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The official microformats site. Contains the development wiki, mailing-list information and scripts to create the major microformats.

Alex Faaborg: Microformats
A series of blog posts giving an introduction to microformats and how these are to be handled in Firefox 3.

BBC Radio Labs: Removing Microformats from
Article explaining the decision to remove certain microformat markup from BBC pages on accessibility grounds.

Getting Semantic With Microformats
A series of blog posts detailing the semantic benefits, structure, simplicity and overall potential of Microformats.

Microdata (Rich Snippets) Generators
Collection of microdata generators to add metadata inside web pages.

Microformats Dublin Core in a few (and easy) steps
A brief tutorial for creating microformats following the Dublin Core meta-data standards.

Microformats for Business Owners
An explanation of the practical benefits that microformats can bring to a business and its customers.

Microformats: Web Semantics and More
Presentation covering the basics of microformats, including syntax, benefits and publishing.

Microformats: What, How, and Why
Overview of what Microformats are, how to use them, and why website owners should use them.

Wikipedia: Microformat
Explanation of microformats with examples of its usage. What Are Microformats
Micah Dubinko asks what microformats are and whether they are here to stay.

Article by Bruce Lawson and James Craig, raising accessibility issues with the use of some microformats, and specifically the abbr design pattern.

hCard Validator
Tool which validates microformatted hCards against the current specification. Also provides helpful and educational hints about hCards.