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AutoMed Data Integration Project
Documentation and software from the AutoMed project, which provides the first implementation of the both as view approach to data integration

Bibliographies on Database Research
Searchable collection of bibtex bibliographies on database research.

DBLP Bibliography
Bibliography primarily focused on DataBase systems and Logic Programming

An ACM SIGMOD discussion email list announcing conferences, jobs, books, software and grants. Posting requires (free) registration.

Data Warehousing and OLAP
Papers on data warehousing and online analytical processing available online.

Database DebunkIing
Dedicated to dispelling fallacies and misconceptions prevailing in the database industry. Find publications, educational information and links.

Database Management Systems
Computer Science course for database management systems. Has information about SQL and Relational Algebra. A Database-I course for graduates of the masters program in computer science

Databases: Past, Present, and Future
Explores how and why databases originated, where they are today, and where they may be headed. Focuses on Relational Database history.

SIGMOD: Management of Data
Promotes research and development of solutions to large-scale data management problems.

Temporal Database Concepts
Defines a wide range of terms and concepts specific to the temporal database research community.

The Concept-Oriented Portal
Provides information on the concept-oriented paradigm including the next generation concept-oriented database model (CODBM)

VLDB Endowment Inc.
Very Large Data Base Endowment Inc.: a non-profit organisation for promoting and exchanging scholarly work in databases and related fields.