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MacFarland, Matt
Gallery of drawings, sculptures and installation. includes resume.

MacMillan, Laurie
Santa Barbara artist shows abstract paintings in acrylics. These works reflect her fascination with landscapes, geology, and organic forms. Biography.

Macintosh, Ian D.E.
British fine artist and illustrator specializing in acrylics. Drawings and photography too. Representational.

Mackerman, Dan
Minnesota-based artist presents landscapes featuring Midwestern farmland; also figurative paintings, giclee prints, and greeting cards.

Magar, Mary Jo
The Boutique of Arts features paintings, literature, poetry, sculpture, and metaphysics. Some political art.

Magyar, Wes
Portfolio of this Colorado artist's paintings. Realistic figurative works with themes featuring cultural myths. Includes exhibitions listing and press reviews.

Mahan, Krissy
Kingston NY-based cut-paper artist presents a virtual gallery. Includes photos and drawings; short biography.

Mahvis, Siavash
Features figurative drawings and paintings by this Iranian artist.

Maillet, Daniel
Realist painter presents a virtual gallery featuring portraits, nude studies, engravings, and sculptures.

Mair, Jeff
This Canadian artist works with paint, text, and conceptually related elements.

Maistorov, Nikolai
Bulgarian artist presents a virtual gallery of drawings mostly featuring nudes. Includes exhibitions listing.

California artist shows brightly colored paintings featuring golfers and musicians. Custom-made hats. Animations.

Malpica, Misha
A specialist in mixed-media sculpture, this New Mexico-based artist shows masks, gourds, and other works.

Malta, Michael H.
Realistic artwork by this Colorado artist. Landscapes and portraits.

Manacsa, Gerry
Design, writing and digital work by this Filipino-American artist. Includes online multimedia journal, commentaries and homage to Fellini.

Manderla, Marek
Surreal abstract art based on the figure is showcased.

Manetas, Miltos
Los Angeles-based artist presents oil paintings on the theme of computers and video games. Includes exhibitions listing.

Manokhin, Nikita
Impressionist artist based in Ukraine presents paintings and drawings, including portraits.

Mararian, Michael
Somewhat disturbing works which focus on children as the last bastion of innocence. Includes exhibitions listing.

Marasli, Elcin
Istanbul-born visual artist currently living in Warsaw presents figurative paintings and drawings as well as installation views. Includes resume with exhibitions list.

Marcelle, Pauline
This artist, born in Dominica, presents paintings, graphics, and video animation. Performance art. Includes exhibitions listing.

Marcoux, Kevin
Prattleworks: featuring paintings, drawings, prints, as well as a blog about visual cultural interests and the painting process. Landscapes. With exhibitions listing.

Margretardottir, Hildur
Icelandic artist presents an artwork sampler featuring oil paintings of farm animals and a series of abstracts. Includes exhibitions listing and photographs.

Mark, Sharon
Acrylic paintings featuring naive scenes and country landscapes by Quebec artist.

Markovich, Anastasiya
Paintings by this Ukrainian artist and featuring landscapes, icons, and surrealist works. Background music.

Marks, China
Drawings from thread and fabric produced with an industrial zig-zag sewing machine. Includes process information and an exhibitions listing.

Maron, Nina
Vienna-based artist presents work samples, including paintings in series. Figurative and abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

Marran, Juri
Virtual gallery for the Estonian painter. Colorful portraits and still-life compositions.

Marrone, Todd
Philadelphia-based cartoon-abstract artist presents original paintings, drawings, designs, and writings.

Marshall, Brent
Eightlines is a sandbox of experiments featuring graphic designs, origami, and sketchbook cartoons by a Canadian artist.

Marshall, Mike
London-based artist presents film, video, photography and sound works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Martin, Bevis and Charlie Youle
Sculpture, installation, and design samples by these UK-based collaborating artists. Includes exhibitions listing.

Martin, Knox
Online portfolio of the New York-based painter: abstract works, including murals. With exhibitions listing, lecture clips, and review articles.

Martin, Rett
Minnesota-based artist and student shows drawings and computer designs.

Martine, David
New York-based artist of Native American descent presents landscapes and Native American portraits. Includes exhibitions listing.

Martinelli, Mario
Italian artist's virtual portfolio. Abstract and mixed media works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Martinez, Vanina
Argentinian artist shows abstract paintings in acrylic, oil and mixed media. Includes resume. Flash.

Martinez, Zed
Online portfolio and blog by this Indianapolis-based artist and author, who welcomes sarcasm, absurdity, and conflicting imagery in wrestling with ideas.

