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A Longitudinal Study of Web Pages Continued: A Consideration of Document Persistence
Wallace Koehler, Valdosta State University, presents the results of his research, and an overview on existing literature. Published in Information Research, Vol. 9 No. 2, January 2004.

Altertbox: Fighting Linkrot
Jakob Nielsen defines the phaenomenon linkrot, and encourages site owners to fight it by reducing outbound linkrot and securing stability of incoming links.

Cool URIs Don't Change
An appeal for stability, and advice how to achieve it, by Tim Berners-Lee.

Link Rot
Overview article from Wikipedia.

Linkrot and Legal Research
An overview on results of recent research by Ted Tjaden.

The Availability and Persistence of Web References in D-Lib Magazine
A study by Frank McCown et al., presented at the 5th International Web Archiving Workshop.