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Kacha, Sminkal
Showcasing oil paintings, oil pastels and portraits drawn by the artist over last 15 years. Representational.

Kaeseberg, Iris-Ruth
Paintings, photographs, and digital artwork. Colorful abstracts by this German artist.

The artist ventures into comics, photography, sculpture, and also ecology and forestry, with a little bit of travel and a lot of dreaming. In French and English. Flash need for best viewing.

Kalbach, David
Abstract and figurative paintings by this California artist.

Kalico Kat
Online gallery consisting of digital, traditional, and pipe-cleaner art of fantasy and figurative subjects.

Kalisky, Anat
Mystical, magical, Biblical,and Oriental themes in paintings. Fantasy art.

Kaloustian, Rosanne
Pastel and oil paintings of landscapes, still-lifes, and portraits from this Bayside, New York-based artist. Representational.

Kamat, K.L.
Line drawings based on sculptures, people and art of India.

Kansky, Igor de
Lacquer paintings and wood carvings by Nice (France)-born artist now based in California. Figurative and abstract.

Kapetanaki, Eleni
Greek painter shows works in the Byzantine tradition, including icons and murals. Text in English, Greek, and Italian.

Kaplan, Mark A.
This California-based artist, filmmaker, educator, and minister presents an online gallery featuring photographs, drawings, and designs. Includes resume and video clips.

Kapoor, Anish
Sculptor's official site. Abstract.

Karabenick, Julie
Paintings which feature geometric abstraction. Includes exhibitions listing.

Karabin, Alexa
Printmaking, painting, drawing, animation, fiber and material studies by this Chicago-based artist. Abstract and figurative works.

Karatheodoris, Kiki
This Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based artist shows her paintings, prints and collages which include her studies in color interaction and transparency.

Romantic fantasy paintings.

Karleson, Veronica Perez
Grafeo: an exploration of how communication works through the visual stereotypes in commercial design and conceptual and political art.

Karn, Barbara
Garden paintings, figure and animal studies, and greeting cards by UK-based artist. Gestural style.

Karner, J.P.
Landscape and garden photography, paintings in a variety of styles, print designs.

Kartika, Dini
Indonesian artist is interested in web design and illustration in various media. Figurative and cartoonesque.

Kasperbauer, Shaun
Drawings, photography, paintings, and mixed media works by New York artist. Chiefly abstract.

Kasprzycki, Paul
Maui-based artist presents works featuring geometric and numeric themes. Prints and sculptures.

Kass, Deborah
The artist shows paintings that explore the intersection of pop culture and art history. Includes exhibitions listing.

Twilight Ice: Gothic-inspired paintings, drawings, illustrated tales, and poetry.

Kaufman, Michelle
Featuring conceptual art: videos, installations, and drawings, as well as paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Kaufman, Steve
Los Angeles-based artist shows a collection of works in silkscreen, with embellishments, on canvas. Includes biography.

Keany, Brian
Examples of paintings by an artist who lives and paints in Fife, Scotland. Realistic style. Includes CV.

Kehoss, Melanie
Interaction and Introspection: portraiture in paintings, digital images, and other media.

Keimach, Elizabeth
Paintings in different media, including watercolors, acrylics, and pen and ink. Includes fairy paintings and paintings for children.

Kelavey, David
This Montreal-based visual artist specializes in landscape painting in oils. Includes brief biography.

Keliyeski, Damian
This Argentinean artist (also known as 'Chaval') is based in New York. His works feature an ironic point of view and varied techniques and styles. Flash.

Kelley, Mike
Installation artist and musician. Includes exhibitions listing.

Udder Confusion: original cartoon drawings and random pictures with silly commentary.

Kennedy, Chaz
Photos and figurative sketches from this Glasgow-based artist. Weblog.

Kenney, Brian
Artwork and photos, including fractal images generated with Apophysis.

Kenny, Zac
A visual exploration through paintings, life drawings, and sketchbooks. Figurative works and doodles. Includes exhibitions listing.

Kerger, Laura
Selected examples of illustrations, animations, and web designs by this Redmond WA-based artist. Figurative, including nudes.

Kerkar, Subodh
India-based artist shows paintings and sculptures which are inspired by the theme of the sea. Figurative, symbolist, abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

Kerlin, Cameron
Virtual gallery featuring a wide range of techniques and subjects. Busy site, but one with lots of images to be found.

Kessing, Kaye
Alice Springs, Australia-based artist shows environmental and educational posters. Easter Bilby books.

Keyrouz, Laure
Lebanese artist shows abstract paintings, installations, poems, video arts, and performance pieces. Includes exhibitions listing.

Kharrat, Samir
Italian visual designer showcases works from fashion photography to graphic design.

Kheel, Billy
Los Angeles based multi-media artist presents online portfolio.

Khokhlov, Ivan
Abstract works by this Russian painter. Includes biography.

Kibby, Kim
Online showcase of works by this graphic designer and oil painter who is based in Michigan. Figurative works and still-lifes. Includes resume.

Kiekeben, Friedhard
Abstract art including digital installations, objects, and prints. Includes biography and information about works by this Chicago-based artist.

Kiernan, Brian
Landscape paintings conceived through the fusion of elements taken from different sites. Imaginary places and forest scenes from this Massachusetts artist.

Kiik, Kaia
Paris-based Estonian artist shows geometric paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

New Zealand artist student's weblog featuring comments and ongoing project samples. Eclectic designs and sketches.

Kimura, Masaaki
A toy box of abstract paintings, poems, photos and improvisational music. The short poems are written in English and Japanese.

Kincaid, Andy
Jackson Hole-based artist presents conceptually driven works in photography and sculpture.

Kindvall, David
Twin Dragon Design: drawings, graphics, and photos. T-shirt designs. Includes nudes.

