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Alternative Counseling
Gives an alternative to the medical, cognative, and psychological models of counseling. Based on the whole person approach.

Anne Nadeau, Spiritualist
Offers guidance in spiritual awakening, healing wounds and negative beliefs about self, and helping seekers transform into an expression of their divine truth. Includes profile and video.

Counseling and Personal Coaching
Marriage and individual counseling, and personal coaching by bringing together mind, body, and spirit to enhance or restore the enjoyment of living.

Counselor of the Heart
Counseling for inspiration, understanding, wisdom, and spiritual teachings, includes related articles and links.

Donna LeBlanc
Spiritual psychotherapist and author offers hourly sessions, intensives and workshops, includes calendar of events, related products, and biographical information.

Dr. Tom Legere's Spiritual Counseling
Offers individual, military, and group counseling, retreats, and products that can assist on a spiritual quest.

Emotional Detox
Holistic counseling in stress management, lifestyle balancing, and emotional health. Also offers Chi Kung and holistic massage.

Free Spiritual Guidance
Assistance for those looking for guidance in common life issues, includes services, self-help, and members information.

Helene Rothschild
Licensed family therapist also offering intuitive counseling, workshops, and self-help products.

Infinite Connections with Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith
Coaching and counseling for personal and business issues including spiritual, mythological, psychotherapeutic, and post trauma. Also offers related books and tapes.

Lighting Our Way
Counseling to assist in personal and spiritual growth, includes services, articles, books and products, and newsletter.

Loving Living Life
Practices for raising emotional vibrations and creating through the power of intention. Based on Avatar and Resurfacing.

Ronda LaRue
Group and individual retreats, workshops, and counseling. Also offers books and artwork.

Rooted In Spirit
Resources for spiritual development, including counseling, coaching, meditation, centering prayer, workshops and retreats, emphasizing interfaith and holistic perspectives.

Sacred Insights
Kathy Karlander specializes in working with the Akashic Records. Healer, Soul Guide, Empowering Workshops.

Spiritual Counseling and Healing
Advice and support to more fully experience spiritual nature, includes definitions and resources for obtaining free guidance.

Success for the Soul
A resource of services and products designed to provide support in realizing deepest aspirations, and achieving personal successes includes consultations, classes and workshops, and energy healing.

The Soul Center for Spiritual Healing
Spiritual counseling for indigo children and adult indigos. Includes a listing of local facilitators.

Voice Dialogue International
A psychospiritual approach to consciousness and transformation including a study of the many selves that make up the psyche, as well as work with dreams, archetypal bonding patterns, and body energy fields.