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LaBonte, Dick
Nostalgic prints and paintings at the Anchor and Palette Gallery.

Labovitz, Anne
An online gallery of acrylic paintings, monotypes/monoprints and wood blockprints of semi-figurative landscapes and portraits. Includes exhibitions listing and biography.

Labra, Ximena
Art and design to play and enjoy. Conceptual and installation works by an artist who works in Madrid and Mexico City. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lachapelle, Phil
Oil paintings featuring California gold country or Tuscany scenes. Includes biography of this Rhode Island-based artist.

Lachlan, Rosanna L.
Art that Shimmers, a synthesis of abstract, figurative and experimental works by this Australian-American artist nicknamed "Ranna." Includes biography.

Lafferty, Irene
Featuring figurative paintings, portraits and landscapes. Includes nudes. With exhibitions listing.

Online galleries featuring illustrations inspired by anime, videogames, cartoons, wildlife, and people.

Laird, Tessa S.
This personal site of the New Zealand art critic, writer, and reviewer includes experimental writing projects and original artwork. Resume.

Lake, Teddra
Washington-based artist presents a few paintings featuring landscapes and sunsets. Representational and symbolist styles.

Lamb, Sheila
New York artist's portfolio of jewelry, landscapes, etchings, and drawings inspired by Samoan folklore. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lan, Austin
Representational and whimsical Illustrations, paintings, sculpture, designs, and games.

Lancaster, John
This English artist uses geometric shapes to produce complex paintings and drawings. Decorative surface and busy design is used to create a feel of complex spacial structure. Includes exhibition listing.

Landkammer, Matthew
Formal abstraction, tending towards the minimal, with a focus on subtlety and color. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lane, E.W.
California artist shows acrylic, collage, and mixed-media paintings and found-object works. Expressionist.

Lanese, Mimi Verhulst
Intimate Surrealism: still-lifes, landscapes, portraits, and paintings featuring musical instruments or dogs. Includes exhibitions listing.

Langer, D.C.
Florida artist shows acrylic paintings, drawings, and photos. Includes Flash art samples, color pencil works, and fireworks photographs.

Langford, Brett
Mainly portrait images composed with photography, traditional painting, pen, ink and digital manipulation. With exhibitions listing.

Langley, Jean
Drawings and paintings by the Australian artist. Botanical illustrations and landscapes. Includes biography.

Lanyon, Andrew
Surreal paintings by UK-based artist. Figurative.

Lanyon, Matthew
UK-based artist shows abstract oil paintings and mixed media works. Themes are landscape and mythology. Includes exhibitions listing.

Larcom, Angelicque
Figurative artwork, painted furniture, and website designs from this New Hampshire artist.

Larjosto, Harri
Finnish artist's avant-garde works explore psycho-physical events with "black humor and surprise." Includes exhibitions listing.

Larmee, Kevin
Chicago-based artist shows figurative paintings. 90 works are on virtual display. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lasan, Zeljko
Virtual gallery featuring surrealist oil paintings by this artist. Also digital portrait drawings.

Latta, Elizabeth
Atlanta-based painter of landscape scenes, sometimes with hidden action elements.

Latto, Laurel
Photography and painting by this San Diego-based artist. Murals, storyboards, illustrations. Includes resume.

Lawaetz, Roy
Caribbean artist presents his "Modular Triangular System" and challenges the hegemony of the rectangle for picture support. Has Flash intro.

Lawrence, Aaron
British artist shows a sampling of his watercolour and oil paintings of wildlife and landscapes.

Lawrence, John
Figures and landscapes by this UK artist in painterly, colorful, representational style.

Lawrence, Peter Max
San Francisco-based expressionist artist shows paintings, photography, and sculpture. Includes bio, exhibitions listing, press clippings.

Lawrie, Alastair
Scottish artist currently based in London shows paintings, sketches, and installation photos. Figurative and abstract. Flash needed.

Laws, Heather
Dog portraits in pastels and colored pencil by this Canadian artist. Works showing the artist's love of companion animals.

Layne, Stephen
Figurative sculptures by this Philadelphia artist.

