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Site devoted to video software reviews, DVD ripping, DivX and SVCD guides and news.

Beginners Guide To Digital Video Production
Explains how to make a movie, or any video production, with just a mini-DV camcorder and a desktop computer.

Chaotic Omniscience
Video encoding and VCD and DVD Creation.

Codec Central
A source of information on multimedia technologies. Audio and video codecs are explained and demonstrated from Cinepak to Sorenson to QDesign. There is also a description of the leading multimedia architectures, such as QuickTime and RealMedia.

Deliver Your Media
How to encode and stream sound and video files online.

Digital Digest
Dedicated to digital video formats including DivX, DVD and VideoCD. Forum, downloads, links and articles.

Digital Post Production
News and feature articles on digital video.

Digital Video Conference and Exposition
Official site for this annual conference on digital filmmaking. Topics include editing, broadcast design, compositing, audio, special effects, HDTV/DTV, DVD, and web video.

Digital Video Editing
Magazine covering information, techniques and technology on computer-based video editing.
Technical forum, mainly a DVD backup resource. Covers topics like video capture, MPEG encoding and transcoding, video filtering and format conversion.

Final Cut Pro Studio Blog
Blog covering Final Cut Pro, Motion, Color,Soundtrack Pro, Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, Garageband.

The IP Camera Product Blog
Product information from the world of IP cameras and IP CCTV.

The Silver List
Reviews features of open system digital video and IEEE-1394 non-linear editing solutions for PCs.

Video CD FAQ
How to play, where to buy, how to make and how they are related to CD-i.

Video Editing Forums
A resource for the amateur videographer, including hardware and software support and DV camera reviews.

Wavelet Video Source Code
Compresses and decompresses raw video.

Worldwide Users Groups (WWUG)
Dedicated to digital content creation professionals. Membership is made up of professional editors, animators, designers, illustrators, compositors, webcasters, webmasters, audio engineers and others, who have come together to share their knowledge and experience.