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Blogging add-ons, resources and tutorials.

456 Berea Street
Roger Johansson writes about web standards, accessibility, usability, and other things related to web development and web design.

A Source Of Inspiration
Ideas on advertising, creativity, digital marketing and the web by Armando Alves.

Added Bytes
Dave Child writes on selected authoring and promotion topics. He also provides cheat sheets, scripts and other useful resources for developers.

All Blogger Tricks
Widgets, tricks and tips for blogs based on the Blogger platform.

Andy Proctor
WordPress websites and consultancy based in Suffolk, United Kingdom.

Anne van Kesteren
Weblog on working for Opera Software, web standards, mark-up and style.

Blogger Gadgets
A collection of Gadgets for Blogger, iGoogle, and any web page.

Bogdan Lungu
On web design and development, including PHP, XHTML/CSS and SEO

General Information about web development and new web services
Diane Vigil writes about web design, search engines and internet marketing.

Diana Zink - Blog
A blog about Web 2.0 engineering and Business Models. The ideas behind it, the design that represents it, and the engineering that makes it tick.

Digital Media Minute
Commentary on digital media and internet-based technologies, primarily website design and usability.

Elite PvP Blogger
Offers coding to personalize the software.
Rajesh Jain's Weblog on emerging technologies, enterprises and markets.

Friendly Bit
This is a web development blog centered in client side programming

Griffin Interactive
Articles and links relating to web design and development.

Hixie's Natural Log
Ian Hixie, a member of the WHATWG, regularly blogs about web standards and model trains.

John Nemec
Blog about web development, SEO, and blogging.

Jukka-Pekka Keisala
Programmer and web designer who works with .NET, XML, XSLT, DOM and Flash.

LukeW Ideation + Design
Sharing interaction design tips for designing graphical user interfaces. Interface design discussed in the context of interaction and user experience.

Malevolent Design Weblog
Covering web development, media, and technology.

Matt Heerema
Web development issues including (but not limited to) accessibility, usability, search engine optimization, and site speed.

Max Design
Weblog for standards based web design, development and training

Semi–daily expository and exploratory on all things web, design, and typographic as well as a portfolio. Written by Dave Shea.

Mindjack's Daily Relay
Trends and developments in digital culture.

My Blogger Lab
Weblog offering blogger tricks, tutorials, widgets tech news and information technology.
Dan Bowling writes about web standards, accessibility, usability and other web design topics. Sometimes focused on higher education web related issues.

Create and update a mobile-friendly website or blog from your Facebook page. - Small Rivers
A content curation service. Find, publish and promote articles, photos and videos from the web. Also email newsletters.

Peter Freitag
Blog covering aspects of web development and programming including ColdFusion, Java, XML.

Professional blog of Peter-Paul Koch, freelance web developer and JavaScript guru, about web development and related topics.

About web development with focus on Ruby on Rails, PHP, development tools and Apache configuration.

Samuel Santos personal blog about technology and software development. Filled with useful articles and free code examples focused on Java, Open Source, and Web Standards.

Notes on software, software development, the Internet, and how these things combine to make up the online world, with a special emphasis on Wordpress.

Signal vs. Noise
Weblog about usability and good design, with a technology focus.

Outline publishing, web development techniques, and system administration tools.

Dan Rubin's online periodical covering web design, CSS and XHTML, usability, accessibility, and other internet and design-related issues.

The weblog deals with topics relevant to web developers including software architecture, software platforms (client and server), examples applications, web standards, and a little personal stuff.

Tech Ronin
Life in the 21st century, free agent nation, personal branding, personal technology, social networking, social software.

The Net Takeaway
Michael Wexler blogging on data analysis and marketing, tools and tech, and an analyst’s POV on some of the unfounded claims bouncing around the net.
Personal thoughts and news about blogs and RSS and Mac technology.

Twist Blogger
Tutorials, add-ons and template tweaks.

Visual 28
Mark Aplet covers design and web standards.

Web AccessiBlog
Web accessibility news, links, and resources.

Web Development Blog
Articles about server side coding and SEO.

Web Teacher
Tips and observations about teaching web design classes.

Web Usability and Promotion
Tips, ideas, recommendations and resources to make usable websites.

Website Design Basics
Design Tips for Websites, Logos, and Web Banners, and Email Marketing Info.

Wilcox, Matthew
English web designer and self-described 'everyday citizen' presents tips and comments in his blog.

Discusses website design, authoring, critiques, resources and CSS.

Zeldman: The Daily Report
Web design information and entertainment since 1995.
Eric Meyer, author of ‘Eric Meyer on CSS’ writes about web standards and design.

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A collection of useful design resources for webdesigners and graphic artists.