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Sagui, James
Hand-made furniture marrying form and function by this Florida artist. Sculpture and veneer panels too. Includes bio.

Saikia, Sanjeev
New Delhi-based painter presents samples as well as information about exhibitions. Colorful figurative and abstract works. Weblog.

Saint Eyebeat
Online portfolio for this Sumi-e artist, watercolorist and writer. Social commentary.

Saint Phalle, Niki de
Niki Charitable Art Foundation: website devoted to the work of this French artist noted for her abstract sculptures. Includes biography and information about exhibitions.

Salas, Carol
Kentucky artist depicts landscapes, country life, and animals in her acrylic paintings. Folk/primitive style.

Salcher, Beatrix
California-based artist shows paintings, graphics, installations, and web designs. Includes biography. Text also in German.

Salon, Dennis
Conceptual and experimental compute- generated works.

Samaniego, Manuel
Drawings and paintings by a Chicano artist, owner of Buddha Belly Studio. Figurative, stylized.

Sampaio, Antonio
Urbancartoons: illustrations, animations and cartoons by this Portuguese artist. Weblog features sketches and links to image galleries.

Sanchez Robles, Monica
This Madrid-born and Paris-based artist presents abstract paintings and photographs. Includes exhibitions listing.

Sandor, Beate
Austrian artist presents "The Seven Prayers," a series of 21 paintings based on an alphabet of circle segments and motifs of the Buddhist Lotus Sutra.

Spanish artist, also known as Manuel Perez Clemente, shows examples of his illustrations, including fantasy works and portraits. ActiveX enabled.

Masks, children's toys, and landscape elements are shown in oil paintings by this Belgian artist.

Santee, Ruth
Selected works of this California artist's sculpture, drawing, and installations. Conceptual art.

Santos, Andre
Canadian artist and student shows digital artwork. Figurative, illustrations.

Santosh More
This artist from India shows oil paintings on canvas and digital works. Surrealism. Weblog format.

Saricam, Melih Erkin
Photographs and digital works by this Turkish artist. Chiefly nature studies.

Saunders, Ann C.
Revealing Islamic and African influences, this Washington DC-based artist, educator, and creative consultant shows abstract works. With biography.

Savko, Alexander
Featuring virtual gallery, including design projects and video. Cartoonesque elements and modern life commentary. With exhibitions listing.

Scalzo, Mickey
Online portfolio for this Connecticut artist who is also a tattooist and musician. Flash animations.

Scandurra, Turi
Movies, illustrations, and multimedia works by this Italian artist. Cartoonesque and topical. Original music.

Scepanovic, Vladislav
Social and political works from this Belgrade-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text in German.

Schlademan, Carl
Canadian artist shows landscapes, still-lifes, abstracts, and equine portraits done in acrylic.

Schmid, Robert
Abstract works in acrylic by the New York painter. Includes exhibitions listing.

Schmidt, Michael K.
Illinois artist showcases small, mixed-media paintings and designs, with many featuring interesting patterns and muted colors. Includes exhibitions listing.

Schmitt, Carl
Official site for this modern American artist (1889-1989). Realistic paintings and drawings in various media. Includes information about the Carl Schmitt Foundation in Connecticut.

Schneberger, Christopher
Chicago-based artist shows works featuring photography-based mixed media, film, and web design. Includes exhibitions listing.

Schneider, Judy L.
Prints, collage, mixed-media works, encaustic pieces, and photos by Florida artist. Abstract and figurative.

Scholes, Graham A.
Woodblock prints, especially featuring images of lighthouses, are displayed by this British Colombia-based artist.

Schwennesen, Carol
Impressionist landscapes and poetry. Includes exhibitions listing.

Schwertfuehrer, Arthur von
Franklavaarchiv: Collection of photographic images by the German-Austrian photographer and cinematographer (1891-1967).

Scott, Ant
Art inspired by cognitive distortions and errors in perception in a site titled "Glitch Art".

Scott, Jeanette
Landscapes and still life paintings in oils, pastels and acrylics by Sydney-based visual artist.

Scoville, Mary
An online gallery featuring prints, drawings, and 3d work by this Austin-based artist. Includes resume.

Sebazco, Tom
New York artist's online portfolio includes examples of works in advertising, painting, drawing, graphic design, web development, and sculpture.

