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Haas, Ana-Francisca
Ink works by this artist who prefers to be called 'Franci.' Figurative pieces, some digital works too.

Haas, Gordon
Impressionist paintings and prints by this New Jersey artist. Plein air works.

Hafner, Dorothy
Manhattan artist shows art glass and ceramics. Colorful and abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

Hagggai, Shlomi
Complex works which challenge the viewer. Paintings and drawings by this Israeli artist.

Hahn, Bonnie-sol
Colorful landscapes, portraits, and figure studies by Maine-based artist.

Hajian, George
New Zealand-based graphic designer presents information on his work and samples of silk-screen prints. Includes biography.

Halane, Ali
Missouri artist shows ceramic and bronze sculpture, paintings, and printmaking examples. Figurative and abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

Hallis, Howard
Los Angeles artist shows drawings, paintings, and digital collage works in an online portfolio. Figurative and patterns. Performance art.

Halpenny, Baron Barrymore
Illustrations and cartoons from this British artist. Also he showcases his children's books and paintings in a variety of styles.

Haluska, Jean
Artist and student shows traditional and new-media works. Installations focusing on light.

Ham, Bill
San Francisco Light-Show artist presents his history, with gallery of images and information on current happenings. Includes resume.

Hamaker, Yvonne
Dutch artist paints watercolors of cats, as well as working on some other subjects in other media. Also has pages relating to cats outside of the visual arts. Includes biography.

Hamer, Julie Ann
Jahama: this UK artist focuses on beauty and creates abstract landscapes as monoprints. Includes exhibitions listing.

Hamilton, James
Pennsylvania artist shows impressionistic landscapes and semi-abstract figurative works. Includes biography.

Hammer, Dan
Drawings and paintings in several virtual galleries by this North Carolina-based artist. Various media and styles, including nudes.

Hammershoi, Vilhelm
This Danish artist, who lived from 1864 to 1916, concentrated on interior scenes. Includes biography.

Hammond, Harmony
Online presentation by this artist, writer and curator who lives in New Mexico. Feminist issues. Flash.

Hammond, Susan G.
New Jersey-based artist shows photography and other artwork. Features portraits and landscapes. Also nudes.

Hamre, Ellen Marlen
Norwegian artist presents an online gallery for colorful acrylic paintings and watercolors. Figures and designs.

Hannett, Lorna
Calgary-based artist shows representational works in traditional painting media and ScratchArt. Includes ScatchArt tutorial.

Hanson, Richard
Photo-realistic watercolor paintings by an Iowa artist who is devoted to portraying his vision of life on the street. Includes exhibitions listing.

Harby, Susan
This artist focuses on the environment and the creatures of the earth. Her styles include traditional, abstract, and conceptual. Resume.

Hardy, DeWitt
This Maine-based watercolor artist and theatrical set designer showcases representational works.

Hardy, Roger
Suffolk, England-based artist presents portfolios of landscape and abstract works.

Hargrove, H.
New Jersey-based artist's virtual gallery shows nostalgic American landscapes. Recent limited edition prints, including Italian street scenes, are also featured.

Harris, Carlisle
Trinidad and Tobago-based artist presents an online portfolio featuring colorful abstract and figurative paintings and prints. Includes exhibitions listing.

Harris, Jennifer P.
This New York artist shows figurative paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Harris, Lindsay
The artist has has exhibited in East Anglia since 1985, featuring mainly “sense of place” tonal interiors, windows and “found” still lives.

Harris, Nolan
Photographs, figure drawings, and 3-D design.

Harrison, Alice
New Jersey artist shows abstract and impressionist works: mixed media, collage, prints, image transfers, mosaics, and encaustic pieces.

Harrison, Jan
Florida-born but currently New York-based artist shows paintings, sculpture, and installation works in a site titled, Arcana Mundi. Exhibitions listing.

Hart, Pamela Walker
New York painter, studio arts teacher, and visual arts advocate shows abstract landscapes and figurative works. Includes resume and exhibitions listing.

Hart, Pro
Australian artist shows abstract etchings. Also provides a gallery featuring his large collection of works by other artists.

Hartel, James
Milwaukee artist (Jimmy Chacha) presents an online portfolio featuring figurative artwork, murals, and illustrations.

Hartvigsen, Pia
Online portfolio of a this Norwegian artist includes illustration, photography, sketches, and graphic design examples.

Harvey, Ellen
New York-based artist presents images from recent and past projects (paintings, photos, installations). Includes exhibitions listing.

Hasenfratz, Carolyn
Lime Green Evolution showcases abstract prints, graphics, collage, and jewelry by the artist. Also features photos and lesson plans.

