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Specializes in videos that show how to prepare recipes. Includes community features.

Basic service includes sharing and community features; users can upgrade to premium service that provides unlimited uploads and direct downloads.
Specializes in travel videos, with channels including Great Chefs of the World and Great Hotels of the World. Includes video of the day and special features, as well as tools for placing videos on third-party sites.

Allows users to upload their videos and provides tools for formatting and distributing them. Includes featured videos, special events, and child-safe areas for youngsters to watch and share videos.

Google Video
Search and watch millions of videos. Includes forum and personalized recommendations.

Free uploading in a variety of categories. Includes groups for community sharing.

High-definition videos and animation from a community of independent filmmakers, film schools, festivals and audiences. Includes social networking features, such as forums, blogs, industry news, and reviews.

Pakistan Channel
User-submitted videos and some social networking features.

Photo and video sharing for iPhones. Includes private online albums, slideshows, unlimited storage, and no ads, as well as wireless synchronization.

Upload and/or watch video reviews of products.

Specializes in clips depicting water sports, such as surfing and skiing. Features video chat and integration with blogs and mobile devices.

Hosts and distributes screencast and video tutorials focused on building and using open-source software. Includes instructions on creating content and a club for contributors available on a subscription basis.

Specializes in how-to, lessons, tutorials, lectures, and do-it-yourself videos. Includes social networking and community features.

Feed provides updates on newest content added to the site.

Specializes in video do-it-yourself tutorials on topics including home improvement, gardening, arts and crafts, automotive, and electronics.

Focuses on clips of vehicles, including stunts and crashes, grouped by categories.

Feeds newest videos added to the site.
User-submitted video and audio clips in a variety of categories and genres.

Subscribers can connect their webcams to the site's record feature if they don't have their own camcorder. Allows upload of clips up to 500MB.

Basic hosting for user-generated video content.

Community for storing and distributing video content. Includes advanced privacy options, interaction for members with common interests, group projects, and tools for creating widgets.

Yahoo! Screen
Offers features to upload, share, rate and watch videos, including vlogs, popular videos, autos, animation, food, news, sports, people, and funny videos.

Hosts user-generated videos. Includes network and professional content.