Sechtlova, Marie M.
Mezzotint, other graphics, and oil paintings by this Czech artist. Abstract and figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.

Sedgwick, Terry
UK-based watercolor artist shows landscapes. Wet-on-wet technique.

Seeney, Lynn
New York City-based artist and lecturer presents mixed-media abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Segall, Liz G.
Figurative-abstract paintings in acrylic, oil and mixed media by this Florida artist.

Segers, Hans
Conceptual works by this Belgian artist whose focus is research into the painted image. Includes exhibitions listing.

Seguso, Rick
West Palm Beach-based artist shows figurative works, including florals, still-lifes, landscapes, and a series featuring musicians.

Seidl, Markus
Photography and installation works by the Austrian artist.

Seiler, Kerim
Swiss artist shows sculptures and views of installations. Colorful abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Selander, Jeff
Illinois-based watercolor painter shows representational works. Prints.

Selden, Dave
Portland, Oregon-based artist shows sculpture and sketchbook drawings. Idea based on a flower.

Seliverstov, Alexander
This Russian-born painter now based in Spain presents a portfolio featuring portraits, realistic and surrealistic works, as well as abstract pieces.

Sellanes, Jose Maria
Uruguayan artist living in Ireland presents abstract and surrealist drawings. Weblog format.

Senior, Nigel
This UK-based artist presents oil and acrylic paintings in various styles and genres.

Sepe, Tom
This multi-disciplinary artist and community activist offers information about current projects, including artworks, video, performance, sculpture, and design.

Sesto, Cameron
A gallery of paintings, prints and charcoal drawings which deal with the "spiritual nature of the mundane world." Abstract and surreal imagery.

Swiss aerosol artist and hiphop aficionado presents samples of figurative artworks, abstract sculpture, and wall graphics. Includes exhibitions listing.

Shackleton, Andrew
Flux-us: conceptual and performance art from this UK artist. Photography and music too.

Shamback, Benjamin
Alabama-based artist shows still-life and figurative paintings using traditional materials and techniques. Includes exhibitions listing.

Shank, Stephanie
This Arizona-based artist specializes in abstract landscape painting and in works featuring an expressionist aesthetic.

Shapiro, Lucien
Gallery of his macabre paintings, sculptures, and installations as well as his show schedule.

Features irreverent paintings of scientists and philosophers among other aesthetic experiments. Includes weblog.

Sharma, Atul
Portraits and sketches, including variations on Hindu deities and images of women, by this New Delhi-based artist.

Sharma, Nitin
India-based artist and engineer presents photos, sketches, tattoos and t-shirt paintings. Weblog format.

Sharp, Jud
Pennsylvania artist shows examples of murals intended for homes, especially works for children's rooms, and offices. Fantasy and trompe l'oeil.

Sheather, John E.
Works by this British artist include landscapes and still-lifes in oil and watercolor. Sketches. Representational.

Shepherd, Timothy
Detroit-based artist and web designer shows artwork. Expressionist and abstract pieces in digital and traditional media.

Sheridan, Duffy.
A selection of paintings by this Arizona-based artist. Figure paintings and portraits. Includes bio.

Sheridan, Prue
This British artist, currently based in Germany, presents a portfolio featuring landscapes and figurative works. Surrealist and figurative.

Sherman, Carol Ann
The watercolor artwork of an artist in Florida includes pets, people, and flora & fauna.

Sherriffs, Ranald
Virtual gallery featuring mixed-media works focusing on metaphorical and compositional relationships. Includes exhibitions listing.

Shetihin, Evgeni
Belarus-based artist shows paintings made of oil and clay. Representational.

ComXtrip: narrative figuration made of sketches and watercolors, plus portraits and nudes. Weblog format. Some text in French.

Shigemoto, Kristy
Freelance designer shows a portfolio of art and original characters.

Shkurpela, Dasha
New Jersey-based artist originally from Kyrgyzstan shows figurative paintings and abstract sculptures. With exhibitions listing.

Shonibare, Yinka
Having grown up 'between London and Lagos,' this artist explores cultural identity in various media. Installations. With biography.

Shuback, Jeremy
Freelance illustrator, currently working in animation, shows inkings, paintings, flash applets, 3d animations, and more on this portfolio site. Figurative. Includes resume.

Shuvalov, Sophia
A mix of surrealist, conceptual, abstract, and representational works in a variety of media.

