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A-mego Infotech Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of portable computer, audio and accessories such as slot card reader, external enclosure and flash drive. Offer online store.

AX Micro Solutions
Distributor of new and used PDA parts and electronic accessories.

Aifa Technology Corp.
Specializes in making universal remote controls that replace multiple units with one convenient unit. Based in Taiwan.

Chinese manufacturer of USB flash drives, LCD TVs, digital photo frames, and MP3 players.

Company designs and manufactures various small electronic products, kits and LED digital timers.

Supplier of multimedia and specialist packaging such as CD jewel cases, DJ storage, CD wallet and sleeves. UK.

Amulet Devices
Voice activated remote controls for Windows media centers and voice control technologies in USA.

Andrews Electronics
Electronic replacement parts for consumer electronics. USA.

Open-Source electronic prototyping platform allowing to create interactive electronic objects.

Provider of consumer electronics accessories for audio, video, telephone, computer, console gaming, and cellular products as well as soft-sided storage bags.

Connection, solutions and accessories specialist for the audio and video trade. Netherlands.

Belkin Corporation
Manufacturer and supplier of audio, video and computer cables, power protection, desktop and mobility accessories. USA.

Offers a line of audio video furniture, home theater furniture, and entertainment centers, including plasma and projection TV stands and speaker stands.

Best Rainbow Technology Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of optical disc such as DVD and CD.

Pedometer supplier from China.

Budget Electronics
Wholesaler of accessories for cellular phone, MP3 player, computer and cars. Canada.

Manufacturers of video/audio transmitter which are either wireless, balanced line or coax, wireless data transmitters, crypted TV distribution units, video VHF/UHF modulators, video switching units, colour system transcoders and dvd players.

Case Logic
Manufacturer of CD, DVD, MP3, laptop and camera cases. USA.

China Digital Frame
Digital picture frames manufacturer and supplier. China.

Supply electronics components, devices, materials, tools and appliances.

Choice Only
Manufacturer that provides digital product such as memory card for MP3 player and digital cameras.

Conex Electro Systems
Manufactures digital barometers and thermometers and other weather instruments.

Manufacturer of sub assemblies of CD mechanisms, DVD modules and kits, SACD modules and kits, and AM/FM tuner modules.

Dairin International
Universal leather handmade cases for cellular phones, business briefcases and covers for digital cameras. Poland.

Digihub Distribution
Specialize in electronic dry cabinets, dry boxes, camera cases and tripod for digital cameras/video usage.

Duteck Industrial Co. Ltd.
Produces electronic clocks, movements, thermometers and home blood pressure monitors in Taiwan and Fuzhou, China.

Edar Electronics
Manufacturer of USB flash drive and stick, SD card, MP3/4/5 player, tablet pc and customized USB promotion gift. China.

Enmac Engineering
Manufacturer and designer of Islamic electronics products. China.

Flash UK
Offers custom flash drives and promotional memory sticks. UK.

Forshun Electronics
Offers TV mounting brackets (suspending, wall mount), speaker hangers, projector brackets, video player shelves, video disk cabinets, video player shelves, video distributors and converters, Karaoke speakers.

Fulton Innovation
Provides wireless power technology powers and charges multiple devices from a single source without the use of cords.

GME Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of switching power supply and specialized in AC/DC adapter and battery charger.

Goertz Cables by Alpha-Core
Flat-form and patent-loaded, from Connecticut.

Manufacturers of large button and large format universal remote controls.

Manufacturer of cases for mobile phones, laptop, camera, portable gaming consoles and GPS. Germany.

Innotech Systems
Offers infrared remote control systems, embedded voice control, and ASIC design services, including VLSI components, design expertise, or completely manufactured controls and systems.

Designer of ontemporary style, hi-fi design furniture, acoustic panel as well as accessories. Canada.

KERA Technologies
Manufacturer of large LED clocks for business and home with remote control.

LED night light manufacturer. China.

Kimo Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of earphones, chargers and accessories. China.

