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Radulovic, Veronika
Artist who splits her time between Vietnam and Germany shows paintings, drawings, and installation works.

Raggett, Elizabeth
This Ann Arbor artist focuses on the conflict that arises when an individual is torn between physical enticement and common sense.

Raito, Mirka
Paintings, drawings, performances, and installation pieces from this European artist. Figurative.

Ramos-Poqui, Guillem
London-based art professor shows digital collage, assemblage, paintings, and found objects. Includes exhibitions listing.

Randolph, Lynn
Houston-based artist shows figurative and surreal paintings. Includes bio.

Rappazzo, Tonino G.
Togira Studio: Sicilian web designer and graphic artist presents an online portfolio. Digital collages.

Rasdell, William A.
Photographs with an emphasis on fine art and documentary images.

Rauchwerger, Lori A.
Tulsa-based painter shows portraits of dogs in oil and pastel.

Ravilious, Eric
Imagined Realities: works by an artist popular in the UK during and prior to the Second World War. Watercolors, illustrations, designs.

Canadian artist presents artwork in various styles including abstract, photography, and fiction ebooks.

Rayn, Chris
Shanghai-base photo artist presents an online portfolio.

Rea, Ann
The artist shows Northern California regional landscapes using rich pigments and saturated colors. Still-lifes too.

Rea, Joann
Landscape paintings and portraits by this Maryland-based artist. Representational.

Rebecca J. J.
The artist presents SilverSong, a collection of illustrations inspired by fantasy and The Phantom of the Opera.

Reed, Sketch
Missouri artist presents art samples and comments in this weblog. Illustrations and fantasy drawings and paintings.

Reigstad, Kjell
Digital and print graphic design samples from this Brooklyn-based artist. Includes client list.

Reinert, Rick
Studies in Sunlight: impressionist works in oil by this South Carolina painter.

Reinhardt, Kim
New York artist's paintings, drawings, designs, and writings show an influence of punk rock and an "indie" attitude.

Reinhardt, Lisa
This Southern California painter focuses on beach scenes and gardens in these Impressionist-style works.

Reisman, Celia
Pennsylvania artist shows paintings, including oils and gouaches, and prints, all featuring architectural landscapes. With exhibitions listing.

Remennik, Arkady
Israel-based artist, who was born in the Ukraine, presents a 40-year retrospective. Various styles and media, including portraiture and engravings.

Rendall, Nick
London-based black & white abstract pen artist shows complex illustrations produced by using only a black pen.

Resur, Maron
Indiana painter and printmaker shows figurative works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Reyes, Brad
Compilation of figurative paintings, drawings, sculptures by this Los Angeles artist. With biography.

Reynolds, Kyle
Portraits and figure studies by this Canadian artist who is a self-described Schizophrenic.

Ribisi, Jamie
Musician and band photography, handmade jewelry, oil paintings, and figurative Sum-i ink drawings.

Ricardo, Geoffrey
Australian printmaker and sculptor shows a gallery of images. Surreal and expressionist works.

Rice, Hugh G.
This landscape artist's work is influenced by living on the Canadian prairie and in his native Irish glens. Impressionist.

Rice, Karen
Montana artist explores the "intersections of labor, technology, and natural history in the American West" in paintings and drawings.

Richards, J. Kirk
Oil paintings on Judeo-Christian themes, with music and children's books too. Figurative.

Richards, Julian
English artist working mostly in photography, film, and video shows work samples. Abstract pieces and photo-journalism.

Richmond, Gil
Surreal City: an online portfolio featuring paintings and black-and-white comic illustrations. Photos.

This artist focuses on human alienation and the its effects, including consumptive behavior. Features the Barbs series and installation examples. Includes exhibitions listing.

Riess, Wilfried
Virtual gallery of paintings by this Basel-based artist. Detailed works, abstract and surreal. Includes exhibitions listing.

Rife, Jon
San Francisco artist shows paintings, monotypes, and digital prints. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

Rigg, Sophie
Drawings and public projects by this London-based artist. Focus is on cities. Includes resume.

Riley, Greg
Display of murals and illustrations by this Chicago artist. Landscapes. Realism.

Rinaldi, Marco
Abstract paintings inspired on Dante's 'Divine Comedy.' Includes original text in Italian with English translation.

Roach, Damien
Syntax and lettering variations figure prominently in the works of this London-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Roberts, Gainor E.
Florida-based impressionist artist shows landscapes, still-life works, and portraits in various media. Background music.

Roberts, Hayes
Bluebison: Cartoon illustrations for screen backgrounds, IM icons, and other uses featuring big-eyed alligators or dogs.

Roberts, Matt
Conceptual design, websites, new media and photography.

Robinson, Caroleigh
Mixed-media artist and teacher presents works exploring the ecological and psychological impact of the petroleum age. Includes exhibitions listing.

Robinson, Craig
Flip Flop Flyin': "silly things created scientifically to help make a better tomorrow". Digital graphics by this Berlin-based artist. Newsletter.

