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AACE Calendar of International Conferences
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education is an international, educational and professional not-for profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the knowledge, theory, and quality of learning and teaching at all levels with information technology.

AVI 2006
International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces. Venezia, Italy. 23-26 May 2006.

16th annual conference on computer animation and social agents. 7-9 May 2003. Rutgers University, New-Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.

CHI 2003
"New Horizons" - conference on human factors in computing systems. 5-10 Apr 2003. Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

CHI 2004
"Connect" - conference on human factors in computing systems. 24-29 Apr 2004. Vienna, Austria.

CHI 2005
Technology, Safety, Community - Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2-7 Apr 2005. Oregon, US.

CHI 2006
"Interact. Inform. Inspire" - Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Quebec, Canada. 22-27 April 2006.

CIS'04 and RAM'04
2004 IEEE Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems and IEEE Conference on Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics. 1-3 Dec 2004, Singapore.

CybErg 2005
"Meeting Diversity in Cyber/Online Ergonomics" - The Fourth International Cyberspace Conference on Ergonomics. 15 Sep - 15 Oct 2005.

DSV-IS 2003
International forum for reporting research, development and industrial experience on aspects related to the design, specification and verification of interactive systems. 4-6 Jun 2003. Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal.

Engineering and deployment of cooperative information systems. 17-20 Sep 2002. Beijing, China.

HCII 2005
11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Jointly organized with Symposium on Human Interface (Japan) 2005, 6th International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, 3rd International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, 1st International Conference on Virtual Reality, 1st International Conference on Usability and Internationalization, 1st International Conference on Online Communities and Social Computing, and 1st International Conference on Augmented Cognition. 22-27 Jul 2005. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

HRI 2006
1st Annual Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. Utah, USA. 2-4 March 2006.

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Annual Meetings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

ICEIS 2007
9th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems. Funchal, Madeira. 12-16 June 2007.

ICMI 2003
5th international conference on multimodal interfaces. Vancouver B.C.. 5-7 Nov 2003. Canada.

IDC 2005
4th International Conference for Interaction Design and Children. 8-10 Jun 2005. Colorado, US.

IVA 2006
The 6th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents. California, USA. 21-23 August 2006.

Mobile HCI 04
6th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services. 13-16 Sep 2004. Glasgow, Scotland.

MobileHCI 2006
8th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services. Espoo, Finland. 12-15 September 2006.

2nd international conference on new interfaces for musical expression. 22-24 May 2003. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Nielsen Norman Group
Events organized by the Nielsen Norman Group. Topics include user experience design for websites, intranets, software, and products, usability lifecycle, intranet usability, and information foraging.

NordCHI 2004
Nordic forum for human-computer interaction research. 26-27 Oct 2004. Tampere, Finland.

NordiCHI 2006
"Changing roles" - 4th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Oslo, Norway. 14-18th October 2006.

SAFE Association Symposium
42nd Symposium of the SAFE Association. 27-29 September 2004. Salt Lake City, USA.

SoftVis '03
ACM symposium on software visualization. 11-13 Jun 2003. San Diego, USA.

Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology.

10th International Conference on User Modeling. 24-30 Jul 2005. Edinburgh, UK.

UM'05 - 10th International Conference on User Modeling
10th International Conference on User Modeling. 24 - 30 July 2005. Edinburgh, UK.

UbiComp 2006
8th International Conference of Ubiquitous Computing. California, USA. 17-21 September 2006.

User Interface Conference
Annual conference for web designers, information architects, and usability professionals. October. Cambridge, MA.

Webstock web conference
A four-day conference-cum-workshop on web design. 23-26 May 2006. Wellington, New Zealand.