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Bean Software Search Control
ASP.NET web custom control, intended for web developers add searching database features to their web sites.

An object-to-database persistence layer is presented with downloads, pricing information, documentation, support, release history and roadmap. [Shareware]

Dharma .NET SDK
Provides high-end SQL functionality and performance to proprietary or legacy data source.

Gentle.NET Object Persistence Framework
The framework offers automatic SQL generation and object construction and supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and SQLite. [Open Source]

A proxy-caching database server optimized for the .NET environment. It supports Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostGreSQL, FireBird, and MySql. By JHOB Technologies.

NConstruct Lite
RAD tool for creating database driven Windows and Web applications.

Ninja .NET Database Pro
Ninja .NET Database Pro is fully managed ACID database. [Proprietary]

Pure C# NoSQL Object Database
VelocityDB is a scalable object database with a rich set of features such as: Indexes, Event notification, databases can be distributed or embedded, Any serialize able object can be persisted, Transaction control, Pessimistic or Optimistic locking. Contains downloads and documentation. [Proprietary]

A software component which allows to programmatically create SQL queries in runtime using a convenient .Net Object Model, thus creating an abstraction layer over SQL. [Open source, GPL]

ADO.NET provider for SQLite. Downloads and a forum are available.

TurboDB Managed
Embedded SQL database entirely written in C# supporting multi-user access, full-text search and stored procedures. Is deployed by copying a single assembly to the target computer.

VITA is full-featured ORM and a framework for creating data-connected .NET applications. Contains downloads and links to documentation. [Open Source]

Embedded SQL database alternative to Jet, MSDE and SQL Server Express for building small to midsize .NET database applications.

Database connectivity solution built over ADO.NET architecture and a development framework. By Devart.

eXpress Persistent Objects for .NET
An O/R mapping framework that requires no configuration and auto generates the database schema.