Robinson, D. Keith
Seattle-based web designer and graphic artist posts a weblog.

Robinson, Lisa V
This UK-based artist specializes in working between abstraction and figuration. Oil on canvas.

Robinson, Richard
Impressionist oil paintings featuring the coastal settings in New Zealand.

Roche, Jim
Abstract paintings and prints by this British Columbia-based artist who also works in Japan and Europe.

Roderick, Geoff
Abstract and realist works by this Australian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Rodrigue, Jessica
The online portfolio of Los Angeles-based artist, muralist and designer. Includes resume.

Rodriguez, Tino
Figurative and surreal works by this San Francisco artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Roet, Lisa
Australian-born artist exhibits her fascination with primate behaviour. Features photography, drawing, video, and sculpture.

Rogers, Jennifer
Minnesota-based sculptural ceramic artist presents image portfolios and information on goals and teaching philosophy. Includes biography and exhibitions listing.

Rogers, Michelle
South Carolina artist shows paintings featuring visionary ideas in symbolic and surrealist compositions.

Rohonczy, Leslie
Canadian artist shows colorful acrylic paintings, including landscapes, florals, abstracts, and portraits.

Rolka, John
This New York City architect shows photography, pencil sketches, watercolors, and mixed media pieces.

Rollins Feissel, Dianne
Portraits, still-lifes, and abstract works by the artist. Also includes John Feissel's poetry and a tribute to the couple's cats.

Roman, Michael
This Dallas artist specializes in oil painting and linocut block printing. Also drawings and sculpture. Figurative.

Ronel, Jasmine
Abstract paintings using a variety of media and featuring layered canvases showing signs of construction and destruction. Includes exhibitions listing.

Roos, Nina
Signed/Tekenend: Dutch artist presents abstract drawings in weblog format. Text in English and Dutch.

Rose, Roslyn
Internet studio of this printmaker who shows current works featuring digital montage, photo transfer, and assemblage. Has exhibitions listing.

Rosen, Kay
Artist and art professor shows paintings and installations revolving around text and language. Includes exhibitions listing.

Rosenberg, Gabriel C.
Paintings, sculpture, photographs, and sketches. Abstract.Includes exhibition listing.

Rosenquist, James
Official website for the American artist whose 40-year career is celebrated in a fall 2003 retrospective at New York's Guggenheim Museum. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, designs. Bibliography, exhibitions listing.

Roset, Jan M.
Abstract paintings showing a lot of energy from this Texas artist. Expressionist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Ross, Caroline
This Canadian artist uses a combination of media, including drawing, painting, photography, light boxes, film, video, and installation art.

Roush II, G.C.
Abstract paintings by this Ohio-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Roux, Barbara
An online gallery for this conservation and nature artist. Includes biography, exhibitions listing, and press clippings.

Rowe, Aaron
Art and design services, featuring photography, drawings, graphics.

Roy, Gordon S.
Toronto-based artist and teacher shows fine and commercial art, including airbrush, car/bike murals, sculpture and oil paintings featuring wildlife.

Royer, Jacky
DeviantArt member kiky270281 presents cartoonesque drawings as well as photographs. Some text in French.

Virtual gallery of the Spanish impressionist painter. Serigraphs.

Rozkiewicz, Teresa
This mixed-media abstract artist presents an emotional response to the many cultures and environments in which she has lived. Includes exhibitions listing.

Rubenstein, Michael R.
Energetic artworks by this Tucson-based artist who was born in Chicago. Drawings, paintings, and video. Figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.

Rubins, Leonard
Slovenian artist shows paintings and computer graphics featuring celestial architectures.

Ruhl, Nancy
Canadian painter presents representational works featuring landscapes, architectural themes, and figurative images.

Ruhlmann, Nick
Massachusetts-based visual artist portfolio featuring photography, animation, and drawings.

Rumina, Miranda
Acrylic relieves, glass sculptures, computer graphics, collages. Includes exhibitions listing. Music backgrounds and flash.

Rumsey, Mark
Michigan artist and community activist presents an online portfolio featuring abstract prints, photo-montages, site sculptures. Includes exhibitions listing.

Runkowski, S.
This New York-based artist is interested in systems, specifically in time and its relationship to the body. Includes exhibitions listing.

Russ, Nadia
The artist presents her new style and adopts a new word: "NeoPoprealism." Drawings and paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Russell, Guy
Featuring abstract paintings and photographs.

Russinof, Anne
Drawings, paintings, and watercolors inspired by architectural and natural forms. Includes exhibitions listing.

Russo, Linda
Paintings, works on paper, and yantras (symbols) from this Wyoming artist.

Rusztyn, Sam
Artworks featuring animals and landscape studies. Includes weblog.

Ruven, Ora
Israel-based artist deals mainly with male nudes and other relevant issues in painting and digital formats.

Ryan, Dennis
Pennsylvania artist shows paintings, drawings, and prints which focus on OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Conceptual.

Ryan, John
Abstract and surreal works featuring a display of emotion from this Ohio artist. Includes exhibitions listing.