Shvaiko, Viktor
European-style images with cobblestone streets, bistros and archways are favored by this Russian artist.

Siepmann, Heinrich
Virtual gallery of works by the late German artist, an exponent of non-objective painting. Biography.

Siffert, Enaile D.
Paintings and drawings in various genres by this Brazilian artist. Includes fantasy artwork and portraits.

Sigona, Mary
Bizarre Moon: showcasing artwork, comics, animations, and many other creative contributions.

Archive of a digital artist's interests and achievements. Featuring experimental videos, animations, and a weblog.

Silveira, Ricardo G.
Venezuelan artist presents abstract digital works, including videos.

Simanavicius, Guillermo
Gelsim Works: photographs.

Simeonova, Lidia
Figurative sculpture, painting, and drawing by this Michigan-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Simmons, Gary
Arkansas-based pen-and-ink artist presents landscapes, humorous pieces, and characters sketches among other works. Watercolors, nudes.

Simon, Jonathan
This New York artist is a specialist in realistic oil paintings, including still-life, portraiture, and figurative pieces.

Simons, Miriam L.
Abstract artwork in a variety of media. Includes artist statement and information about workshops.

Simpson, Kieran
Online portfolio of London-based digital artist and filmmaker. Poetic imagery and fantasy influence style.

Sinaguglia, Timothy
Drawings and comics done in pencil, brush, pen and ink and featuring portraits and surreal dreams. Figurative.

Sinatra, Rose
Figurative works and landscapes in watercolor by this California artist.

Singh, G.S. Sohan
Memorial site for the Sikh artist. Paintings of gurus and temples. Includes biography.

Sinyai, Susan M.
Oil and pastel paintings executed in a realistic style characterized by evocative light and rich color. Includes exhibitions listing.

Sirunyan, Vakhtang
Virtual gallery of the Armenian artist, including figurative oil paintings and abstract works with unique surfaces. Biography.

Sivanandanayagam, Nishanthi
Young Canadian artist presents drawings in a variety of styles, poetry, and photography.

Skees, Alan and Kristin Skees
Arizona artists show mixed media works and installation pieces. Includes resumes.

Skolimowski, Werner
The artist, a muralist from Germany currently living in Arizona, presents Muralinfo, Mr. W.'s Mural and Graffiti Art Photo Gallery. Includes biography.

Skov, Rasmus
Dedicated to the late Danish cubist. Includes biography, virtual museum, art-historical background.

Skowron, Jason
With Jacobs Asylum, the artist presents original airbrush and computer art, animations, tattoos, and tattoo flash.

Slater, Evelyn "Susie"
Transparent watercolor paintings depicting birds, wildlife, and flowers by this Massachusetts artist.

Smalley, Brian
Watercolor paintings and sketches from this UK-based artist. Includes comments on the works.

Smash Artists
Leogogo's blog is a collection of a wide variety of inspirational designs including: graphics, architecture, photography, fashion.

Smeets, Mike
LoneStarNorth: a digital photograph gallery and artwork featuring exotic birds, Florida travel pictures, nature, animals.

Smirnovaite, Marija
Featuring figurative and abstract drawings, ceramics, textiles, graphics, designs, and illustrations by this Lithuanian artist.

Smith, Barry E.J.
London-based Australian artist presents black and white graphic art. Includes CV.

Smith, Ben
Atlanta artist's virtual gallery highlights woodcuts, drawings, etchings, and sculpture. Figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.

Smith, Kate
Figurative works in pastel by this Australian artist.

Smith, Natasha E.
Canadian painter, collage artist, and printmaker creates colourful, semi-abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Smith, Robin
Online art gallery of surrealist paintings.

Smith, Sue
Oil and watercolor paintings by this Oregon artist. Abstracts, figurative works, and landscapes.

Smorenburg, Herman
Fantastic realism is the style of this Dutch artist. Includes biography and article on the spiritual dimension of "Inspiration."

Snell, Halston
Showing works based on the Japanese anime and manga style. Also some realism and general cartooning, plus Happiness Factory Studio.

Sochaniewicz, Maria
Abstract works by this Polish-born and now New York-based artist. Includes biography and information on exhibitions.

Soete, Karolien
Portrait paintings by this Flemish artist. Includes biography.

