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Wagner, Patricia
Impressionist and realistic landscape paintings. Free art lessons too.

Wakely, Shelagh
Online resource for this British artist, with biography, exhibition photos, and exhibition listings.

Walker, Russell
Fetchaset: weblog by this British illustrator and teacher.

Wally, Monika Juliette
Swedish artist presents a virtual gallery of her cosmically inspired artwork. Includes exhibitions listing.

Walsh, Patrick
New Jersey-based artist presents Photomosaics as large-scale ruminations on people, places and things.

Walt, Lindsay
A series of abstract paintings using calligraphic markings over grounds of intense color by this Brooklyn-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Ward, Gabrielle
UK-based artist's work draws on Rothko's elements and adds textures built through layers of paint. Abstract expressionism.

Wardle, Karen
Manitoba-based artist shows oil paintings and sculptures using concrete, metal and found objects. Abstract. With exhibitions listing.

Ware, Carol
Santa Fe artist shows abstract paintings in a variety of media. Sculpture too. With exhibitions listing.

Warren, Johnelle
Chromatic Infusion: online gallery of digital and traditional works. Photographs too.

Waters. Curtiss, II
Abstract acrylic and resin paintings on canvas, featuring a deep sculptural texture.

Watkins, Christopher D.
English painter shows cityscapes, building close-ups, and some abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Watt, Darcy J.
Self-described artist, printmaker, and psychonaut presents woodcuts, illustrations, and other graphics. With blog.

Watts, Mark
The designer and illustrator shows posters (including 50's-style posters), computer graphics and animations, airbrush and advertising images, logos, and web-site designs.

Wayne, Joe
Computer graphics and experimental art prints.

Weber, Dennis J.
Canadian artist's virtual gallery of figurative and realistic paintings.

Webster, Arnie
Various artists' work scanned, then converted to 3D images.

Webster, Chris
Mixed-media works with ghostly photographic presences by this British artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Wedge, Kathryn
Wisconsin artist shows representational paintings in water media on paper and canvas. Includes exhibitions listing.

Weerasinghe, Fredrik
Swedish artist shows works combining representational imagery and traditional techniques with topical commentary. Includes exhibitions listing.

Weimer, Birgitta
Abstract sculptures and installation works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Welch, Roger
Conceptual and installation artist presents a chronicle of works and a virtual gallery. Includes biography, bibliography, and exhibitions listing.

Wellenstein, Denise
Non-objective oil paintings on canvas and graphic design samples from this Georgia-based artist. Includes resume.

Wells, Ashley
Washington-state artist presents cityscapes in acrylic. Includes resume.

Werner, Bettina
Italian-born artist now living in New York showcases her works which focus on and utilize salt. Includes exhibitions listing.

Westermann, Barbara
Minimalist sculpture by this German-born artist and teacher now living in the U.S.

White, John A.
The artist presents The Sickness of Art, with displays of work done in abstract-realism and cartoon styles. Includes photos of tattoos and body art. Flash used.

White, Paul
Australia-based artist shows mixed media works and installations. Includes exhibitions listing.

Whited, Brian
Southern U.S.-based conceptual artist shows paintings and sculptures.

Whitnall, Adam
Messymedia: online portfolio by this UK-based artist. Graphic design featuring Pop art and graffiti styles.

Whitney, Beth
Jersey City artist documents ongoing studio work and collaborative projects in multiple disciplines. With exhibitions listing.

Whiton, Jason
Cartoon drawings, photography, music, and project updates by a Vermont-based artist.

Whittington, Lorrie
Showcasing illustration, painting and photography by this British artist. Abstract, also floral designs and fashion photos.

Wicked, Jin
Houston TX-based artist presents her artwork (oils, drawings, sketchbook pieces) and photos featuring her as the model. Includes bio.

Wiegersma, Pieter
Dutch artist known for his tapestry and leaded windows in public buildings and churches. Also works on paper. Representational.

Wiggins, Travis Lee
Chicago artist presents a portfolio featuring a mix of styles and forms, from painting and photography to sculpture. Also a musician and recording artist.

Wijewardene, Anoma
Sri Lankan artist shows samples of work, including mixed media, digital pieces, and video installations. Conceptual. Background music.

Wilking, Albert
Weblog for New Jersey-based artist, with comments on recent viral videos. Includes exhibitions listing.

Wilkins, William
This UK painter presents works using a technique based on pointillism for a wide range of subjects, most notably the landscapes of Wales and Venice. Includes exhibitions listing.

Williams, Jamie E.
Still-life pastels and portrait drawings are showcased.

Williams, Jon
Presents his works variously in pencil and ink. Most of them would be considered in the fantasy genre.

Williams, Merresa
Essenique: drawings, paintings, and poetry in a mixture of abstraction and realism, from personal experiences and emotions.

