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Adept Software
Classic DOS games such as 'Jetpack', 'Squarez Deluxe', and 'God of Thunder'.

Arnout Swinnen
Several originals for Windows such as 'Paratrooper II', 'Tank2', and 'Space Invaders X'.

Artsoft Entertainment
Games such as 'Rocks'n'Diamonds', 'MirrorMagic', and 'affenspiel' for DOS or UNIX.

Arvid Software Games
Features game downloads, chat, a quiz and images.

Blum Games
Original Windows games such as 'MemGame', 'Letris', 'Cult', and 'Nuclear Deterrence'.

'BobType', 'BobShuffle', and 'BobCave' for Windows.

Several Windows games including a Go version called '5 in a Row Tic-Tac-Toe', and 'Draw Poker'.

David Birch
Author of 'Pinball', and 'Fish Shop' made with Delphi for Windows.

Fractal Games
Open Source titles such as 'BlastPong', 'Extreme Nibbles', 'Matrix', 'NMGRFX', 'Plinky', and 'Tic-Tac-Toe' for Windows by Nick Meyer.

Games By Ben
Free games made for Windows by Ben including 'Golf', 'Fishing', and 'Runner'.

Generation Stars
'Snakey', 'Raklem', 'Yambo', and 'Starship War', for Windows.

Hardcore Processing
Developers for Windows and Linux with titles such as 'Leaf Invaders', 'The Unlimited Game', and 'Billy the Kid'.

Illisoft PC games
Developer of games for DOS, Windows, and Java with titles such as 'Zokkelo', 'Tetris', and 'Yatzy'. [English/Finnish]

KDE Games Center
Linux games and game development for the K Desktop Environment.

Karl Scherer
An improved 'Game of Life' called 'Alive', some word puzzlers, and 'Tumbler' all for Windows.

Several originals for Windows or Macintosh such as 'Santa Balls', 'Sketchy!', and 'Braving the Elements', that can be downloaded, played online, or added to a website.

Parallel Realities
Windows, Linux and Amiga titles such as 'Project: Starfighter', 'Blob Wars', and 'Fighters'.

Satansam Games
"Yuhkaz", "Madventures of the Love Rockets", "Titan Omega", "Dovestones", and "The New Satan Sam" for Windows.

Original Windows games such as 'Blue Bird', 'Hungry Yogi', and 'Hunt for Stars'.

Spam & Cheese
'Cave Chaos', 'Alien Decimation', and 'Twoccer World' written with Blitz 3D for Windows.

Steve's OpenGL Programs
Several 3D games and screen savers including 'Pong Mania', and 'Bouncing Lights'.

Synthetic Reality
Originals for Windows such as 'Well of Souls', 'Warpath', and 'Arcadia'.

The Stars Development Company
Creators of 'The Terror', and 'Metal QB' for Windows.

Over a dozen originals for Windows that can be downloaded or played in your web browser with the appropriate plug-in.