Le Doux, Chantal
Dutch artist presents drawings and paintings, including watercolors. Figurative and abstract. Also exhibitions listing.

Artist shows photography and computer art related to his Florida location. Includes journal.

Leary, Timothy R.
California-based environmental artist shows acrylic 2-D artwork featuring marine mammals (dolphins and whales), as well as sporting and wildlife art.

Lebel, Paul
Collection of web designs, photography, film, and music done under the name of "Plodive."

Lee, Chris
'Pushing aside the Gates of Darkness:' a personal memorial to the victims of the Birmingham Pub Bombings. Drawing series.

Lee, Enaj
Portfolio site showcasing drawings, paintings, photos produced by this Korean-American artist. Abstract. Includes resume.

Lee, Fay
Montgomery AL-based watercolor painter and collage fabricator shows works. Includes biography.

Lee, Jeni
Oregon artist shows abstract paintings and collages. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lee, Sharon
The artist seeks to translate ordinary human situations into vivid and colorful works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lee, Stephanie
Online display of works by this realist oil painter based in Arkansas. Landscapes, still lifes, portraits and murals.

Legge, Rose
Penrose: this Denver-based artist specializes in portraits and nature images on fabric to produce wall hangings. Weblog format.

Legrady, Miklos
This Canadian artist presents information and examples for his work in performance, painting, and photography. Conceptual. Includes biography.

Lehman, Harold
Figurative works from the 1930's to the present. Painting, drawing, sculpture, murals. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lehmann, Ed
Here and There: a collection of political and humorous cards spanning more than 30 years.

Lehr, Andrea
Abstract works by a self-described intuitive artist and healer from California. Expressionist. Pet portraits too.

Leimbacher, Arti
Swiss multimedia artist presents an online exposition. Installation photos, drawings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Leite, Leonardo
Portfolio of multimedia design projects, including websites, animations, and video works.

Lemieux, F. Maurice
Virtual gallery dedicated to the late Canadian sculptor. Works in steel and abstract paintings. Includes Curriculum Vitae.

Lennon, Valerie
This Atlanta-based artist specializes in watercolors and acrylics. Figurative and florals.

Lerner, Derek
Artwork by this New York City-based artist. Abstract, conceptual, documentary works. Includes CV.

A Canadian university student studying Interactive Arts shows pictures, ideas, art, and interests.

Leunens, Guillaume
A virtual museum of metal-on-metal paintings. Includes biography. Text in English and French.

Levine, Amy F.
3-dimensional figurative constructions which blend painting and sculpture by this North Carolina-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Levinson, Francene
Complex modular paper sculptures by this Florida-based artist. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lewis, Laura Lynn
Paintings in oil and pastel, featuring landscapes and sky-scapes of central and west Texas. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lewis, Patrick
Modern Icon: online portfolio of paintings by this Dallas-based artist. Abstract and surreal.

Liden, Tomas
Swedish artist presents mixed-media abstract paintings and landscapes. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lina Eve
Australian artist shows paintings, drawings, photography, and computer graphics. Figurative. Essays on adoption and reunion.

Lindberg, Fredrik T.
Swedish artist shows an online portfolio. Conceptual, performance, and figurative works. Paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lindhout, Joris
Grok Projects: works by this Dutch artist, including writing and curating ventures.

Lindner, Annette
Whimsical watercolors, mixed media, and oils, all inspired by the South of France. Includes resume.

Linnell, Jim
Portfolio of leather-based artworks which feature cowboy and Western themes. Includes workshop schedule.

Lint, Anne
Rotterdam-based artist presents an online portfolio featuring drawing, design, and photography.

Lippmann, Holger
German artist presents abstract digital paintings, 3D cityscapes, and photographs. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text in German. Flash.

Lisson, Paul
Conceptual works and installations, photography and writing by this Canadian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Liulia, Marita
Multimedia works by this New York-based visual and performance artist. Includes CV and press clippings.

Livingston, David
New York-based artist and art student shows abstract and figurative paintings. Includes resume.

Livingstone, Margaret
Artist-at-Work: Scottish artist shows figurative works and still-life pieces. Features a slideshow of images.

