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Jackson, Kate
Retrospective of the artist's abstract work from the last 10 years. Includes exhibitions listing.

Jacobs, Jennie L.
Unsatisfied: weblog featuring art samples and musings on creativity. Representational works in various styles.

Jacobs, Linda
Oil and acrylic paintings of local scenes in the Midwest. Impressionist. Photography too. Weblog format.

Jacoby, Daniel
Showing selected abstract and conceptual works. Artist is currently based in the Netherlands.

Jacovoni, Benedetta
Abstract paintings, installation views, and performance pieces by this artist who has studios in Rome and Vienna. Some text in Italian.

Jaddo, Lahib
Figurative paintings by Iraqi-American artist whose work explores personal and cultural liberation, and the role of women in society.

James, Emily
This Florida artist's landscapes feature beaches, Everglades views, European scenes, tropical venues, and golf settings. Representational.

James, Laura
This artist paints visual dramatizations using iconography found in Ethiopian Christian Art. Secular figurative works too. Includes exhibitions listing.

Janes, Michael D.
British artist, trained in the building industry, displays abstract artwork.

Janowitz, Joel
Massachusetts-based painter and printmaker presents an online portfolio. Representational/impressionist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Jansen, Peter
Photos, paintings, sculptures by this former dean of a Dutch academy of art. Travel photos and stories. Includes resume.

Jansen, Wouter
Happyconomy features "Happy creatures" installations and performance projects by the artist. Flash. Some text in Dutch.

Jantzen, Ellen
Photo manipulations and other works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Jaquillard, Daniele
French artist shows abstract paintings and photographs. Includes exhibitions listing. Photos of children from around the world.

Jaramillo, Eduardo
Muralist with studios in California and Mexico shows some samples of his figurative works. Magic realism.

Jaroslavsky, Andres
Catalogue of paintings and drawings by the UK-based artist. Figurative. Includes CV.

Jaskiewicz, Barbara
Impressionist oil paintings using palette-knife techniques and featuring cityscapes, seascapes, landscapes as well as portraits.

Jauniskis, Kestutis
Abstract painting by this Lithuanian artist.

Javeri, Jaya
Palette-knife paintings by this Indian artist. Mostly landscapes. Includes exhibitions listing.

Abstract collage paintings using paper and wood.

Jelstrup, Dorte
Abstract and figurative works, including montages, sculptures and installations, and drawings. With exhibitions listing and biography for this Danish artist.

Jenkins, Sarah H.
This American artist working in England presents illustration and animation examples. Also showcases graphic design portfolio.

This young artist offers fantasy artwork as well as life drawings, poetry and prose.

Jennings, Tom
World Power Systems: machine art and obsolete forgeries are the topics of this Los Angeles-based artist and computer expert. Includes resume.

Jennings, William S.
Realistic landscape paintings by this Arizona-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing. Background music.

Jennings-Hall, Cassandra
Abstract paintings in acrylics by this New Jersey artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Abstract and expressionist paintings and clock designs.

Jobmann, Brad
Virtual portfolio showcases the artist's flash and design work over the years.

Jocson, Joan M.A.
Portfolio of images by Philippines-born artist now living in Yonkers, New York. Includes band art for Amazing Plaid.

Johannesma, Rob
Dutch artist presents image samples and information regarding installations, videos, collages, and photography. Includes exhibitions listing.

Johnson, Andrew
London-based painter presents oil paintings featuring images of helicopters. Includes resume and statement.

Johnson, Bryce A.
Michigan artist shows coastal scenes, wildlife images, and murals. Features information about murals.

Johnson, Vaughnda
This Brooklyn artist focuses largely on oil paintings and ink pieces. Features expressionistic studies of people. Includes exhibitions listing.

Jokisaari, Anne
Digital Nature: Finnish artist shows digital collages and graphic designs. Fantasy artwork and conceptual pieces; music compositions. Includes CV.

Photography ranging from portraits and commercial work to experimental samples by this Australian artist. Video and painting too.

Display of digital artwork and experiments. Figurative, floral, landscapes and animal themes.

Jones, Cerys
Photoshop art by a Welsh artist. Playful photo collages.

Jones, Colin
Portfolio site for the late Welsh artist. Figurative. Includes exhibitions and collections listings.

Jones, Ian
Australian abstract painter and photographer presents an online portfolio. Includes exhibitions listing.

Jones, Mark N.
Presenting this visual artist, musician, poet, philosopher, essayist, and martial artist. Abstract paintings. With exhibitions listing.

Jones, Melba
Landscapes, equestrian-theme works, and children's portraits from this Mississippi-based artist.

Jones, Rick
This graphic artist presents Kiyotei's Den, an online gallery of digital work, scanned media and links to art-related resources.

Jones, Sheree
Expressions of the Heart: the artist's collection of her drawings.

Jones, Susan
Textural landscape studies on canvas by an artist who takes her inspiration from the Breton environs. Pastels too.

Jordan, Robin M.
Lyrical watercolors and constructions from this Brooklyn artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Joseph-Lester, Jaspar
The critical status of illusion in social space is the focus here. Photo essays and videos. Includes exhibitions listing.

Jung, Gwang-Woong
Abstract oil paintings by this Korean artist. Includes exhibitions listing, press reviews, and images from gallery installations.

Junqueira, Paola
Drawings, sculptures, performance pieces, and video from this Brazilian-born artist who lives in Switzerland. Conceptual. Includes bio.

Juta and Mareks
Latvian painters, together already more than 15 years, present their works. Themes include vases and chess. With biography.

Jutzi, Dana
Figurative and fantasy works dealing with the nature of things by this German artist.