Hassan, Fathi
Egyptian-born and Italian-based artist presents a virtual gallery of figurative and design-oriented paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Hauge, Odd K.
Norwegian painter and engineer presents a virtual gallery. Various themes and styles. Family photos.

Hauser, Sarah
New York artist presents drawings and prints, in series featuring toys and animals.

Havens, Kristina L.
Weblog with focus on figure drawings.

Hay, Susan
Impressionistic landscape and floral paintings in textured acrylic media by this Canadian artist.

Haycock, Dan
British artist, writer and electronic musician presents galleries, writing extracts and music samples. Abstract landscapes and fantasy drawings.

Hayden, Marianne
The artist shows paintings and drawings. Opossums and pets are featured subjects.

Hazegh, Micah
Portfolio site consisting primary of data visualization projects.

Healey, Brian J.
Collection of unusual drawings, photo montages, and submitted odd ads.

Healey, Frances
Virtual portfolio showing samples of this California artist's computer graphics and plein-air oil paintings.

Heaven's Touch: portfolio of paintings and touch-ups which feature special effects. Avatars.

Heerdink, Maurice
Photorealistic paintings and drawings, including celebrity portraits and cultural depictions, with an emphasis on the subtle eroticism of young men, are shown by this Dutch artist.

Hefuna , Susan
This artist of Egyptian and German heritage shows digital works, photography, drawings, and installations. Resume with exhibitions listing in PDF format. ActiveX navigation.

The Canadian artist's prints from Behr Ridge Gallery. Stylized imagery and colorful designs.

Heinlin, Hardy
German artist presents his paintings, photographs, videos, and musical compositions. Site in English and German.

Heling, Zhang
Master of KuSuoZhai, a calligrapher based in Hebei province, China, presents a virtual gallery. Note: some pages are not in English

Helnwein, Mercedes
Austrian-born artist now working in the U.S. shows figurative drawings. Includes bio.

Helps, Brenda
Representational paintings featuring pets, children, flowers, and home decor by this San Diego-based artist.

Hemmerick, Kenneth
Canadian artist presents online portfolio featuring digital collage, music and video. Includes CV.

Henderiks, Nicole
Dutch artist shows representational works in pen and ink, pastel, and etchings. Text in English and Dutch.

Henderson-Steele, Elaine
This online gallery showcases pastel and color-pencil artwork, especially children's illustrations. Humorous images of animals are featured.

Henne, Robert
Realistic scenes, visionary landscapes, and other works designed to produce impact through use of strong color. New Jersey-based artist.

Henning, Asheley E.
The artist captures an intense aesthetic through sacred, ancient themes and spiritual subject matter. She shows mixed media works. Includes resume and biography.

Hensel, David
Sculpture, jewelry, drawings, and photography from this member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. Figurative.

Herbst, Robby
Presenting pen-and-ink drawings and acrylic paintings by this Ohio artist. Abstract and representational but not necessarily realistic.

Heretakis, Lefteris
Design works by Greek artist who states:"Because we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are."

Herman, Betty
This Toronto artist's drawings and paintings are shaped by the concept of the archetypal image. Includes biography.

Hernandez, Diango
Conceptual artwork by a Cuban artist who also lives and works in Germany.

Hernández, Rodrigo
Artist, born in Mexico City and presently living in Karlsruhe, Germany, presents information about and views of installation pieces. Includes exhibitions listing.

Hewetson, Hannah
London-based painter shows abstract works. With exhibitions listing.

Hicks, Lesley
Galleries of figurative paintings, plein-air watercolors, and studio drawings by this UK artist.

Hiebert, Ted
Portfolio featuring a self-portrait project, a psychic photography experiment and a body of work using Kirlian imaging methods.

Hill, Alison
This British artist shows portraits and still-lifes in oil, acrylic, and mixed media. Realistic. Includes weblog.

Hill, Ellen
Paintings inspired by Northwest Coast Indians.

Hiller, Carlos
Paintings featuring under-water scenes by this Costa Rica-based artist. Flash. Background music.

Hiller, Ruth
Abstract images in oil on wood by this Colorado-based artist. Drawings too. Includes exhibitions listing.

Hirsch, Debora
This Italo-Brazilian artist presents photos, lightboxes, films, paintings, and various projects.

Hirschmann, Nikolaus
German artist shows narrative, comic-style drawings, as "Short Stories of the Silent Watcher". Includes resume.

Hissong, Erin
Paintings, sketches, and sculptures done by a young artist and student. Representational.

Hoard, Kristen
Metalphoria: whimsical metal works, including sculpture, home furnishings, and wall hangings by this California artist. Steel and aluminum.

Hodak, Boris
Paintings and photocollage, described as neo-surrealism, are presented by this Bosnian artist. Focus is on the female form.

