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Amazon Simple DB Cloud Computing
Introduction to Simple DB, a database web service offered by Article introduces the Simple DB service itself as well as the concepts needed to work with it.

CGI for Web Database Programming
Using CGI and Java Servlets for web database programming by Nathan Folkert with help from Vincent Chu.

Cloud Computing Planet
A cloud computing portal with link directories, news, and special features covering cloud storage, cloud management, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Cloud clients, Public Cloud, and Private Cloud.

Data Access Pages
Using Data Access Pages to internet enable an Access table by Jayaram Krishnaswamy

Dedicated to Advancing Cloud Computing
Miscellaneous links and articles on all aspects of Cloud Computing and Software As A Service.

Delphi ADO to HTML
How to export your data to HTML using Delphi and ADO. This is the first step in publishing your database on the Internet - see how to create a static HTML table from an ADO query by Zarko Gajic.

Getting Started with Cairngorm
Introduction to Cairngorm for web database development by David Tucker.

Getting the Wrong Identity in Microsoft SQL Server identity Columns?
SQL server identity column problems, use and scope by Don Schlichting.

Google App Engine Introduction
Introduction to the Google App Engine, main concepts and links to examples.

How to Use Onfolio to Manage Web Pages
Introduction to Microsoft Live Toolbar gadget that allows website pages and links to be saved in a structured database

Introduction to SQL Azure
Article by Pinal Kumar Dave introducing architecture, programming models, and database comparisons of SQL Azure.

LINQ for a data driven Web Site
How to create a C# LINQ ASP to Database Web site using Visual Studio 2005 by Satheesh Kumar.

How to use LINQ to SQL for web database development by Scott Gu.

LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework on top of SQL Azure
How to create a designer for working with LINQ with SQL Azure by Kevin Hoffman.

Linked Servers
Share data for your web page between SQL and almost any other data source using Linked Servers by Don Schlichting.

MySQL How To Install for SOHO
Explains the basic steps of configuring MySQL for use with a MySQL-based application in which the application runs on the same server as the database.

MySQL Programming
Article details programming MySQL for web use by Arron Weiss.

PHP MySQL Tutorial
Simple PHP and MySQL tutorial with examples like creating a guestbook, uploading image to database and creating simple content management system (CMS).

Python Database Programming : Accessing MySQL
Database Programming in Python: Accessing MySQL by A.P.Rajshekhar

Ruby on Rails Web Database Development Introduction
An Introduction to Web Database Development Using the Ruby on Rails Framework by Nico Mommaerts.

SQL Data Services Explorer Tutorial
Step by step guide to using SDS Explorer to create Authorities by Yoshi Watanabe.

Web Database Interaction Using Perl
Using Perl to create an HTML interface to any database that implements the Structured Query Language (SQL) by Chris Radcliff.

Web Search Engine Results with SQL 2000
This article demonstrates using MS SQL Full Text Search Engine to obtain web search style results by Don Schlichting.

Windows Azure Introduction
Introduction and overview of Windows Azure by Manuvir Das.