Mascres, Catherine
French painter and sculptor is inspired by ethnic symbolism.

Maskarin, Kristina
Digital works in a portfolio by this Croatian new genre artist. She is "interested in exploring visual rhetoric and the intersections of art, activism and new technology."

Maslanka, Kazmier
The artist's "polyaesthetic work is a spiritually based fusion of mathematics, art and poetry." Includes resume.

The artist uses images, writing, and animation to explore identity in a modern urban environment.

Matarazzo, Antonello
Italian artist and filmmaker shows figurative paintings and video clips. Includes exhibitions listing and filmography.

Mateus, Ruth
This Austrian artist's work moves along the edge between painting and technical media such as photography, installation, and performance arts.

Mathews, David
Greenbriar Studio features portraits in various media and sculpture. Also offers 3D animation tools and replica armor for re-enactors.

Matte-Farina, Susan
Matte Impressions: Tucson artist shows paintings, including landscapes, still-lifes, and florals. Includes exhibitions listing.

Matulewicz, Emil
Weblog featuring samples of paintings and photographs by this Dutch artist. Figurative.

Matuszak, James
Artistic experiments, design, "phantasy", and "quest for the holy grail" in a site titled Art and Nonsense.

Mavedzenge, Victor
Artwork by this UK-based, Zimbabwe-born fine artist. Abstract painting, prints, and sculpture

Mawby, Jennifer J.T.
Various styles in this retrospective of works by the Vancouver artist. Online portfolio and essays.

Paintings by the late impressionist are featured in a virtual exhibition.

Maxwell, Eden
Paintings, drawings, and digital art arranged in a series of exhibits. Abstract, fantasy, dreams. Weblog and other writings.

Mayakis, Pavlos
Abstract mixed media works assembled from weavings and painted cloths. Includes exhibitions listing.

Mayo, Heidi
Massachusetts-based painter and peace activist offers pastel landscape paintings and "PeaceThings," a peace-sign clothing line.

Maze, Hildy
Oil on paper drawings and paintings. Abstract works with focus on environment qualities and concepts. Includes exhibitions listing.

Mazhlekov, Viktor
Paintings inspired by artist's dreams. Surrealist paintings, drawings, and sculpture.

McAllister, Hollie
Holliexpressions: pencil portraits of children.

McCarthy, Dan
This Massachusetts-based artist shows posters, paintings, prints, and drawings. There is a stress on design elements.

McClain, Nathan
Biography and works samples for the late artist, born in Missouri.

McClymont, Alistair
UK-based artist working in sculpture, photography, installation, and video. Includes exhibitions listing.

McCoy, Mary Bucci
Massachusetts-based artist shows painted plywood constructions. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

McCutcheon, Ryan
JRyanArtist: works by an artist whose motto is Creativity has no room for limitations.

McDonald, K. Krueger
Representational works in pastel and colored pencil by this Texas artist. Includes portraits, landscapes and floral works.

McDonald, Melinda
Virtual gallery featuring drawings, landscapes, and portraits. Music clips by the artist who is also a violinist.

McDougall, Ewan
Mr Loop: streaming video and still photos by this Scottish artist. He focuses on reality in the media. Includes exhibitions listing. Flash.

McEachern, Susan
Photography as well as conceptual and installation pieces by this Canadian artist and teacher, Includes exhibitions listing.

McEnery, Kathleen
Rochester-based painter who passed away in 1971. Portraits and still-lifes.

McHenry, Jason and Christopher Dyer
One Thousand Thousand is an ongoing and frequently collaborative effort to produce an edition of one million hand-made, original works on paper.

McIntyre, Paul
Coventry, UK-based artist shows acrylic paintings depicting beaches, boats, animals, landscapes and portraits. Also includes prints.

McKee, Kumiko S.
Colorado-based artist uses classical techniques to create realistic oil paintings that are partly abstract. Fantasy.

McKee, Roger
Salmon Kill Studio: prints, drawings and assemblages by this Connecticut artist. Representational and abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

McKinley, Daniel
Paintings that range from real to abstract, explore color, and escape beyond the world imagined.

McLaughlin, J.P.
Figurative and abstract works by this British artist. Landscapes too.

McMahon, Nathaniel
Photography by this Beijing-based artist and architect.

McNulty, Marc
Focused on multi-channel sound installations, micro-sound and cinemas for the ear. Experimental music projects.

McShea, Bevan
East Coast artist shows a variety of paintings and drawings in various media. Color and motion are common denominators.

McVicker, Charles
Realistic landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, and prints by Princeton NJ-based artist. Includes biography.

