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529 Solutions
Offers section 529 pre-paid tuition savings plans.

Access Group
Provides student loans and financial aid services.

Alliance Capital
Offers a program for planning and saving for college tuition.

American Student Assistance
Provides neutral information about student loan debt

Beat Tuition
Information on funding college expenses, including how to get a grant using a FAFSA. Student loan types explained, as well as information covering a variety of financial aid subjects.

Cedar Education Lending
Private student loans, private student loan consolidations and a private student loan consolidation calculator.

Citibank Student Loans
Lender offers financial aid, grant and scholarship information.

Citizens Bank: College Loans
College financing plans to help pay for higher education, offers a variety of options.

Clark College Funding
Provides student financing consulting services, espcially for families who do not qualify for need based financial aid.

College Foundation, Inc.
The central loan originator and servicer for North Carolina's Federal Family Education Loan program.

College Loan Corporation
Offers a tutorial explaining the financial aid process.

College Planning Experts, LLC
Offers college planning services including paying for college and financial planning advice. Located in Virginia.

College Savings Bank
Offers section 529 college savings plans and IRAs for college.

Connecticut Student Loan Foundation
A national provider of higher education loans.

Offering student loans, federal student loan consolidation, scholarships, and educational resources.

A non-profit corporation providing financial information and services to students seeking higher education.

Provides support services and educational loan programs for students and parents.

EduCap Inc.
Provides private education loans and consolidation.

Education Credit Management Corp.
A student loan guarantor. Services student loans in the event of personal bankruptcy. Information for colleges and lenders, brief description of services, news, executive profiles.

Education Grant
Online articles and latest information on student grants, scholarships, and loans.

Education Grants
Canadian site. Provides information on grants, student loans, financial aid, and scholarships.

Education Services Foundation
Provides financial aid consulting to students, schools and lenders.

Educational Services of America, Inc.
Non-profit corporation partnering with schools, lenders and secondary markets to provide student loan services for students and families.

Offers college financial aid resources.

Fynanz Inc.
A people-to-people lending marketplace for low-cost private student loans.

GL Advisor
Helps professional graduate students manage student loan repayment, including income-based repayment, and public service loan forgiveness.

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation
Offers schools, lenders and students loan origination and servicing.

International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc.
Administers scholarship programs for businesses, trusts, and organizations.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. - Student Loan Division
Provides private, federal, and education loans for parents of K-12 and college students. On-line application, product information, and branch locations.

National Student Loan Data System
The U.S. Department of Education's central database for student aid.

Nelnet, Inc.
Provides a full range of federal and private education loans and valuable resources for student and graduates.

NorthStar Total Higher Education
A non-profit organization offering a variety of federal and private student loan packages.

Northwest Education Loan Association
Provides student loan guarantee and support services to schools and students throughout the West.

Overture Marketplace
A private student loan comparison website that gives rates and terms from multiple lenders side-by-side.

PNC Bank
Offers Federal Stafford, PLUS and consolidation as well as private alternative loans.

Private College 529 Plan
529 plan, offered by OppenheimerFunds

Sallie Mae
Provides loans for undergraduate and graduate college students and their parents.
Offers independent information on section 529 college savings plans.

Simple Tuition
Student loans, including federal loans, private loans and consolidation loans, includes a comparison feature

South Carolina Student Loan
Offers affordable loans to compliment SC Tuition Grants, SC Lottery Tuition Assistance, SC Palmetto Fellows, SC LIFE, and SC HOPE scholarships to South Carolinians
Provides student volunteers stipend ($10-$20/hr) for their loan payment.

Student Finance Domain
Provides information about student loans, financial aid and money management.

Student Loan Counseling Service, Inc.
Provides free services to student loan borrowers with a mission to help borrowers stay out of default and successfully repay their loans.

Student Loans of North Dakota
Offers a variety of loan programs to help students and parents finance the costs of higher education.

Student Market
Provides information on federal stafford and federal plus student loans.

Sun Trust Banks, Inc.
Offers over 30 years experience in education lending and financial aid advice.

The College Funding Connection
Offers consulting service for college preparation and financing. Located in Ohio.

The Lagrant Foundation
Provides scholarships, educational support and career advisement for minorities.

Think Financial
Offers private student loans, including an online application.

Tuition Management Systems
Programs to help families afford education.

UPromise, Inc.
Savings network for parents to save money for their children's college education.

Wells Fargo Student Loans and Banking
Undergraduate and graduate loans, as well as repayment options and banking services for students.