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A frontend for easy use of freqgen.exe which is used to drive RIFE healing devices. It is designed to make the use of freqgen( computer frequency generator) easier.

Rife International Health Conference
Annual gathering brings together people from around the world to share the incredible potential of Rife technology. Includes registration, speakers, links and contact details.

Rife Technologies
Provides technical details of the Royal Rife machine for those with a scientific background. Includes photos, video, spread sheet calculators.

An alternative healing method based on Dr. Royal Rife's work with resonant frequencies to kill microbes. Research and articles by Gary Wade, physicist.

Royal R. Rife
Provides a short history of Rife's Universal Microscope plus historic photographs, an overview of his treatments and implications of his findings.

Royal Rife
Scientific data and white papers describing the work of Dr. Royal Rife in developing technologies that utilize electro-medicine to kill harmful microbes.

The Electrpherbalism Homepage
Information on Bioelectronics and Naturopathy, including Rife and Rife-Bare, Hulda Clark and Tesla, Also articles on alternative therapies, protocols, and regimens using vitamins, minerals and herbs.

The Rife Forum
Devoted to research into the Rife microscopes, frequencies, therapies and history as well as modern counterparts. Membership required.

Yahoo! Groups: Rife
For all those who wish to discuss the treatment invented by Royal Raymond Rife, that uses resonance frequencies to treat a wide range of diseases. Includes joining instructions.