King, Steve and Robert King
Kingfisher Art: featuring works by these Connecticut artists. Silver flatware and holloware, paintings, pottery, photography and digital pieces.

Kinnally, Alicia
New York-based artist presents online portfolio featuring graphic design, including typography, and other works.

Kinnee, Sandy
The artist displays abstract works on shaped handmade paper. Includes exhibitions history.

Kirchner, Carol L.
Wings North Studio(WA): displaying hand-pulled prints, including mezzotint, etching, wood and metal engravings. Paintings too. Representational.

Kiriakos, N.
Virtual Lakes: manipulated photos and animations by the artist. Nudes.

Kirkwood, Anne
Brooklyn, New York artist uses color and space as an analog to music's use of sound and time.

Kirwin, Lindi
This UK-based artist shows figurative pieces which are provocative and sensual and landscapes which are more textural in content. Includes exhibitions listing.

Kitic, Stevan
Serbian artist presents surrealist and abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Kitsch, Joe
Conceptual and Pop-art related paintings and sculptures by this Massachusetts-based artist. Includes exhibitions listings.

Kivland, Sharon
Conceptual works and text pieces by the artist, writer, and curator, with information about recent and ongoing projects. Includes exhibitions listing.

Klaren, David K.
Wyoming artist shows graphite and ink drawings. Representational. Includes resume with exhibitions listing.

Klarwein, Mati
Works by the late German-born artist, including landscapes, portraits, visionary works, and still-lifes. Includes biography.

Klein, Yves
Monochromes and pictorial immaterial states by the German artist. Works and commentary.

Kleinpeter, Maggie
Abstract mixed-media artwork and figurative sketches by this New York-based artist.

Klimaszewski, Nicolai
The artist uses 19th-century techniques to produce contemporary images, including photography and sculpture. Includes resume.

Kline, Dennis
Abstract paintings and 'dreamscapes' in acrylic by this Minnesota artist.

Knapen, Tim
Belgian graphic designer presents artwork samples, including expressionist drawings, installation views, animation, and video. Includes resume of tech skills.

Knapp, Stefan
Abstract works, including enamel-on-steel murals, paintings and sculpture. Includes biography.

Knepper, Diana-Lucia
Figurative works and landscapes inspired by dreams, premonitions, and phobias. Photographs too by this Germany-based artist.

Knoll, Topher J.
Art focusing on themes such as politics, nature, and society by this artist currently base in San Francisco. Includes biography.

Knyvett, Tana
UK artist shows figurative works in oil and charcoal; the style is impressionist and the imagery is based on world travels.

Ko, Abdallah
Lebanese painter and musician presents an online gallery showcasing figurative and abstract works. Music selections also available. Text in English and French.

Koch, Francis
Montreal-based artist demonstrates paintings featuring an urban/industrial touch.

Watercolor paintings with focus on nature. Weblog format.

Kokopelli Krazy
Computer graphics, drawings, watercolors, and background sets. Representational, lots of horses.

Kondratiuk, Gabriel
Argentine artist currently based in Austria presents an online gallery featuring colorful abstract works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Konson, Sima
Presenting graphic works and fiber sculptures by this Israel-based artist. Expressionist and abstract.

Weblog with images. This Israeli artist shows "domestic pictures in a invisible quantum world."

Kowalsky, Elaine
London artist shows drawings and prints focusing on issues of identity and using images and found texts.

Krackie, Helmut
Abstract and nonobjective paintings in acrylic by New York City artist.

Kradel, Kimberly
Online photography portfolio and blogs, including RAM: The Open Book, and La Merde. Travel photos.

Krasky, Alex
Russian born and now Nevada-based artist presents a portfolio of representational works. Includes information and interviews.

Krause, Richard S.
This virtual gallery known as Originaldo's House of Living Oils, includes oil paintings and tributes based on famous works of art.

Kravcev, Mihailo M.
Fantasy paintings in an online portfolio by the Yugoslav artist.

Krejny, Kurt
Ohio-based art student and web designer shows an online portfolio. Includes resume.

Kreventzakis, Iraklis
Realistic paintings, including portraits and landscapes, from this Greek artist.

Kromenacker-Karp, Sue
Art, poetry and fables of a mystical world and celestial beings by Ohio-based artist. Includes slide shows of drawings.

Kruyt, Marco
BaileyBots: kinetic sculptures and art machines by this Netherlands-based artist and engineer.

Kubrick, Christiane
UK-based artist shows impressionist paintings. Includes bio and information about courses that she teaches currently.

Kuehn, Brandon
Minnesota artist and graphic designer presents an online gallery. Landscapes and figure works. Surrealist.

Kugai, Tania
Ukrainian artist presents paintings and graphics featuring symbolic allegories and fairy tales. Includes exhibitions listing.

Kujansuu, Elina
Finnish artist displays handmade prints and paintings, including figurative and symbolist works. With exhibitions listing.

Kunkel, Oliver
German artist presents a portfolio featuring sculpture, performance, installation, and video works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Online portfolio of the Japanese avant-garde artist. Paintings, sculpture, happenings, fashion. Includes biography and exhibitions info.

Kushnick, Anne
This artist works in pastels, oils, scratchboard, acrylics, and pen and ink. Focus is on portraits, fantasy and murals.

Kvit, Anton
Representational and fantasy drawings and paintings.

Kvitkovsky, Vladislav
Russian artist presents works in oil, watercolor, pastel, and pencil. Icons too. Figurative. Text in English and Russian.

Kwan Sheung Chi
Hong Kong-based artist shows conceptual works plus photography and prints. Includes exhibitions listing.

Art and Tools for Transformation: virtual gallery of the California artist. Figurative and symbollist paintings and sculpture. Resume.