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3D Object Intersection
A grid of intersection routines for various popular objects, pointing to resources in books and on the web.

An Interactive Introduction to Splines
Bezier, B-spline, NURBS, and many other spline curves and surfaces with interactive 2D Java applets and VRML.

Andrew's Autostereogram Pages
A detailed development of a stereogram-generation algorithm is presented, complete with a ready-to-run Windows program to download and experiment with.

Andrija Radovicī's Algorithms
Several unique algorithms for fast and optimal computations with integer numbers and graphics suitable for hardware implementation: dividing, square rooting, line drawing, ellipse drawing, Haiku plot routine.

Caffeine Owl
Introduction to cubic and quadratic Bezier curves.

Chris Bregler's home page
Research and recent papers on video-based capture of human movements. The main applications are feature animation, video games, and analyzing Movement Disorder

Fast Line Drawing Algorithms by Po-Han Lin
Contains sources for graphical algorithms to draw lines. Included are the popular Bresenham algorithm, the Wu's Symmetric Double-Step, and the fastest non-cpu dependent algorithm, the Extremely Fast Line Algorithm (EFLA).

Graphics Gems Repository
The official site for source code, errata, and addenda to the Graphics Gems book series.

Hardware Perlin Noise Demonstration
Article by Paul R. Dunn. Describes a fast way to generate perlin noise by using 3D texture blending hardware.
Several articles on real-time graphics rendering.

Hugues Hoppe's Homepage
A collection of research graphics articles.

Inferno Project
The research of Ray Tracing accelerated by modern Graphics Hardware (GPU).

M Spline
A new linear best quality and fast algorithm of raster image scaling.

Map Projection
Very basic grey page with some useful links on map projection.

Map Projection Overview
Everything you always wanted to know about map projections, and then some.

Modeling Sprite Animation Using Finite State Automata
Article by Diana Gruber on how to model sprite animation in a computer game.

Algorithm allows accurate encoding and decoding of 1786 levels of grey within a 24-bit image; text overview, sample images, and a Java test program can be found at this site.

Publications by Loic Barthe
Comprehensive list of publications by L. Barthe on modelling from sketching, point based modelling, subdivision surfaces and implicit modelling.

Ray Tracing News
An infrequent newsletter on ray tracing and general computer-graphics research and resources.

Real-time Optimally Adapting Meshes (ROAM)
A paper describing a method for continuously maintaining view-dependent triangular meshes to achieve desired frame rates.

Shadow Generation Algorithms
This page gives a link to a (compressed postscript) paper on a shadow generation algorithm.

Stylized Depiction
Survey of non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) for computer graphics and animation: painterly rendering, toon shading, painterly image processing, and simulation of traditional artistic media.

Texture Mapping as a Fundamental Drawing Primitive
Article by Paul Haeberli and Mark Segal. Survey of applications of texture mapping including simple texture mapping, projective textures, and image warping; description of texture mapping techniques for drawing anti-aliased lines, air-brushes, and anti-aliased text; and show of how texture mapping may be used as a fundamental graphics primitive for volume rendering, environment mapping, color interpolation, and contouring.

University of Florida Surflab
Research in geometric modeling and its application to areas such as Rapid design of complex geometry, 3D Graphics, Scientific Visualization

VDSlib: A View-Dependent Simplification Package
Public domain package for view-dependent simplification and rendering of polygonal environments.

Xvox demo
Trilinear displacement mapping and depth addaptive tessellation with DX8. Terrain rendering example provided Frequently Asked Questions
Basic computations frequently needed in graphics.