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CGI Database Applications with Perl
Tutorial covering the strategies and technologies behind writing a database-driven CGI application.

DBD::ODBC Tutorial Part 1
Explains how to use drivers, data sources and make connections.

DBI - The Perl Database Interface
Official site includes documentation, mailing list information, and demonstrations.

Dabbling in Live Databases: Microsoft Access
This tutorial covers the issue of connecting a Microsoft Access database to your website using Perl.

Enabling ODBC support in Perl with Perl DBI and DBD::ODBC
How to build Perl DBI, add the DBD::ODBC module and use an ODBC driver in Perl scripts.

Just Enough DBI to be Dangerous
Slides and sample code from a talk given by Bradford Powell at a Raleigh Perl Mongers meeting.

MySQL and Perl for the Web
Official site for the book by Paul DuBois. Includes table of contents, errata, downloads, and a sample chapter in PDF format. DBIx::Recordset vs. DBI
Terrance Brannon argues that DBI should not be the interface for most Perl applications requiring database functionality.

The Fine Art of Database Programming
An outline of database programming, with particular emphasis on Perl.
Archive of the mailing list.