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Achray Photonics
Manufacturer of optoelectronic packaging solutions and low loss optical switches also offering FEA modeling and design services.

Apac Opto Electronics Inc.
Manufactures components for fiber optic and wireless communication industries. Product line comprises selection of electro-optic and transreceiver modules. Site incorporates displayed and downloadable technical details. From Taiwan.

Associated Opto-electronics
Manufacturer, sales of semiconductor laser, diodes, detectors, fiber communication modules and other Opto-electronic products.

BPA Consulting Ltd
A venture capital, private equity and corporate investor with technology and market presents in the field of electronics and optoelectronic hardware.

Manufacture systems used in the study and measurement of light.

Biolitec AG
Developer and manufacturer of diode lasers, optical fibres and accessories.

Cal Sensors Inc.
Manufacturer of stock and customized infrared detectors (PbS and PbSe), multi-color arrays, mini infrared sources, cap/window assemblies, gas cell kits.

Clairex Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturers of a broad standard line of IREDs, LEDs, photoconductors, phototransistors, photodarlingtons, photo-ICs, photointerrupter assemblies, optocouplers, arrays, and hybrids.

CyOptics Inc.
Manufacturing of 10Gbps and 40Gbps stand-alone devices, as well as hybrid super components.

DCE Holne R&D
Specialist optoelectronic engineers, product development, prototyping and consultancy.

Detection Technology, Inc.
Manufacturer of high-performance photodiodes, radiation detectors and detector modules.

Discovery Semiconductors, Inc.
Manufacturer of advanced photonics, electronics and semiconductors for the space and fiber optic markets.

Dr. Gröbel UV-Elektronik GmbH
UV measuring devices for applications like lamps, daylight, components and sun tanning equipment.

A distributor of fiber optic components including attenuators, ferrules, sleeves, connectors, adapters, patch cords, cables, and various metal components.

Eastern Instrumentation
Sells RF Microwave components, fiber optic test equipment and fiber optic components throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Electro Optical Systems Inc.
Manufacture of photodetector and photodiode components, detector subassemblies and custom instrumentation covering the complete UV/vis - 40 micron spectral region.

Electron Tubes Limited
Manufacturers of photomultipliers, light detection assemblies and systems, and accessories for use in science and industry.

Specializes in the optical and hardware integration with knowledge for the optical, hardware, power control, heat dissipation, and mechanical resources.

FastPulse Technology, Inc.
Manufacture of electro-optic light modulators, Q-switches and a variety of high speed, high voltage electronic drivers for research and industry.

Fiber Optic Association
International non-profit professional society for the fiber optic industry develops educational programs, certifies fiber optic technicians, approves fiber optic training courses, participates in standards-making processes and promotes fiber optics.

FireComms Ltd.
Manufacturer of plastic optical fibre (POF) high-speed data networking.

Forge Europa Ltd.
Manufacture of visible and infrared optoelectronic components, custom LED interlocking displays, SMDs, dot matrix, bargraphs and high intensity discretes.

Foryard Optoelectronics Co.
Provide LED devices, such as display, dot matrix and light bar.

Gentex Corporation
Designs, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary products employing electro-optical technology, such as automatic interior rearview mirrors and fire protection products, including smoke detectors and signaling devices. (Nasdaq: GNTX).

Gigahertz-Optik GmbH
Manufacturer of optometers, detectors, filters, input devices, integrating spheres and associated accessories.

Manufactures and markets micro-optical and optoelectronic products for the growing markets within the telecommunications and sensor industries.

IBSG Company Ltd.
Manufactures unique mid-infrared optoelectronic devices: 1600-4600 nm room temperature LEDs, 1600-3800 nm laser diodes, InGaAsSb photodiodes with cut-off 2400 nm, and InAs photodiodes with cut-off 3800 nm. From Russia.

Infrared Development Corporation
Manufacturer of infrared blackbody sources, radiometer systems, calibration services, femtosecond laser pulse acquisition systems, low-noise preamplifiiers for infrared detectors, ir test stations and test sets.