Llobet, Jasmina
Germany-based artist shows illustrations, videos, installation projects, photography, and sculpture. Includes exhibition listings.

Locke, Hew
British artist shows works inspired by the royal family, empire, and cultural stereotyping. Mixed media. Includes resume.

Lockhart, Ruth
Swiss artist currently living in Ireland shows paintings and drawings focusing on inner landscapes. Weblog format.

Loftesnes, Nancy
Murals, portraits, watercolors, and a variety of crafts are presented in an online portfolio. Representational.

Loftis, Tyler
An American figurative painter who lives and works in New York City.

Loghman, Sebastien
The artist shows installation, video, photo, music, and digital pieces. Flash, QuickTime plug-ins needed.

Loginov, Sergey
Gallery featuring the figurative images of this Saint Petersburg-based artist.

The artist presents neo-tantric paintings influenced by South Indian village traditions and ritualistic practices.

Lolaev, Arnold
Paintings and drawings by the Russian artist. Various styles and media. Also includes samples of stucco moulding and interior decoration.

Leeds-based artist's weblog, with interests in painting, sculpture and digital media works.

Lombardo, Larry
Pennsylvania-based watercolor artist whose style is photo-realism. Features a 'painting in progress.' Includes exhibitions listing.

Long, Andrew
Texas artist prefers an arena for organic and figurative lines to commingle. He shows paintings and photographs. Abstract.

Long, Tracey
On display are cute and quirky illustrations that may work well as illustrations for children's books. Fashion illustrations and animal illustrations too.

Longhofer, Michael
This Texas artist shows paintings which feature a 'photo-impressionist approach.' Includes exhibitions listing.

Lopez Garcia, Raul
Mexican visual artist based in Germany and Spain presents his art project "Signs and Trails". Includes exhibitions listing.

Loret, Tom
Abstract and figurative paintings and drawings. Artist statement. Nudes.

Lou, Jenni
Daydreaming: fan art, screen captures, and magazine scans for a variety of television and movie titles.

Louden, Sharon
New York-based visual artist shows paintings, sculpture, installation views, and animation samples. Abstract.

Lounila, Liisa
This online portfolio by Helsinki-based artist features experimental film and painting. Includes resume.

Lourie, Jim
Painter based in the Pacific Northwest shows abstract and figurative works. Oil, watercolor, and dry media. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lovas, Sara
Mixed-media sculptural works and installations by the New York City-based artist. Abstract.

Low, Inn-Yang
An artist of the Chinese dragon: paintings, drawings, calligraphy. Information about Blue Pearl artists association.

Lowden, Eleanor
Canadian artist presents a virtual gallery of colorful, figurative watercolor and acrylic paintings. Includes biography.

Lucas, Jason
The Uncharted One: Visiting the inner workings of a Young Aussie. Photographs.

Luchina, Claudio
Portfolio of visual art and written works by this Argentinian artist currently residing in L.A. Includes exhibitions listing.

Luetke, Joachim
Vienna-based multimedia artist shows works simulating archaic cults in a search for the roots of existence.

Luis, Sandra
Thanandra: portfolio site featuring comic strips, representational drawings, Fan art, and travel photography. Text in French and English.

Luke, Stephen and Gary
Australian Aboriginal paintings and designs. Animal themes and figures.

Lukens, Jon
Infopollen: Journal and portfolio of media artist and professor of graphic design. Assorted videos.

Lundquist, Daniel
Paintings, sketches, 3D graphics and personal information from this teenaged Swedish artist.

Luo, Sophia
Sorelliena: mixed-media works by young artist. Fantasy and design.

Ly, Nguyen
Prints, drawing and installation works by the Los Angeles artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Lynch, John E.
San Francisco-based proponent of abstract expressionism who died in 2001. This tribute site features works on paper by the artist, including sketches from WWII experiences and later paintings.

Lyons, Karyn
Realist figurative paintings from this artist who spends time in New York City and Lima, Peru.

Lyttle, Marti
Seattle artist shows paintings of figures, landscapes, still-lifes, and whimsical abstracts.