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Gaberlavage, Hayley
New Orleans-based artist shows figurative and abstract color and design experiments. Includes exhibitions listing.

Gabrichidze, Nick
This Amsterdam-based artist, originally from the Republic of Georgia, shows recent paintings and murals. Various techniques and styles.

Galetskaya, Adriana
Works by a young artist originally from Ukraine. Figurative. With exhibitions listing.

Galien-Laloue, Eugene
Impressionist landscapes and cityscapes by this Parisian painter who died in 1941. Includes biography and chronology.

Gallagher, Kevin
This Irish airbrush artist shows seascapes, portraiture, and fantasy works. Murals and prints too.

Gallie, Lavinia
Online portfolio for featuring abstract works by this British artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Galligani, Michel
Online exhibition of non-figurative acrylic paintings. Colorful. English and French versions.

Galuba, Katharina
German artist shows abstract works, including collages, and photography.

Gams, Michael
Alabama-based artist shows furniture and sculpture samples. Lighting designs.

Gana, Lidia
Ganato Design: online portfolio of the Chilean artist featuring web designs and graphics. Icons and logos.

Ganz, Valerie
Welsh painter shows figurative works and industrial landscapes, including topics like ballet, circus, sports, and music. With biography.

Garanzha, Jolene
Dry-point etchings and monotypes by this Vermont artist. Expressionist-style figurative works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Garcia Jr., Rene
San Francisco artist's works are said to "exist somewhere between a film still, an old iron-on t-shirt graphic, and a Manga comic panel." Glitter on canvas, wood, or vinyl.

Garcia Sanchez, Ignacio
Spanish artist presents narrative drawings and other artwork.

Gardner, Dianne
Impressionist landscapes and portraits by this Washington artist. Includes biography.

Gardner, Susan G.
Georgia-based artist shows works created with soft pastel sticks, including landscapes, still lifes and musician portraits.

Garvey, Christine
Showcasing mixed media installations and abstract works on paper. With resume.

Garvie, Joe
Australian painter shows landscapes and other realistic works.

Garza, Alicia
Abstract paintings in acrylics by this German artist.

Gasser, Philipp
Installations and animations by this Swiss artist. Photography. Includes exhibitions listing. Text in German and English.

Gates, G.F.
Houston-based artist shows abstract paintings, collages, and mixed media pieces.

Gaudreau, Robert
Abstract, expressionist, and figurative works from this New Jersey artist.

Gayvoronsky, Ludmila
The artist shows a dreamlike style, combining past ages with imaginative or allegorical settings, while fusing the abstract and the real into new images. Background music.

Gaz, Stan
New York City artist shows abstract works. Photographs. Includes exhibitions listing.

Geddes, Eliza
Abstract works concentrating on color, shape, texture, movement, and balance by this New York artist.

Gee, Sheri
British figurative artist, concentrating mainly on life painting and portraiture.

Geffner, Greg
Featuring lightning and nature photography, drawings, sculptures and animations. Includes exhibitions listing.

Gellis, Sandy
The artist works with and in the environment, including installation, site-specific sculpture, drawings, etching and digital prints. Includes exhibitions listing.

Genugten, Bas van
Portfolio of a young Dutch animator and illustrator. Figurative drawings, photography. Some text in Dutch.

Getz, Don
Impressionistic watercolors and acrylics by this Ohio artist, featuring his "journaling tour" of the USA.

Gevorgiants, Armen
Armenian artist presents gallery of figurative, surreal, and fantasy paintings and sculptures. Includes exhibitions listing.

Geysen, Johan
Recent paintings and drawings by this Belgian artist, featuring both representational and abstract works.

Ghetto Pencils
Figurative and cartoon-style drawings in color and black and white.

Ghidini, Pierluigi
A photographic portfolio of acrylic paintings by this Italian artist. Expressionist and surreal. Includes exhibitions listing.

Gibbons, Jim
Landscape paintings presented by this Australian artist. Traditional.

Gibson, Dan
The artist presents a retrospective of paintings and drawings. Florals and abstracts.

Gibson, John
Representational and whimsical imagery, including portraits and religious themes.

Gil, Mark
Louisiana-based artist shows oil portraits of adults and children.

Gilbert, Mark
This Scottish artist currently residing in Omaha shows drawings and paintings. Figures and portraits. Includes exhibitions listing.

Presenting works by this street artist working and living in Brooklyn. Focus is on "creating positive change." Includes exhibitions listing.

Gilfilen, Beth
New York-based artist showcases her abstract works.

Giliberti, Gerry
East Hampton artist explores traditional, digital, sculptural, and Simulacra imagery. Manipulated photography.

Gillespie, Tan
Watercolor images, including lake scenes and other landscapes, still-life works, and depictions of Ohio.

Gillson, Vaughn L.
This Canadian artist practices traditional oil painting and drawing techniques, reminiscent of 17th- and 18th-century artists. Portraits and figure drawings. Includes resume.

Gimstedt, Björn
Sculpture, ironwork, and music by this Swedish artist. Abstract and figurative in range. Whimsical pieces.

Girard, G. George
Expressionist and surreal paintings and drawings by the New York artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Glasgow, Justin
The artist presents Vervane's Web Pot-Hole, featuring original artwork and personal photographs.

Glass, AnneKarin
Oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, photography, sculpture, and design by this San Francisco-based artist. Expressionist and figurative.

Gliese, Marian
This Danish US-based artist shows semi-abstract to abstract still-lifes, landscapes and figures. Includes biography.

Gnatz, Rupert
German artist and computer expert presents digital artwork in various styles, including abstracts, landscapes, and portraits.

Godoy, Alberto
Cuban-born artist shows works with symbolic and folkloric themes. Includes exhibitions listing.