Ing.-Buero Thomas Fuchs
Manufactures measurement technology for photodiode array spectroscopy, specializing in film thickness measurement and plasma emission monitoring for process measurement and control tasks. Based in Germany.

International Light Technologies
Manufacturer of measurement instrumentation including radiometers, photometers and detectors, and sources including LED and halogen.

Jenoptik AG
Germany. Manufacturing group involved in wide range of opto-electronic, biotechnology, and telecommunication products and applications. Corporate and subsidiary information, including interest in venture capital projects.

Keii Electro Optics Technology Co., Ltd.
Selling infrared camera for industrial, firefighting and medical used and analysis software. From China.

Manufactures products and components for LED optoelectronic. Italy.

Kigre Inc.
Solid state laser components and spare parts for variety of industrial, laboratory, medical, and military applications.

Kingbright Elec. Co. Ltd.,
Manufacturer OF LED lamps, and displays.

Manufactures Bragg grating based fiber DFB lasers.

Lambda Photometrics
Supplier of lasers, electro-optics, scientific instrumentation, fibre optic components and test equipment for the scientific, industrial and medical fields.

Linos AG
Germany. Parent of several companies producing diverse range of phototonic products for manufacturing, life sciences, and communication industries. Site incorporates links to detailed product and application information.

Logitech Ltd
Manufacturing a range of precision sawing, lapping and polishing equipment for applications in semiconductors, optics, fibre optics, lasers, electro-optics, geological sciences .

Lucky Light
Manufactures a range of Led such as high power, lamp and bulbs led. China.

Lumex Inc.
Manufacturers of opto- and photo-electronic components and displays for emitting, reflecting, and detecting light. Site incorporates product and related technical information.

Manufactures fiber optic transmission systems that convey audio, RS-232/422/485, ECL and TTL data, IRIG time codes and industrial control signals over fiber optics.

MIT s.r.o.
Distribution and promotion of laser technique and opto-electronic products for Czech and Slovak firms.

Marchan Fiber Optic Comm. Inc.
Manufacturer of fiber optical passive components, optoelectronics, couplers.

Marshall Electronics
Manufacture of electronic equipment for broadcast, multimedia, optical systems, professional audio and cable connector.

Mechaless Optoelectronic Systems GmbH
Manufacturer of optical switches and sensors. Site in German and English with application examples.

Micro Video Products
Manufactures industry standard micro video equipment; night vision, stand-alone-video phone, wireless video systems, digital video surveillance and micro video cameras.

Micropto S.r.l.
Manufacture phototransistors, photodiodes, shaft encoders disks, special sensors, silicon microelectronic and optoelectronic devices.

Manufactures lasers of various wavelengths and output power levels. Company overview and history, product listings and catalog, white papers, customer testimonials, and events.

Monocrystal Inc.
Manufacturer of synthetic sapphire crystals for industrial applications for the optical and electronic industries.

NP Photonics, Inc.
Tucson-based manufacturer and seller of fiber lasers, tunable filters, optical spectrum analyzers, and optical amplifiers for the sensing and telecom markets.

Manufacturer of digital x-ray cameras for medical diagnostic, non destructive testing (NDT), security systems, food inspection, and similar applications.

Produce optical waveguide components that integrate multiple functions at the substrate level in 6 inch silica and silicon wafers.

Manufacturer of optical fiber production equipment and assembly lines, including chemical vapor deposition machines for fiber preforms, drawing towers, and stranding and sheathing systems. Product photos and specifications, plus corporate background and financial information.

Manufacturer of highly engineered, specialty fiber optics and metalized pigtails. Serve the telecommunication, industrial, medical and aerospace industries.

OIP Sensor Systems
Specialises in the development and manufacture of optoelectronic components and systems for defence, industry and aerospace applications. Online product specifications and core technologies capability statements.

Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd.
Developer and manufacturer of thermal imaging components and systems.

