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Provides software products and services in the areas of compiler technology, static program analysis, worst case execution time prediction, timing validation, and software visualization.

Actum Solutions
Case-tool for microcontroller programming. Tool generates executable code from diagrams.

Agile Controls Inc.
Development firm for embedded software, firmware, and industrial control electronics. Located in British Columbia, Canada.

Develops embedded systems and control software for real-time operating systems such as VxWorks, LynxOS, and MC/OS.

Apace Systems
Offers embedded industrial and networking applications with storage solutions.

Ashling Microsystems
Designs and manufactures in-circuit and JTAG/BDM emulators, source-level debuggers, Smart Card development tools and systems.

Atalanta Consulting
Atalanta specializes in the rapid design and development of real-time embedded systems, bringing you the full benefits of strategic outsourcing.

Atlantex Corp.
Embedded systems developers. Hardware and software development for real-time systems.

Azure Software
Global software services company specializing in firmware and device driver development.

Belcarra Technologies
Provides project management service, FIRE-Mail system, and custom USB driver development services. Also provides overviews of company history and its capabilities.

Birdstep Technologies
Specializing in embedded databases, wireless software, mobile computing, real time, hotspots, IPv4, QNX, Windriver and Mobile IP.

Bluefruit Software
Provides embedded software and PC programming solutions, specialising in 8-bit and PIC systems.

Byte Craft Limited
Offers code development systems and compilers for microprocessors with restricted resources or limited instruction sets.

Cigol Controls Limited
Embedded hardware and software design services. Based in the UK.

CodeFX Software
Specializes in embedded CIFS and SMB code for consumer electronic devices. Also offers software contracting services.

Creative solutions for embedded software development. Includes book on embedded development, open source embedded kernel in C, a shareware math assistant, and a shareware hypertext notepad.

Colias Engineering Services
Offers software development and research services for embedded systems development.

Colorado Digital Labs, Inc.
Providing embedded systems engineering services for software, hardware and printed circuit design.

ComAvia Systems Technologies
Software solutions provider from Bangalore, India with expertise in avionics, communication, embedded systems, and e-commerce applications

Provides embedded communications and IP network management software to the datacom and telecom industries.

Dartecs GmbH
Swiss developer of software for automation and embedded systems. Features information about engineering services and product for synchronizing Palm PDAs and Nokia mobile phones.

Develops embedded system software such as ROM-DOS, a compact DOS operating system, Sockets embedded TCP/IP, and FlashFX flash media manager.

David Clifton
Software developer specializing in object oriented design and implementation of real-time embedded software for electronic products.

Dexcel Electronics Designs
Embedded systems design house for both hardware and software with focus on media over IP.

Digital Engines
Software consulting service for the broadband, broadcast, cable and interactive TV industries

Offers custom development of real-time operating systems, embedded software libraries, and algorithms.

Cover all aspects of product development in hardware, firmware (BIOS), device drivers, (real time) operating systems and security.

Embed Technologies
Specializes in custom real-time embedded systems and applications.

Embedded Artists
A large number of configurable software packages for infrastructure functionality in resource-constraint embedded systems. Free packages exist.

Embedded Electronic Design Services
Provides outsourcing solutions for embedded software in South Africa. Services include both software and hardware design. Features description of services, company profile and contacts.

Embedded Toolsmiths, LLC
Provides JTAG and BDM based debug tools for powerPC, MIPS, ARM and XSCALE processors. Also provides single board computers and GDB solutions for embedded LINUX debug

Embeo, Inc.
Embedded systems software and hardware design and consulting. TCP/IP client/server, encryption, CIFS/SMB. Custom ASM to C on Rabbit2000/3000, PIC, and other micros.

Hardware and software development and consulting. Specializes in microcontroller programming, test and production, power management, and realtime systems.

Embin Technologies
Provides integrated automation and software solutions to various industries. Company overview, management and careers, and details of services in hardware and software engineering.

