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A. B. Models
Manufacture PSS and aerobatic slope glider kits.

Corsair and Avro Vulcan foamies.

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty
Materials and building supplies, including composites and spruce.

Stratos gliders, winches, winch line, components and accessories. Austria.

French sailplane manufacturer and radio equipment reseller.

Art Hobby
Produces a variety of gliders and electric powered gliders.

Aviation Products
RC hang glider scale models to the scale of 1:5. German and English language option.

Publishes and sells books focused on specific aspects of model aircraft design, building, and flying.

BASH Enterprises
Featuring the Mongo slope combat model.

CMW tungsten-based alloys
Produced tungsten-based alloys that could be used for ballast in models. Tungsten is heavier than lead.

Composite Specialties
Home of F3J, F3F-B, Bandit, Mini Acacia, Passaj and Nemesis.

Composite Structures Technology
Supplies all kinds of composite building products and some how to notes.

DJ Aerotech
Manufacturers of sailplane and electric model aircraft kits.

From slow-flying trainers to IMAA-legal giants, Dynaflite kits provide all hobbyists with excellent quality and performance at economical prices.

Monofilament line and composites. Bilingual website.

Offers the ambitious model aviator extremely competitive glider models in perfect full GFK/CFK shell construction, with precisely tailored accessories.

FVK Modell
Variety of RC Soaring models. Bi-lingual site.

Spring powered mechanical winch for model sailplanes that launches 2m and HLG sailplanes with constant linear pull.

I.R.F. Machineworks
Manufacturers of rotary torque rod, no-slop surface control parts and the little big winch.

ICare Sailplanes
Scale sailplanes and accessories.

Kennedy Composites
US Agent for Vladimir's Models, gliders, electrics, wing bags.

Leading Edge Gliders
EPP slope combat gliders. Nearly unbreakable, including the Patriot, F6F Hellcat, and the Stingwing.

Luboš Pazderka and Petr Fusek
Produce F3j and F3b models including the Eraser 2000, Eraser, and Eclipse. [Czech site with English language option]

MM Glider Tech
Makers of R/C sailplanes, free flight gliders, die cutting and vacuum forming services.

Maple Leaf Design
Online sales of Image, Mirage and Encore sailplanes.

Memphis Net and Twine
Source for braided winch line and retriever line.

Mike Smart Designs
Scale sailplanes, slope soarers, thermals, sports and electrics.

Miro Urban
Producer of flying models. Slovakia.

Phoenix Model Products
UK supplier of value for money performance slope soaring models, gliders, radio equipment and accessories.

Pierce Aero Company
Paragon and Gemini MTS

Podivin Composite Modellbau
Manufactures F3j and F3j sailplanes.

R/C Cross Country Soaring
Exclusive US dealer for the Skymelody variometer. Soaring information, pictures, forums, contests, products, articles, and related links.

Japanese/English R/C Soaring models and accessories for F3b, F3j.

Radio Carbon Art
RC soaring and electric flight videos and books.

Raptor Aerosports
Raptor DLG and Feather XL.

Reese Productions
RC slope and dynamic soaring videos. Thirty second video clips available for download.

Richter R/C Aircraft Design
The Weasel and Mini-Weasel EPP slope gliders. Product information and pictures.

RnR Products
Designers and manufacturers of molded composite RC sailplanes.

Sales of great scale sailplane kits. Bilingual website.

Fuselages for scale models. Bilingual website.

Spirale R/C gliders
Spirale produce original flying wings for people who enjoy free flight, gliders, airplanes, kites. The wings are made with spinnaker cloths and carbon tubes.

Taboo XL
A high performance competition discus launch glider utilizing the latest achievements in low re airfoil design and the modern composite manufacturing techniques. Sold as a kit with some pre-fabrication.

Tail Booms
Allegro-lite tail booms and other tail booms for sailplanes based on Mark Drela's designs.

Provides a CNC cutter for foam cutting of models..

Trick R/C
High-performance slope combat, electric and thermal airplanes (Zagis).

Vladimirs Airplane Model Shop
Manufacturer of models including the Graphit and Organic.

Winch Doctor Hut
Manufactures sailplane winches and accessories including Real Balls, drums, winches, and steel dynamic soaring wing joiners.