Supplier of laser and electro-optical instrument systems for measurement, testing and analysis of laser and light sources.

P+E Technik
German manufacturer of optical probes for meter reading and parametising of electrical meters in IEC and ANSI style. Product spec sheets. In German and English.

Phocus Systems, Inc.
Contract Manufacture of complete systems, specializing in optoelectronics. Seattle, Washington.

Photon-X , Inc.
Integrated polymer photonics for optical networking.

Photonics Jobs Inc.
Employment resources for the laser, optic, fiber-optic and photonics industry.

Piezosystem Jena Gmbh
A German manufacturer of piezoelectric driven multimode and singlemode fiber optical switches.

Develops sub 1dB all-optical switch components for telecom equipment providers with information on products, careers, investment and contacts.

Process Sensors Corp.
Manufacturers of on-line and bench-top NIR (Near Infrared Reflection) spectrophotometers.

Quantum Devices, Inc.
Manufacturer of silicon photodiodes and light emitting diodes (led) for commercial, industrial and medical applications.

RMT Ltd.
Russian manufacturer of optoelectronics, IR and laser devices, components and materials including custom subassemblies and end user devices. Online line card and PDF data sheets available for download. Thermoelectric (Peltier) Cooling Modules, miniature Thermistors, Middle-IR Detectors and Light Eemitters, OEM Parts for Optical Gas Analyzers, Optical Sensors and portable NDIR Gas Analyzers and some other products for optoelectronics and laser technique.

Resintech Ltd
manufacturing company of epoxy resins as its core business and EMC shielded connectors and fiber optic splice protectors.

Roblon A/S
Denmark. Diversified company, active in engineering, industrial fibers and fiber optics. Development and manufacture of coated and impregnated glass, aramid and polyester fibers and yarns for the reinforcement and binding of optical fiber cables. Also, tapes and cable fillers. Technical information and specifications. List of world wide representatives.

Manufacturer of infrared products including universal remote controls, OEM remote controls, infrared keyboard, infrared technology

SOF Optoelectronics
Furnace and equipment for lpe diffusion lcd pdp fpd h2 hydrogen gas purifier.

Santa Barbara Infrared, Inc.
Manufacturer of standard and custom equipment for IR and FLIR testing and simulation for aerospace and military applications.

Sensors Unlimited
Manufacturer of InGaAs linear arrays for telecommunication monitoring, high-data rate components and cameras for fiberoptic component inspection.

Sill Optics GmbH
Germany. Long established company producing wide range of lenses and associated optoelectronic products for the laser, measurement, and medical markets. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.

Focuses on the infrared detector business for military, space, and commercial applications.

Spectra Partners
Development of optical instrumentation for display and automotive industry also supplier of photometers, spotmeters, spectroradiometers, ccd-videophotometer, uv-meters, powermeters.

Stratton Technologies
Manufacturer's representative offering precision motion systems and test solutions to the laser and photonics industries.

Terahertz Technologies
Designer and manufacture of opto-electronic instruments used with lasers and fiber optics.

Titan Opto
Manufacturer a range of high quality Optoelectronics for use within the electronics industry.

Twlux Company
Produces thin film uv sensors and uv measurement equipment in large scales.

U.S. Precision Lens
Manufacturers of aspheric lenses, diffractive optics, lens arrays, micro-optics, molded optics, optical assemblies and components.

United Crystals Company
Distributor of nonlinear and electro-optic crystals and devices.

Unity Microelectronics, Inc.
Supplier of LEDs, photodiodes, phototransistors, seven segment displays to the electronics industry.

VIGO Systems
A manufacture of uncooled infrared detectors, infrared cameras and devices for contactless temperature measure.

Viavi Solutions, Inc.
Manufactures wide range of fiberoptic products, primarily for the telecommunication, data communication, and cable television industries. Product and application information.

Volpi Manufacturing USA
An online store for fiber optic, cold light sources for microscopy and other heat-sensitive illumination applications.

World Star Tech.
Manufactures laser diode modules and laser sensors.