Internet device software firm. Company and product information.

Developers of EventStudio, a case tool for embedded design. Also providers if articles and tutorials about embedded software development.

Evidence Srl
Producers of a small RTOS for embedded and automotive markets, development tools and training. Based in Italy.

Flick Software
Offers custom mobile engineering services and Mobile Map Organizer software.

Embedded and real-time software and hardware development outsourcing services.

Green Hills Software
A provider of high performance compilers, software development tools and real-time operating systems (RTOS) for developers of embedded systems.

Hanover Software BXC Division
BXC-51 microcontroller BASIC compiler, simulator, and library tools.

Harmonic Software Systems Ltd
Offers Engineering Services to military and commercial customers in the embedded market place, specialising in Real Time Operating Systems and Digital Signal Processing.

I2C Tools
Tools to allow your pc to send i2c messages and program eeproms

IAR Systems AB
Company producing compilers, debuggers and state machine design tools for embedded systems. Product information, technical support, events and demo downloads.

Inside Engineering
Software engineering consultancy specialising in telecommunications, TCP/IP and real-time OS solutions.

Integrated Design Techniques
Electronics, software and systems engineering company supplying solutions for real-time computing and control, datalogging and communications.

InterNiche Technologies
A provider of embedded software, allowing manufacturers to quickly enable their products with TCP/IP, PPP, SNMP, WebServer and embedded WebBrowsers.

Jubilee Electronics
Specialising in the design and manufacture of custom electronic control systems.

Offers driver development tools, residential gateway software platform, and embedded software components. Offers product support and downloads.

A provider of consulting services and software solutions for real-time embedded systems. Specializes in Wind River Systems products including vxWorks and the Tornado development environment.

Provider of embedded software for hardware bring-up, manufacturing test, and power-on self-test for 32-bit RISC processors.

Laser Byte
Specializes in bespoke software for vehicle recovery and membership systems.

LeoTel Software Systems
Specialists in creating bespoke embedded software systems, engineered to provide added functionality and control to the products and processes of European manufacturers.

Lextel, Inc.
Supplier of ISys Integrated System Infrastructure Software for embedded and real time systems. Includes CLI tools, Client/Server Event Logging, and Interprocessor Messaging.

Llew Griffiths & Associates Pty Limited
Embedded systems design consultants based in Melbourne, Australia. Lists past projects and details contract design services offerings.

MetaEdit+ allows one to define and maintain a product-specific modelling language and offers full CASE support for it. One can model applications using domain-concepts and generate code from these high-level models.

MicroController Pros
Emulators, Starter Kits, Programmers, C-compilers, Simulators and Debuggers for 8051, Atmel AVR, Microchip PIC and many other microcontroller manufacturers and architectures.

Offers embedded software development and consultancy services.

Mobileer Software Polyphonic Audio Engines
Software polyphonic audio synthesis engines for embedded devices using CPUs such as ARM or MIPS.

NEXIQ Technologies
Offers automotive diagnostic and telematics software and services for the automobile, trucking, and fleet vehicle industries.

OnSpec Electronic, Inc.
Design and development of ASICs for USB and firewire flash readers.

Oregon Embedded Development
Software and Hardware design for Embedded Systems. Expertise in bar code scanners, IO controllers, single board computers, signal converters, proprietary networks, and media duplication equipment.

Provider of firmware and device driver development.

Pathfinder Solutions
Practitioner-level training in the UML, embedded consulting services, and the UML Essentials toolset - adding product-grade code generation and model-level debug capabilities to popular UML environments.

Perfect Match
Provides Israeli outsourcing services for embedded software development. Describes services and lists technologies employed.

Pfaadt Software
Offers embedded and BIOS software development, Windows CE integration, and real-time systems programming.

Phaedrus Systems
Design and development solutions for embedded systems. Products include communications software, bus analysers, compilers, debuggers, emulators, Bluetooth, CAN, prototyping boards, programmers and technical training.

