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Art of Hacking
Fixer's Box review which reviews the usefulness of the various phreaking boxes, original files, Beating Caller ID FAQ and The Vancouver Island Payphone Mapping Project.

Cell Phone Hacks
Mobile phone hacking and phreaking discussion forum covering hacks, tricks, and service mods.

Documents British Telecom UK phone system, including boxing plans and payphone information.

Hack Canada
The source for Canadian hacking and phreaking. Text files, links.

John Draper/Capt Crunch Interviewed 1995
John Draper introduces his exploits and the motivation behind his work in this 1995 interview whilst he was traveling through Australia.

Based in the 780 area code, contains K-1ine zine, information on the FLEX paging protocol, Elcotel payphones, various original text files and as well as an archive.

Old Skool Phreak
A website and weekly radio show dedicated to hacking and phreaking.

Phone Trips
Recordings from the 70's of some phone phreaks adventures.

Telephone Prefix Locatior
Look up the location of a central office by prefix.

This Is a Recording
Hundreds of telephone sounds and recordings including error recordings, signalling, colored box tones, and devices.
European phreaking portal with links to phreaking information for the different European countries.
Swiss phreaking site. Text files, chat and forum.