King Wins Technology Co.,Ltd.
Specialize in wireless, infrared, universal, super thin, and common remote control. Taiwan.

Kingfit Industries Ltd
Manufacturer in battery operated road racing sets, bullet train sets and classical train sets.

LED Lights Orient
Exporter of LED lighting such as LED flashlights, light bulbs, rope lights and street lights. China.

Manufacturer of recording media and energy products such as data, visual and audio media and dry and rechargeable batteries. Japan.

Design and create communication and entertainment accessories. Germany.

Manufacturer of high end home and car audio and video cables, connectors, and antennas. Also provides computer cables. Germany.

Pavewel Industrial
Supplier and exporter of a variety of electronic products such as digital photo frame and mp3 and MP4 players. China.

Offers a range of products for repelling, in a human way, unwanted animals. This includes ultrasonic repellers for rodents, moles and gophers, dogs and cats.

Powermat, Inc.
Providing wireless power to electronic devices. Israel.

Premium USB
Offers a bulk selection of custom USB flash drives, custom designed headphones, phone chargers, duplicators and printer supplies.

Price Wheeler
Non-MOV surge suppressors and surge protection products for high end audio and home theater systems. USA.

Provides CD and DVD replication, custom personalized USB flash drives, promotional products, and printed apparel.

Distributor of electronic components, tools and equipment. South Africa.

Richard Gray's Power Company
Manufactures AC power products for audio and video components.

Schatten Design
Manufacturers of piezo transducer pickups for stringed instruments.

Sense Electronics
Manufacturer of PDA and car holder, cellular phone accessories, digital chargers, rechargeable Ni-CD and Ni-MH batteries. Taiwan.

Shantou Chaoyang Area Hongyang Industry
Manufacturer and exporter of products such as electronic mosquito swatter, DVD/CD case, audio and video cleaner, flashlights, mouse and charger. China.

Shenzhen V4 Electronic
OEM and ODM manufacturer of digital photo frame. China.

Shenzhen YX Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of battery charger and PDA, UMPC and mobile phone charger and switching power supply. China.

Shishi City Tien-Tai Electronic Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of CATV, MATV, satellite splitter, audio/ video/ telephone accessories, including adapters, connectors and couplers.

Shunyata Research
Manufacturer of power conditioner and cables such as interconnect and speaker cables. USA.

Skysis Corporation
Manufacturer of a range of products such as motherboards, memory, USB and IEEE 1394 Firewire and wireless products and cabling. Taiwan.

Truly Electronics Manufacturing
Manufacturer of MP3 player and calculator.

USB Canada
Distributor and wholesaler of customized flash drives. Canada.

USB Memory Direct
Provides printed custom USB drives, data services, and custom shaped flash drives for promotional marketing. USA.

USB Wholesaler
Offer custom USB flash drives.

Universal Electronics Inc.
Develop software and manufacture pre-programmed wireless control devices and chips principally for home entertainment equipment. Includes product data, investor information, news and contacts in Cypress, California. (Nasdaq: UEIC)

Universal Remote Control
Manufacturer of wireless remote control devices for the consumer (home theater brand), OEM, and cable TV markets.

Vanco International
Wholesaler of audio, video, mobile, and CB accessories. USA.

Producers of TV and satellites accessories such as switches, diplexer, slope equalizers and TV channel-units.

Weterm Memoria
Manufacturer and exporter of USB flash. China,

Suppliers of electronic components and finished products such as computer, audio and video accessories. UK

Xebe Global
Manufacturer of remote controller using USB connectivity such as compact flash MP3 players, media card readers, and multimedia drives. Taiwan.

Yifang Digital
OEM and ODM manufacturer of GPS, digital photo frame, digital pen, and USB flash drive. China.

dbi International
Distributor of interactive displays and accessories. Canada.

Specializes in manufacturing of portable solar chargers for various mobile electronic devices. Also makes multimedia acoustic products. USA.

Offers an identity tag service for electronic equipment. UK and Australia.