Goetze, Frank J.
German artist presents figurative paintings, charcoal portraits, and digital works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Golda, Agnieszka
Polish-born artist now living in Australia shows installation and mixed media works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Goldman, Lea
This Los Angeles-based artist and teacher presents a virtual gallery featuring paintings and digital photographs. Includes statement.

Golia, Piero
This Italian conceptual artist displays recent works. Includes exhibition listings. Italian and English languages used on this site.

Gomez, Sergio
The artist presents paintings and drawings in his Virtual Artist Fine Art Gallery. Includes exhibitions listing.

Gomez-Barquero, Pilo
Spanish painter presents abstract watercolors and mixed-media works. Also art essays. Text also in Spanish

Gonzalez, Nick
Landscapes by an artist working in Germany and England. With biography and exhibitions listing

Goodman, Ken
The artist presents landscapes, wildlife paintings, and pet portraits in oils and acrylics. Includes exhibitions listing and resume.

Gordon, Kristy
Realistic paintings of landscapes and figure works. Figure drawings, including nudes. With exhibitions listing.

Gordon, Lori
This cross-disciplinary artist focuses on UFOs, aliens, and other paranormal topics. Includes exhibitions listing.

Gordon, Robyn
Sydney-based artist presents a retrospective of mixed-media works, including jewelry, sculpture, painting, printmaking, and costume design. Includes CV.

Goudcoff, Oleg
French artist presents an online gallery of abstract paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Grabe, Charl
Abstract paintings, web designs, and resin sculptures by this South African artist.

Graham, Alastair
Alagram: UK-based artist, author and animation director shows illustrations, including CD covers and an interactive children's book. Cartoonesque.

Graham, James
This classically trained painter works and exhibits in New York City. Featuring representational or realistic still-life, landscape, and portraits paintings in oil.

Graham, Tollarne
Australian artist shows cartoon-style, contemporary and unique drawings, prints and paintings.

Gramlich, Lana
Eye Candy Visual Arts: landscape paintings and photos by this Louisiana artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Granata, Rossella
RossArt: works by this Neapolitan artist. Figurative paintings, drawings, and prints.

Grant, S.
Just Things: A photographic record of random things - bought, found and acquired. Manipulated images.

Grant, Will
UK-based web technology professional and photographer.

Grebby, Anne
Online portfolio for this English artist currently living in Italy. Abstract works.

Green, Gloria
Canadian abstract artist presents works with a strong emphasis on movement, flow and fluidity, colour and texture. Acrylic on canvas.

Green, Jazz
Featuring abstract paintings, mixed media collage and handmade prints. Rural decay and imperfection are themes. With blog.

Greenfield, Marla
New England watercolorist presents an online portfolio. Includes exhibitions listing. Realism. Still-lifes and interiors.

Greenwood, Alice L.
Portraits, including animal works, by this Arkansas-based artist. Mixed-media on canvas.

Gregory, Judith O.
Conceptual artist presents mixed-media visual messages. Shockwave player needed to view introduction. Includes statement and exhibitions listing.

Greti, Ronald and Catherine Greti
Photography and web design by this husband-and-wife team currently based in California.

Grey, Alex
New York-based artist presents a portfolio featuring visionary paintings, drawings, performance series, and multimedia examples. Biography.

Griffin, Sally
Born in Australia, this painter is currently based in New Zealand. Her works feature an allegorical edge. Figurative and surreal.

Griffiths, Andy
Zengrenade: galleries of cartoons and digital works by a Welsh artist.

Griffiths, James
Online portfolio of this UK-based sculptor, web designer, photographer, and writer. Figurative and abstract.

Griggs, Dan
Communications professional presents his artwork, including landscapes and figurative works, plus weblog.

Grisel, Rijk
Maritime watercolors, landscapes, and animal works by this Dutch artist. Text in English and Dutch.

Groeneveld, Erika
Netherlands-based conceptual artist and photographer presents an interactive art project and invites participation (for a fee).

Gromilović, Davor
Serbia-based artist presents cartoonesque drawings and paintings, including images from zines. Blog format.

Grossi, Cristian
Portfolio of this Italian artist who works in fashion and graphic design with traditional and mixed digital media. Includes biography and exhibitions listing.

Grygorenko, Valery N.
Romanian artist shows realistic works featuring automobiles and planes.

Grzenkowicz, Yvonne
The artist focuses on figurative painting and drawing. ActiveX.

Guarino, Giovanni
Virtual resume of an artist and designer experienced in the film and TV industries as well as in the arts.

Gudelski, Aleta
Landscape, still life and portrait works in the impressionist style from this Connecticut artist.

Guerre, Patrick
A 20-year retrospective of abstract paintings by this California-based artist. Includes drawings too. With biography.

Gulziyba, Tlegenova
Drawings and watercolors in a variety of styles.

Gustafson, Karen
This Minnesota-based artist is strongly influenced by scientific observations of the natural world. Includes press clippings.

Guthrie, Gerald
Digital prints and kinetic sculpture, pencil drawings and miniature environments by this University of Illinois professor. With exhibitions listing.

Gutterson. Lee
Custom-made marine sculpture and furniture, made from wood and metal, including bathroom vanities, by this New York artist.

Guzhevnikova, Olga
Graphic design samples by a Russian artist. Figurative.

Guzy, Julius
Figurative works, Irish landscapes, historical compositions, still lives and portraits by this UK-based artist.

Artist, Hedgewitch, Tarot reader and holistic therapist presents some of her artwork. Images of horses and other animals.

Gyarmati, Zsolt
Hungarian visual artist shows monsters and monkeys in paintings and designs.

Gyorfi, Alexander
Online portfolio by German artist: abstract paintings and stylized graphics, videos and mp3s. Includes exhibitions listing.