Meck, Joyce
Hawaiian artist shows watercolors featuring landscapes, plants, and wildlife. Pet portraits.

Medearis, Sandy
Abstract and representational works described as "Art from the heart."

Medjugorac, Goran
Online portfolio for this artist from Slovenia. Abstract works and installation samples. Includes exhibitions listing.

Medvedev, Vladimir P.
Russian artist shows realistic oil paintings. Includes biography.

Megur, Susan
Figurative paintings and mixed media works from this Florida artist.

Mehulic, Mirsad
Watercolors featuring seascapes along the Adriatic Coast. Includes biography.

Melvill, Roger
This Cape Town, South Africa-based artist shows representational landscape paintings.

Menicagli, Franco
Media, installation, video, sculpture, public art, architecture. Abstract works. Some text only in Italian. With exhibitions listing.

Fun paintings of dancers, felt-tip drawings, and photos by this Amsterdam-based artist.

Mercado, Mary Anne
Portfolio of multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Riverside, California. Figurative. With resume and weblog.

Merino, Ron
San Diego-based artist focuses on surf and snowboard subjects. Also includes images inspired by the Burning Man event.

Merlin, Alessio
Photographs featuring wildlife, architectural, and street subjects by this German artist, along with figurative and abstract drawings.

Merritt, Aaron
A showcase of surreal photography and examples of digital production artwork. Includes resume.

Messerli, Joseph
Information about the late illustrator.

Drawings, comics, divx videos. Figurative.

Metze, Chris
Abstract paintings and works on paper.

Mick, Danielle
New Jersey artist shows pastel paintings inspired by the natural world. Landscapes. Includes biography.

Middleton, Nicholas
This British artist presents a selective online portfolio, titled Anaemialunate, featuring painting, photography, conceptual work, and writing. Includes biography.

Mihăescu, Viorela & Vintilă
Romanian visual artists, husband and wife, show oil paintings, drawing, watercolors, religious art and tapestry. Includes biography and exhibitions information.

Mikhailov, Anatoly
Figurative works in sculpture and painting by this Russian-born artist now living in New York.

Milchan, Elinor
Abstract and emotional artwork shown by an artist-photographer. Includes resume.

Miller, Jason
Brooklyn artist presents various design objects and conceptual projects. Includes exhibitions listing.

Miller, Lisa D.
Artist and psychotherapist showcases installations, video-performances, and abstract paintings.

Miller, Pam
Abstract works by this artist based in Nottingham. Includes exhibitions listing.

Miller, Ruane
Digital prints, paintings and drawings by this Arizona artist. Landscapes and patterns.

Miller, Stephanie A.
Young artist shows drawings, paintings, and photos. Poetry. Figurative artwork.

Miller, Tim
Traditional and digital works by a young Iowa-based artist. Various media and styles.

Milligan, Kerry
Canadian artist's online gallery featuring floral, photography, landscape, and abstract works in a variety of media. Includes exhibitions listing.

Mills, Bill
Display of oil paintings using 'Bob Ross' technique by this UK-based artist. Representational.

Minaeva, Irina
Ukrainian artist presents abstract illustrations and batik designs.

Minton, Joseph
Features several examples of expressionist artwork.

Miranda, Prashant
The artist shows an online sketchbook of wanderings in India. Figurative and cartoonesque.

Missfeldt, Martin
Berlin-based painter and illustrator shows oil paintings, watercolors,"speed paintings," and drawings and cartoons. Figurative, abstract, and humorous works. Blog format.

Mitchell, Elizabeth
Online portfolio including traditional, digital, comic-book, sketch, and dragonfly works.

Mittelman, Michael
Online catalog featuring works of this Boston-based installation artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Mizrahi, Yehudit
An overview of photography, sculpture, installations, and painting by this Dutch artist. Conceptual. Includes exhibitions listing.

Moats, Roger A.
Long Island artist presents an online gallery of realist paintings.

Moerland, Antonetta
Abstract and symbolist paintings and designs by this Dutch artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Moinet, Mary L.
Belgian artist reveals a quiet world made of pastel, oil, and watercolor. Representational.

Molgaard, Marianne
Swedish artist presents a web gallery featuring landscapes, portraits, and drawings.

Moncus, Paul
An online showplace of recent paintings and drawings by this Austin, Texas-based artist. Figurative.

Monge, Richard
Figurative works and photos by New York-based artist. Expressionist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Monsa, Aron
Oil and acrylic paintings of Jerusalem, as well as paintings of people and wildlife.

Montagni, Lorenzo
Figurative paintings and graphics in acrylic, oil, watercolor, and mixed techniques on wood, paper, and canvas by this Italian artist.