Soker, Dina
Illinois-based painter shows works focused on color. Abstracts and floral pieces. With exhibitions listing.

Sollmann, Martin
Dutch artist shows new media art, digital works, video installations, and animation. Includes CV.

Somar, Emyll
Washington State-based artist shows virtual portfolio featuring digital photography and computer graphics. Includes resume.

Sommer, Erik J.
New York City-based artist shows abstract paintings, mixed-media pieces, and sculpture. Includes exhibitions listing.

Sommer, Susan
The New York artist presents a selection of abstract paintings.

Sood, Ajay
UK-based artist shows figurative paintings and drawings, as well as assemblage, sketchbooks and Works in Progress.

Australian writer, painter and photographer. Includes biography, blog and exhibition scrapbook.

Abstraction and social commentary in paintings described as exhibiting "Verdadism." The artist is Puerto Rican.

Biography and black and white photos of the Vienna-based artist. [English, German, and French]

Soslau, Michelle
Pennsylvania artist shows dream images and portraits, landscapes and abstracts. Includes exhibitions listing.

Soterakis, Elena
Landscapes and cityscapes painted on wood panels by this New York painter. Includes exhibitions listing.

Sousa, Eduardo
The artist's New Digital design portfolio includes music and artwork. Shockwave Flash used.

Spanard, Jan-Marie
Abstract trompe-l'oeil paintings and giclee prints by this Albany, NY-based artist. Includes statement.

Sparre, Eric
Oil portraits,landscapes and cityscapes by this artist who has an impressionist view of life.

Sparre, Louis
Photographer presents recent works documenting social and economic conditions in Argentina and Uruguay. Includes bio.

Spence, Annora
Works by UK-based artist, including illustrations and paintings featuring animals. Has exhibitions listing.

Spencer, Scott A.
Abstract, expressionistic and impressionist oil paintings on canvas by Los Angeles artist who also shows work in New York.

Spens, Nathaniel
Landscape and history paintings by Scottish-born artist who settled in Utah (died in 1916). Includes bio and genealogical research.

Spiczka, Sam
This Minnesota-based artist shows large-scale, outdoor sculpture in steel and wood that combines geometric structure with organic form. Includes resume.

Spiess, Katherine E.
Showcase portfolio featuring digital examples using the Adobe creative suite as well as other art media. Includes resume. Figurative.

Spratley, Gigi
This artist works in a variety of media, including blacklight, painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital formats.

Springfield, Molly
The artist focuses on transformative moments in the history of information and representation, addressing oppositions between reproduction and originality, seeing and reading, and technology and labor

Spyker, David Jay
Representational paintings and drawings in acrylics, watercolors, gouache, graphite, and charcoal. Includes exhibitions listing.

St Clair, Georgie
Painting Grace: Artist, designer and illustrator sharing elegant design, beautiful illustration with a focus on florals.

St-Jacques, Pierre
Video art by New York based artist. Includes sample stills and clips, statement, videography, and exhibitions listing.

Stajan-Ferkul, Andrea
Ontario artist and illustrator shows textile studies, interpretive room settings, impressionistic florals, and landscapes.

Stanley, Pat
Portfolio of representational and abstract paintings, watercolor and acrylic by this Canadian artist.

Stanley, Terry H.
Figurative, portrait and landscape art from this Wisconsin-based representational artist. Includes biography.

Stark, Sean
Pencil drawings and Photoshop samples by a young man who says he is not an artist.

Starkey, Marius
San Francisco-based artist and teacher shows paintings, drawings, etchings and monotypes. The works cover 20 years of artistic life. Includes resume and exhibitions listing.

Steel, Gregory
Michigan artist shows video and sound clips as well as mixed media works and installation photos. Includes exhibitions listing.

Steelsmith, Alex
Hawaii-based artist presents an online portfolio featuring samples of his paintings and drawings. Representational.

Stefanelli, Giuseppe
Milan, Italy-based artist shows mixed-media abstract works. Includes biography. Text in several languages.

Steinberg, Carol
Los Angeles artist shows expressive oil paintings, including still-lifes and landscapes. Features slide show of a work in progress.

Steinberg, Judith
Free-standing, large-scale painted aluminum sculpture, wall pieces, collages, and graphic works by this Connecticut artist. Abstract. Exhibitions listing.

Stenram, Eva
Conceptual photographic art projects including digital manipulation, with focus on the viewer. Includes CV. with exhibitions listing.

