale Discussions
Feed provides US NOAA mesoscale discussions of weather systems with the potential to generate tornadoes or severe thunderstorms.

Storm Prediction Center Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm Watches
Feed provides notices of US NOAA severe storm watches.