Phyton, Inc.
In-circuit emulators, compilers, assemblers, programmers, integrated development systems for embedded micro controllers - 8051, 80196, PIC micro, AVR, and other MCUs.

Complete easy to program computer running on a PIC microcontroller. A free alternative to the Basic STAMP.

Electronic manufacturing services including embedded software, PCB, RF, ASIC design, optoelectronics, contract manufacturing and engineering, and prototype manufacturing.

Provides SDL-RT graphical language based real-time developer IDE.

OSGi and other embedded Java solutions for the connected home, automotive infotainment/telematics and mobile devices. Design, engineering support, training services.

Professional Software Associates
Developers of printer driver and print manager for VxWorks. Also provide graphics, custom bitmap fonts, and vectored font solutions for embedded systems.

Protos Software GmbH
Provides the CASE-Tool TRICE for graphical modelling and automatic code generation. This tool is based around the ROOM methodology.

QRtech is an independent engineering company developing electronics and software for cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

Reactive Systems
Provides embedded-software design automation tools, software validation services, and training.

RealTime Partner
They make it possible for you to develop robust, more reliable products by guiding and training decision makers and project members in how to design, implement and test a real-time application.

Rigel Corporation
Provides development tools for embedded control systems. Also produces textbooks and boards and offers professional software development for embedded systems.

Siconix Inc.
Provider of complete contract electronics design services with over 15 years experience in the electronics development and design industry. Their focus is in Embedded Platform development utilizing Windows CE and Linux.

Softbaugh, Inc.
Specializes in custom software, firmware, and hardware development.

Compilers, assemblers and in-circuit emulators for embedded systems development.

Specialising in test platforms and products for critical embedded systems, such as those used in the space sector. Products include simulators and emulators for ERC32 and ADSP 21020 based (multi-)computer systems.

Tangra Technology Group Ltd.
A high-technology company based in Sofia, Bulgaria - offering consulting and software engineering for Linux, QNX, Windows and embed RTOS platforms.

Specializes in the area of embedded security and high performance networking.

Development of Embedded Software and Hardware including System Architecture, Design, Implementation and Test. Expertise in RTOS, Firmware and DSP software.

Teja Technologies
Offers system-level development environment for the Intel IXA family of products.

The Realtime Group
Product development for the regulated industries of Medical, Avionics, Military, and Industrial Control.

Time-Triggered Technology
Producer of software tools for the time-triggered protocol TTP

Total Phase, Inc.
Offers embedded systems development tools that interface seamlessly with Windows or Linux development environment.

UnWiredConnect Technologies
Robust and scalable embedded/wireless solutions to OEMs,ISVs and semiconductor makers. Expertise spans the Z80, x86, 8051, ARM, TI, Motorola chips. Wireless: PocketPC/PalmOS/Embedded Linux,J2ME.

V & V Design Pvt. Ltd.
Specializes in the consumer electronics and communications markets. Features example designs, achievements, and notable customer list.

Vector Japan
Manufacturer of software tools and software components for networking in electronic systems based on CAN, LIN, MOST, and FlexRay.

World Computers
Developer and supplier of Front End Modules (User Interface) and of components for remote applications, distributed processing and general embedded software

dB Tech
An embedded hardware and software digital design studio.

iCubed Technologies
Providers of solutions and services for real time control systems, web based applications, and office time management systems.

A Swedish software house specialized in embedded real-time development. Developments have included power-train control system platform, distributed fire-alarm system, infotainment system development and Bluetooth protocol stack integration.

tEtherMedia LLC
Linux Embedded consultants located in NJ, USA. Specializing in telephony, wireless, and internet technologies. Experts in VOIP and Dialogic voice products.

A Microchip Consultant and LONWorks Node Developer offering design and programming services as well as affordable PICmicro Development Tools. Benefit from intellectual property and skills obtained during more than a decade of experience with embedded design.