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Postmodern Culture
Electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures. Includes essays, reviews and an archive.

Art Without Artifice
Personal commentary and historical information on a number of paintings by artists including Ingres and Picasso.

But Is It Politics?
Flips the still-circulating question of "But is it art?" from the 70s in order to pose a new set of questions regarding cultural production's potential or effect.

Fred Camper
Writings on art and film; includes original reviews and catalogs essays on contemporary art.

Haber's Art Reviews
John Haber reviews New York City art galleries and museums.

In Visible Culture
An electronic journal for visual studies. Provides a forum for critical approaches to the production and analysis of cultural objects. Features essays and art projects.

Narcissus Guide
A reflection as well a poetry about the culture of visuality.

Sergey Volkov's and Vyacheslav Gaivoronsky's Artistic Expression
Essay by Galina Carinova which discusses the impact of childhood in the paintings and music of the aforementioned artists.

Reviews of contemporary art and culture. Particularly focused on London visual arts.

Zeke's Gallery
Commentary and criticism about the arts in Montreal. Includes links to like-minded sites and blogs.