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An open source project, which has been founded to provide an educational, network operating system kernel.

Bona Fide OS Development
OS development information and tutorials. Links.

Intel Pentium 4 Manuals
The full documentation of system management from Intel for the IA-32 architecture.
Resources for programmers new to kernel hacking. Example code, FAQs, utilities for debugging modules.

OS Development RSS News, forums, and the OSDev Wiki including the largest listing of ameatur operating system projects on the internet.

Operating System Lecture Notes
Notes on operating system theory, source code of describing actual construction of operating system in C programming language. Also OS construction related links to books, notes, tutorials, and news groups.

Pierre's Library
A resource center for PC operating system developers. The aim is to provide reliable documents about software and hardware standards under the aspect of official specifications as well as more friendly documents.

Porting UNIX to the 386
Historic article series appearing in 1991 that started the open source operating system movement.

The Basic Kernel Source Code Secrets
By William Jolitz and Lynne Jolitz (authors of 386BSD OS). Good book to learn the kernel internals of 386 architecture operating systems.

Yet Another Object Oriented Operating System
A project of developing new object oriented operating system.