Monteleone, Nikie
Portland, Oregon-based artist focusing on modeling, texture and lighting for 3D works.

Montes, Fernando
Bolivian artist's paintings and biography are presented. Features figurative works and landscapes which reflect the Andean environs.

Montoya Velasquez, Silvio
Dutch artist shows sculptures made out of two- and three dimensional reliefs, complemented with paintings and old iron sculptures. Includes CV.

Moody, Tom
Low-tech art made with MSPaintbrush, photocopiers, and consumer printers by this New York-based artist. Abstracts and portraits.

Moon, Sara
Ethereal and enigmatic images and illustrations of women created on commission chiefly by the Germany-based artist known as Bijan.

Moonan, Florence
Abstract works focusing on texture, color, and experimentation. Expressionist.

Moor, Ayanah
Portfolio presenting drawings, installation, performance and video stills. Includes resume with exhibition listings.

Moore, Christopher
Mooremetal: paintings, drawings, furniture, and interior design by this Louisiana-based artist.

Moore, Jenny
This Maine artist presents paintings in series called Tankers, Dweople, and Pods. Abstract works in acrylic on canvas.

Moore, John L.
Abstract painter, based in New York City, presents a virtual gallery. Includes exhibitions listing.

Moore, K. Madison
Figurative oil paintings, including nudes, by this Pennsylvania artist. Also abstract works.

Moore, W. Howard
Realistic works in soft pastel and monotypes in oil by South Carolina-based artist.

Morales, Jose R.
Cuban-born and now Miami-based artist showcases his paintings. Text in English and Spanish. Includes resume.

Morash, Ann
Eclectic mix of designs inspired by Celtic, Ukrainian, and Medieval European artworks from this Canadian artist and photographer.

Moravcik, Michal
Slovak artist presents samples of his installation pieces. Abstract. Includes resume and exhibitions listing.

Moreton-Abounader, Heather
Desert Night Creations: miniature equine art rendered careful detail by the artist.

Morgan, Francis
Portfolio of (Northern) Irish artist who has worked in commercial art for 20 years.

Morgan, Margaret
Plumbing is used as a motif to address histories of twentieth-century art and life. Installation views and other examples. Includes exhibitions listing.

Conceptual work by a Japanese artist. Imagining the 'world has been completed by the mechanism without the meaning.'

Moroz, Vadim
Artist specializing in non-conformism, neo-dadaism, and neo-Baroque. Paintings, mixed media collages, and sculpture.

Morrison, J.
Brooklyn-based artist's new drawings, prints, t-shirts, and performances.

Morse, Phil
Portfolio of recent works by New Hampshire-based artist. Woodworking, design, fine art. Figurative, with some social and political commentary.

Morse, Simon
Systems art, diagram art, process art by this London-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Mosher, Mike
Northern California artist/designer/educator creates comics, community murals, and digital artworks.

Moss, Brian C.
Santa Monica artist's online portfolio featuring digital works, drawings, installations, photography, sculpture, and video. Info on ongoing projects. Includes resume.

Moulton, John D.
Portrait and female figurative works in watercolor, airbrush, inks, oils and pencil. Includes nudes.

Mrazauskaite, Inga
Design portfolio and abstract paintings by this Lithuanian artist. With exhibitions listing.

Mulders, Marc
Dutch artist presents abstract paintings, photos, collages, and stained-glass windows. Includes exhibitions listing.

Mulino, Virna
Figurative paintings in a variety of media. Portraits and landscapes. Photography too.

Muller, Karl
An online portfolio showcasing photography, digital video and audio, including mp3 and jpeg samples for download.

Muller, Thomas
TXMX: graffiti, photos, and figurative drawings and paintings by this German artist.

Mumford, Joanne
This London-based artist displays paintings inspired by water and other natural elements.

Mundwiler, Beat
This Swiss-born artist, now living in Ireland, presents figurative and abstract paintings, drawings, and audio visual installations. Plus short stories in German.

Munoz, Christian
Original painting and furniture in surreal and Cubist styles by this Pennsylvania-based artist.

Murphy Spicer, Nancy
Installations and works focusing on the boundary between 2-D and 3-D. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

Mustonen, Rauni
Finland-based artist working mainly with woodprints and paintings. Abstracts and fantasy works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Mutch, Sue
Collection of oil paintings of landscapes, seascapes, flowers, portraits, and murals from this UK artist. Prints and greeting cards.

Myers, Joseph Allen
Abstract and figurative works in paint and graphite by Kentucky-based artist.