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Converts document, ebook, image, icon, video, audio and archive files online.

Online tool to restore text that is unreadable because of the wrong set of characters. Also a Base64 coder/decoder and a Url coder/decoder.

Base64 Decode
Simple online tool for Base64 decoding and encoding.

Coder's Toolbox
Online tool to exchange between string (base64, XML, URL, UTF-8), number (binary, octal, hexidecimal), time (Unix timestamp, ISO8601 and RFC 2822) and network formats (netmasks).

Comet Docs
Commonly used file format and data conversions online.

Online tool converts between languages, currencies, document, image and spreadsheet formats, also offering SMS and fax transmission based on free services.

Convert CSV
Online tool to convert Comma Separated Values files to and from various formats. Supported formats include JSON, SQL, HTML Table, GeoJSON, XML, KML, YAML, and others.

Convert Files
Converts files from one file type to another.
Free online service for converting various image formats to PDF, with resizing and cropping functions.

Converting Text Files Between Operating Systems
How to transfer text files between Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows operating systems, relating to line feed and carriage return characters.

Free online conversion tool. More than 60 conversion types are supported.

Creativyst CSV to XML Conversion
On-line conversion of Comma Separated Values (CSV) to XML tool.

Converts docx files online to the previous doc format. Other formats are also supported including making PDF files.

Online converter service to thousand of file types: documents, video, audio, image, archiving formats.

Free web application for converting between numerous document, music, video and image formats.

Free Online File Convert
Online file conversion site allowing conversions of document, image, audio and video files from one format to another.

Free online convertor to and from PDF, doc, epub, fb2.

Enables the creation of website screenshots using an API and an online tool. Also provides web scraping facilities that allow data to be extracted from websites.

Image to base64
Online tool to encode images to Base64 string, CSS background image and Base64 image. Also contains code examples on how to convert images to base64 format.

Online tool to convert Json to XML and back.

Luxon Software Data Converters
A collection of online XML conversion tools.

OCR Convert
Online OCR conversion of scanned documents to text file format.

Online Document Conversion
Web-based solution which allows users to capture text from scanned documents and save as text documents.

Online convert
Online converter for audio, video, ebook, image and document files.

Text Mechanic
A collection of simple, single task, browser-based text manipulation, obfuscation and randomization tools.

Time stamp generator
Unix time stamp generator and web tools like hash generators.

Converts text to AP style title case, upper case, lower case, start case, camel case, Pascal case, hyphen case and snake case.

Unix Timestamp
Converts Unix timestamps into human-readable form and vice-versa.

Unix Timestamp Converter
Converts Unixtime into conventional date strings.

Web Toolkit Online
Useful online tools for developers.

You convert it
Free online media conversion (audio, video, documents and images).

Online tool to convert files from YouTube to mp3 format.

Online file conversion, covering a wide range of different image, document, music, video and compression formats. Free for files up to 100MB, and premium services also available.
Online tools for converting and formatting text, including a banner maker.