Hodanish, Ty
Impressionist landscapes inspired by Bucks County and Cape Cod are shown by this New Jersey artist.

Hodgson, Clive
Retrospective of abstract paintings by this British artist.

Hoefner, Michael
Online photography portfolio features architecture, musicians on stage and travel.

Hoelen, Catalo Gus
Missing Link: works in sculpture and other media by the Belgian artist. QuickTime movie player required to view this site at its fullest.

Hoffman, Dina
Israel-based artist and teacher shows mixed-media works on themes based on her experiences as a woman.

Hoffmann, Heinrich
Animated demonstration of artwork. Conceptual pieces. Digital works with sound. ActiveX.

Hofstetter, Hannes
German-born artist currently residing in Italy showcases abstract paintings and etchings. Site is titled "Journey in the Ambiguity of Being."

Hogarth, Jessica
Presenting works featuring surface pattern, printed textile and interior design. Includes weblog.

Hogarth, Stephen
Australian Aboriginal artist presents an online portfolio showcasing abstract designs and figurative works.

Hogg, Margaret
Digital illustrations, fanart, and photography by a Chicago-based artist.

Holbrow, Gwendolyn
New England sculptor uses Barbie dolls and other media to explore cultural issues. Includes exhibitions listing.

Holden, Brian
Canadian artist shows landscape paintings and photographs, as well as graphic design examples and art cards. Includes bio.

Holland, Dan
Contemporary abstract art influenced by California scenes and living. Includes exhibitions listing.

Hollis, Matt
Enough for All: Washington D.C. artist shows photography, sculpture, watercolors, and installations. Abstract style. Includes resume.

Hollister, David (Hop)
Fantasy and math influenced art, and related links.

Hondros, James
Australian artist presents an online gallery and blog. Realist abstract landscapes and drawings by hand.

Hong, Seonna
Gallery of paintings and animation work. Representational and cartoonesque. Includes exhibitions listing.

Hoover, Nan
The artist presents an overview of videos, performances, light and video installations, and drawings.Includes exhibition listings.

Hoover, Ryan
This Baltimore-based artist and teacher uses web-based projects, video, and traditional media to address contemporary social issues.

Horvath, Richard
A folio of painting, collage, screenprints, and graphics by this Australian artist. Mixed media works.

Hosford, Mark
Tennessee-based artist and teacher shows drawings, prints, and animations. Figurative and narrative. Includes resume.

Hossain, Saj Schumon
Modern twist in cognitive expressionism integrating urban depression induced ideas and outputs in form of paintings and sketches.

Houchen, Jason
This Los Angeles artist mixes folk, graffiti, and antique traditional styles in paintings and wood burnings. Surrealist.

Houck, Julie
Plein-air oil paintings and pastels as well as realist still-lifes in oil by this Hawaii-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Hounshell, Jon
The 37th Parallel: art, poetry, graphic design and world travel photography. Figurative.

Belgian painter shows a small collection of landscape paintings, watercolors and oils.

Howe, Neil S.
Chicago-based artist presents works focusing on lyrical abstraction. Includes short biography, writings, music, and blog.

Hruby, Ales
Oil paintings, photographs and metal art pieces by this Czech artist. Abstract and surrealist works.

Huan, Zhang
New York performance artist shows concept photos and sculptures. Includes exhibitions listing.

Huebert, Joseph Wade
The artist shows different styles of art, from drawings to oil paintings.

Huffman, Rhonda
Virtual galleries and slide shows of computer graphics, featuring still-life treatments, photography, and poetry.

Mexican painter Hugo Garcia Leon, known as Huguin, is featured. Mayan influences.

Hunsberger, Joy
Virtual portfolio includes fine art and stock photography, web and graphic design, and multi-media pieces. Includes exhibitions listing.

Hunt, Peter
Sample works, biography, and details about a new book are presented on behalf of this Provincetown MA-based folk artist. Decorative works.

Hunter, Alexis
Feminist and surrealist paintings and prints. Includes essays by the artist.

Hurley, Regina C.
Paintings and sculpture by this California artist and art teacher. Figurative. With biography.

Hurst, Jan
Picture Trail: calligraphy, digital collage, photography, and mixed media pieces By this Kentucky artist.

Hushcha, Leon
Minneapolis artist shows paintings on wood, paper, and canvas. Colorful and stylized. Information about Hushcha Studio.

Hwang, Robyn
Portfolio of this graphic designer, illustrator, and book binder. Includes resume.

Hyams, Leigh
San Francisco artist and teacher shows a sample of her works, especially expressionist still-lifes. Includes exhibitions listing.

Two Dutch artists present digital works and stone sculptures. Abstract and fantasy imagery. Includes a brief biography.