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Caltech Multi-Res Modeling Group
Conducts research into the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of numerical problems in computer graphics and scientific computing with a specific focus upon multiresolution techniques.

Center for Human Modeling and Simulation
Conducts research in computer graphics modeling and animation techniques for embodied agents, virtual humans, and their applications.

Computer Graphics Group
Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Research areas include modeling, rendering, and scientific visualization.

Computer Graphics Lab at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Conducts research into the medical applications of computer science and computer graphics.

Computer Graphics Lab of the University of Waterloo
The lab concentrates on research in curve and surface design, rendering, colour imaging, and user interfaces.

Computer Graphics Laboratory at UCSD
Conducts research in appearance modeling, simulating and rendering natural phenomena, and global illumination.

Computer Graphics at the University of Utah
Research efforts in immersive environments, modelling, CAM, scientific visualization, medical illustration, terrain modeling and rendering, haptics (force-feedback), realistic and non-photorealistic rendering.

Cornell Program of Computer Graphics
Conducts research in architectural modeling, realistic image synthesis, digital photography, and visualization.

Electronic Visualization Laboratory at University of Illinois at Chicago
EVL is a graduate research laboratory specializing in virtual reality and real-time interactive computer graphics.

GVU Center at Georgia Tech
Conducts research that combines in-depth studies of human capabilities, needs, and practices, cutting-edge graphical display techniques, augmented spaces that merge physical and virtual elements, intelligent sensing, and novel input, output and wearable technologies.

Geometric Design and Computation
Engaged in both fundamental and applied research in developing methods for representing, specifying, manipulating, and visualizing geometric models.

Graphics and Visualization Center
Pursues research in modeling, rendering, user interfaces and high-performance architectures using scientific visualization and telecollaboration in virtual environments.

IMSC Computer Graphics and Immersive Technologies Lab
Supports research and development efforts related to interactive computer graphics and immersive technologies.

Imager Computer Graphics Laboratory
Works towards advancing the science of computer graphics, computer animation, human computer interaction, and computational geometry.

International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications
Annual conference covering geometry and modeling, rendering, animation and simulation, and interactive environments. Conference and accommodation details, author's kit, awards, and archive of previous conferences.

MAGIX Lab: Computer Graphics at UC Los Angeles
Performs research in computer graphics and animation with a focus on virtual humans and real-time rendering.

MIT Computer Graphics Group
Houses several research groups working on the latest computer graphics technology.

Max-Plank Computer Graphics Group
Research areas include mesh processing, visualization, realistic hardware-supported shading, global illumination, and perception at the University of Saarbrücken in Germany.

Mesa 3D
Contains documentation, mailing lists, a bug database, and a downloadable release.

Office of the Future
Uses computer vision techniques, in real time, to dynamically extract per-pixel depth and reflectance information for the visible surfaces in the Office, such as walls, furniture, objects and people.

Provides news, applications, games and developer documentation related to the OpenGL 2D and 3D graphics application programming interface.

Princeton Graphics & Geometry Group
Conducts research in real-time 3D model acquisition, shape-based retrieval and analysis, video mosaics, lapped textures, texture mapping for cel animation, and algorithm animation.

Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
Researches methods for scientific computing and develops integrated problem solving environments to allow scientists to solve computational problems in fields such as numerical mathematics, biophysics, electrocardiography, bioelectric fields in the brain, and medical imaging.

Texas University at El Paso - Interval Computations
Presents a guide to Interval Arithmetic research featuring: open problems, applications, generalizations, bibliography, researchers' sites, ftp site, and mailing list.

The UCSF Computer Graphics Laboratory
The home to the Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics (RBVI), a NIH National Center for Research Resources Biomedical Technology Resource Center for the integrated analysis of biological sequence, structure, and functional information.

University of Toronto Dynamic Graphics Project
Laboratory for multi-displinary research in human-computer interaction and computer graphics disciplines.

Virtual Reality Laboratory
Involved in the modelling and animation of three-dimensional inhabited virtual worlds.

Visualization Lab
Shows the research activities in the area of Computer Graphics in the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Visualization and Graphics at UC Davis
Research focusing on visualization, geometric modeling, photorealistic computer graphics, and immersive environments.

Visualization and Interactive Systems Group (VIS)
University of California Irvine. Conducts research in the areas of scientific visualization, virtual reality, image based modeling and rendering, volume visualization and biomedical imaging.