Stephenson, Jean
California artist and teacher shows paintings in a wide variety of styles as well as soft sculptures of fantasy figures.

Stevens, Randy
Satirical and whimsical drawings dealing with contemporary American society. Includes exhibitions listing.

Stevenson, Deborah
Urban landscapes and skyscapes in oil by Seattle-based artist.

Stevenson, Gus
St. Louis artist presents painting and poetry, music and film. Figurative works in various styles. Includes resume.

Stevenson, Stephen
Portraiture by this English artist currently living in France. Includes weblog.

Stockbridge, Cath
Vermont-based artist presents artwork in various media. Figurative, impressionist. Includes resume.

Stoker, Vonmari
Stoker Studio: online portfolio for this South African photographer and specialist in corporate identity campaigns and web design. Illustrations.

Stokes, Lisa
English painter working mainly in oil presents autobiographical works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Stone, Ashley
Paintings and drawings featuring realistic nudes. Also landscapes and celebrity portraits.

Strachan Johnson, Susan
Paintings featuring horses and landscape scenes. Watercolor and watermedia collage works by Canadian artist.

Stracke, Joachim
This German artist draws up in his oeuvre a comprehensive visual balance sheet, mixing current movements and traditional patterns. With biography.

Strong, Brian C.
New Zealand artist presents landscapes inspired by his surroundings. Includes resume.

Struthers, Nina
Texas-based artist shows prints and pen-and-ink pictures which focus on animals or on people. Includes resume. Site is titled "Nina Art."

Stuhmer, Marcelino
This artist's works feature narrative and interpretive subject matter in media including video, photography, painting, and printed matter. Exhibitions listing.

Stumpf, Brenda
This abstract artist presents a complex use of non-traditional materials and evocative subject matter. Includes exhibitions listing.

Sturken, Marie
Abstract and impressionist works on handmade paper by a printmaker based in New Jersey.

Subramanian Ganesan
India-born artist shows works in pencil, charcoal, oils, photography, and origami. Representational.

SueBee's Castles
The artist shows drawings of castles done by herself and by her friends.

Sufit, Alisha
Drawing, paintings, and poetry by a UK artist. Expressionist and surrealist works.

Sukhu, Eppi
Sociopolitical and spiritual artwork in various media from this Toronto-based artist.

Sula, Julian
Figurative drawings and paintings.

Suljakov, Vadik
Russian artist's European-style cityscapes are presented by dealer, Pierside Gallery of California.

Sullivan, Cherie
Scottish artist shows oil paintings in a variety of styles and genre, including abstracts, portraits, and landscapes. Also nudes.

Sullivan, Vanessa
Figurative works and portraits in watercolor. Features a blog with painting tutorials.

Young artist shows fantasy drawings and fan-art, especially drawings relating to Neopets, Pokemon and DragonBall Z.

Sutton, Jeremy
California-based portrait painter and expert in digital art techniques. Includes resume, statement, interviews, exhibitions listing, and a studio virtual tour.

Swaab, Adam
Los Angeles-based motion graphics artist, filmmaker, and web designer presents an online portfolio.

Sweet, David B.
Drawings and paintings, including landscapes, by a mature person who has returned to his early love for art.

Artist and professor of graphic design. Features resume, portfolio of fine art, design, and animations, as well as class information. [Requires Flash]

Swinfen Eady, Katherine
Scottish colourist presents an online gallery of landscape and still-life paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Swinney, Carol
Painter shows landscapes and wildlife works and demonstrates plein-air and palette-knife techniques.

Sylver, Crystal
San Francisco artist showcases her oil paintings and fashion collection. Figurative. Includes biography.

Sylvester, Gwen
Maine-based artist presents still life, landscape and nautical art as well as whimsical cat portraits and wildlife paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Syres, Carl
Digital art, webcam, illustration, web design, photography, figurative drawings and paintings.

Szalay, Rachel
Australian artist working predominantly with oils and pastels; subjects include still life, flora, landscapes and nudes. Includes biography.

Szczesna, Kamila
Figurative and abstract works in ceramic from this Polish artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Szervanszky, Jeno
Information about the life and works of the late Hungarian artist. Impressionist.

Szprengiel, Marcin
Collage pieces featuring varied figurative imagery and realistic figure studies.