Williams, Robert
California artist presents a mix of hot-rod culture and cinematic apocalypticism to produce new psychedelic imagery. Includes biography.

Williams, Roger
Online gallery by Santa Fe, New Mexico-based artist. Representational works in oil and pastel.

Williams, Stephanie
Piwit Studio: oil paintings, prints, encaustics, and designs by this Massachusetts-based artist who was born in France. Representational and abstract.

Willoughby, Sherry
This landscape painter concentrates on the haunting atmospheric quality found in the salt marshes and beaches of Martha's Vineyard.

Wilmot, Jo
Online portfolio of London-based painter who shows recent works featuring rainforest imagery. Includes exhibitions listing.

Wilson, Bill
Online gallery of realistic oil paintings in a variety of genres, including portraits, animals, landscapes, still-lifes, and civil war figures. Includes demonstrations.

Wilson, Nancy
Drawings, paintings and poetry by this Yorkshire artist who favors Celtic, Native American and fantasy themes. Varied media and styles.

Wilson, Pamela
Surreal paintings, disturbing and highly realistic are displayed. Includes exhibitions listing.

Wilson, Sara
British painter based in Italy shows works inspired by music, including seascapes, gardens, florals, and still-lifes. Realistic, illustrative.

Windle, Michael
Scotland-based artist uses computers to augment traditional studio practice to help generate screenprints, photographs, multimedia and video.

Winshtein, Paz
California artist presents an online gallery of oil paintings and figurative works in other media. Includes exhibitions listing.

Wiseman, David
A 'deep appreciation for subtleties in nature' is evident in this artist's work. Sculptural and relief works.

With Beans
The artist Dylan and his friend James present playful artworks. Sound effects, poetry, and images.

Witherow, Dale
Pennsylvania-based, retired university art professor presents a virtual gallery. Landscapes (including images of caves), collage works, pastels, and prints are featured.

Wittmaack, Harald
Artworks in various media, including pencil, mouse and tablet, and pixel by pixel.

Wittwer, Uwe
Swiss artist shows works in various media. Abstract and figurative. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text in German.

Wlodarek, Fiona
Visual artist specializing in illustrations, airbrush art, mixed media, photography and time lapse drawing videos. With biography.

Wnuk, Deborah
New York artist shows realistic works, including landscapes, figures, portraits, and still-lifes. Includes exhibitions listing.

Woegerer, Florian
Selection of wallpapers and graphics work of Nexflo. Photoshop and coding tutorials.

Wojdula, Rich
Colorado artist shows abstract works and landscapes. Includes exhibitions listing.

Wolfson, Jordan
This representational oil painter shows the traditional motifs of interiors, figures and landscapes. Includes exhibitions listing.

Wong, Amy
Painter from Toronto who has lived all over the world presents this collection which features diverse cultural references. With exhibitions listing.

Wong, Kay
Taiwanese artist presents drawings, paintings, multimedia, comics, travel journals, and animation. Some text in Chinese.

Wong, Todd
California artist shows illustrations, designs, paintings, life drawings, 3-D works and photos. Includes resume.

Wood, Chaz
Featuring portraiture, comic art, and fantasy pieces from this Scottish artist. Includes biography and statement.

Wood, Robert W.
Works by a painter of the American landscape.

Wood, Sharlena
Shared Palette: landscapes, portraits, figure drawings, and miscellaneous inventions by this Canadian artist and teacher.

Woodall, Brett
UK artist's online portfolio featuring illustrations and graphic design pieces. Includes resume.

Wooller, Mark
New Zealand painter offers a new way of looking at the simplest natural objects. Abstract and symbolist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Worcester, William
Illinois artist presents impressionistic landscapes featuring Midwestern scenes. Includes resume.

Alfabette Zoope - Includes original design, photography and poetry, a collection of unusual and multi-cultural names and music samples.

Wortman, Paul
This New York-based artist presents a virtual gallery of representational paintings and drawings. Pet portraits, nudes. Includes biography.

Wragg, Peter
Virtual word-art installation by Canadian artist.

Wright, Claire
Just Abstract: British artist presents her abstract, textured acrylic paintings.

Wright, Janice
Showcasing landscape and botanical paintings in acrylics by this Canadian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Wright, Judith
Brisbane-based artist presents a virtual gallery, reviews, and list of exhibitions. Minimalist.

Wu, Mark
Design and art direction for digital media, with thoughts on design, East Asian culture, London & beyond. Photography. Weblog format.

Wu, Wei-Ling Lorelai
Aristeia: an online collection featuring figurative works, game and anime fanart, writings, character designs, webpage layouts, and vocal MP3s.

Wursig, Tania
Australian artist shows figurative paintings as well as landscapes, florals, and works inspired by Spain and Hungary. Includes exhibitions listing.

Wuts, Frank
California artist shows paintings of dogs and cats. Also people portraits, seascapes, figurative works, and abstracts.