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Crop Circle Circlemakers
Culture Jamming
Flash Mobs
Guerrilla Girls
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Ankrom, Richard
Mr. Ankrom discusses what drives him to create his performance art.

Art Crimes
Online journal examining attacks on art and the influence of iconoclasm.

Improv Everywhere
A New York City based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. The group's motto is "We Cause Scenes." Includes videos and photos of their comedy projects.

Konrad, Michael
Aims to facilitate communication on an interactive and informative level through subversive intervention into public space.

The Praxis Group
A clandestine group of underground performers staging site-specific, unsanctioned, and unsolicited projects within privately owned public spaces.
Aims to reclaiming cities from corporate rule through subversive art.

Group of five artists, activists and researchers who organize public events about mixing of art, communication and social issues. Information on conferences and links to study subjects.