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Continental Divide
Washington-based Open News Site, dealing with national and international news analysis.

FrontPage Magazine
News, analysis, commentaries and links to outside articles with a conservative perspective from David Horowitz's Center for the Study of Popular Culture.

Jamestown Foundation
Analysis of trends in Eurasia which are critical to US policy. Conservative think tank focusing on nations it claims are strategically important to the United States.

Ocnus News
World news and commentary on current events.

The Bradley Report
Alternative compilation of reviews, opinion and commentary.

The Contrarian
Examines often-ignored issues in politics, media, metaphysics, technology and creative culture.

The Editorial Post
Audience submitted opinions from peace in the Middle East to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Kensington Review
An e-magazine of political and social commentary. When the left says the glass is half full and the right says it is half empty, Kensington suggests that it might be too big.

The New Republic
Online edition of journal of politics and culture, with selected articles from print magazine.

Utne Reader Online
Articles and online discussion and community

World News Review
Top headlines from a nonpartisan magazine dealing with international issues.

World Press Review
Provides a platform for ideas and opinions on topics of significant international concern, in addition to country profiles, maps, information and links to thousands of newspapers from around the world.