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A programming language for implementing cognitive agents. A JAVA based platform is available, as well as documentation, code samples and related scientific publications.

Agent Oriented Programming
Yoav Shoham's research article on the agent oriented programming paradigm. This paper present the first agent dedicated language.

An intelligent agent that assists users in performing repetitive tasks.

International Workshop on Programming Multiagent Systems Languages and tools (PROMAS)
Links to the different editions of the workshop and to related books and documentation.

An intelligent agent development platform. It provides a Java based programming environment using the BDI (Belief, Desire, Intention) agent model.

Jade - Java Agent DEvelopment Framework
A FIPA-ACL compliant, JAVA based software agents middleware. JADE is currently the most widely used platform for research purpose.

An agent oriented programming language based on a BDI architecture, implemented in JAVA. Jason is available Open Source, and is distributed under GNU LGPL. Documentation and tutorials are also provided.

A modular and scalable multiagent platform written in JAVA and built upon the AGR (Agent/Group/Role) organizational model.

Repast Agent Simulation Toolkit
Repast Simphony is an open source agent-based modeling toolkit that simplifies model creation and use.

Semantic Agent Model - SAM
A semantic agent development framework. Behaviour of agent are programmed in SWRL. Knowledge Base is represented using OWL.