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Online portfolio from this art director for a Paris communication agency. Stylized figurative pieces and logo designs.

Faillace, Rachael
New Jersey artist shows a virtual gallery featuring prints, drawings, paintings, and digital works. Range of styles. Includes resume.

A sampling of the artist's work. Impressionistic and topical examples are shown.

Farel, Pierre
This French painter presents a virtual gallery. Biographical and exhibitions information available in English and French.

Farkas, Kim
Paintings and photographs by this French artist and student.

Farnault, Deborah
Brooklyn-based, French artist shows works focusing on art, architecture and landscape. With exhibitions listing.

Farquharson, Mo
London-based sculptor shows large-scale and small-scale works in bronze. Includes exhibitions listing.

Farquharson, Vincent
Jamaican artist currently residing in DC presents abstract works dealing with artificial negative space. Includes essays and short stories.

Faudree, Jane
Painter from North Carolina shows landscapes, abstracts, and still-lifes. Includes exhibitions information.

Fazzino, Charles
3-D art by this popular artist is showcased. Includes information on the process of making the images.

Fearey, Gordon
Wall reliefs and prints featuring themes of clothing, water, and landscape from this New York artist. Includes poetry.

Feaux, Michael
Multimedia artist living in Berlin presents a project blog and galleries, including portraits and illustrations.

Feldwick-Jones, Arlen
New Zealander, now based in Arizona, presents acrylic paintings, from abstracts to landscapes and still-life.

Fernandez Pons, Luis
Berlin-based artist shows videos, installations, and projects, most done in collaboration with Jasmina Llobet. Includes exhibition listings.

Ferreira De Araujo, Fernando
This Brazilian expressionist has been based in New York City since 2003. Abstract paintings.

Ferreyra, Lui
Paintings and drawings by this Denver artist. Figurative. Includes exhibitions listing.

Ferrin, Louis G.
Wildlife illustrations, figurative paintings, plus abstract sculptures.

Fiadeiro, Isabel
Sketches, watercolors, and photographs from travels in Mauritania and elsewhere,and featuring local people and their way of living. Weblog format.

Fielder, Jane
Artist from Yorkshire, England shows cityscape watercolors and abstract mixed-media works. Links and locations.

Filichev, Alexander
Abstract works featuring a connection of plants` harmonic forms and geometrical figures that creates a direct feeling of images.

Finlayson, Robert
Showcases this Australian artist's work, mostly painting and collage, through four decades. Includes biography, commentary, and photos.

Finley, Dennis M.
Alabama-based artist shows acrylic paintings. Figurative, colorful designs.

Fischer Cardenas, Alejandro
Painting and drawing portfolio by this Colombian artist. Landscapes and figurative works.

Fischer, John
Digital art and prints by a New York-based artist. Colorful, abstract works.

Fischl, Eric
Retrospective collection of paintings and sculptures by figurative artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Fisette, Antoine
Portfolio of graphic design and photography by this Canadian artist. Includes resume.

Fisher, Abraham
Landscapes and figurative paintings done by application of thick oil paint and by using painting knives.

Fisher, Jimmy
Art student interested in broadcast design and animation presents a portfolio online. Includes resume.

Fisher, Josh
Photo distortions, paintings, writing by a young, North Carolina-based artist.

Fishpaw, Scott
Baltimore painter shows artwork featuring people and their interactions, sometimes combining surrealism with religious iconography.

Fisk, Paul
A thousand art works to enlightenment is a long term project that documents all of my art works in order of dates made, this process will become an art work within its self.

Flanagan, Debra
San Diego-based artist shows colorful acrylic paintings featuring spheres, floral, and abstract imagery.

Flansburg, Matthew
Arizona-based artist and designer shows works in a variety of media, many inspired by mathematics. Resume and press clippings.

Flatmo, Duane
Mural artist, sculptor, painter and kinetic sculpture legend shares his work.

Flood, Kathi
Retrospective of the California artist's works. Installations featuring social or political commentary. Includes exhibitions listing.

Flood, Sandra
Figurative oil paintings by a New Jersey-based artist.

Florea, Ioan
Abstract art by this Illinois-based artist. Features alkyd paintings, mixed media, oil. Includes exhibitions listings.

Fludd, Derrick
Abstract paintings, drawings, prints, and works on paper by a New York artist. Includes notes and essays on technical and philosophical aspects of art-making.

Flynn, David
Gallery featuring space art, featuring oil paintings.

Fontana, Blaine
Washington-state-based artist presents an online portfolio featuring paintings, prints, and designs. Varied styles. Includes biography.

Forsans, Jerome
French artist shows drawings and paintings featuring pewter wire as a key ingredient. Includes exhibitions listing.

Forster, Peter
Classical painting and sculpture, including portraits, figure works, monuments, and bronze sculpture.

Forsyth, Sean
Irish graphic artist shows work samples: 3-D portfolio.

Fort, Tom
Original golf art, sports paintings, portraits and photographs offered by a Texas-based artist who is also a golfer.

Foss, Steve
A collection of photos and art. Categories include flowers, fish, backgrounds, cars and youtube videos.

Foster, Daisy
London-based artist and illustrator shows watercolor paintings. French-inspired landscapes.

Fournier, Bonnie
The Smooch Project: a multi-image photo composition by this conceptual artist and photographer based in Minnesota.

Fox, Ann
A portfolio of art work and web design including surreal images, Japanese anime, public murals, and sketches by this Oshkosh WI-based artist. Includes resume.

Fox, Oriana
Painting, digital collage, clocks, and video from a London-based artist whose recent work references feminism and "Sex and the City." Includes exhibitions listing. Nudes.

Franco, Rob
Oil paintings of Assateague ponies and New England boats by this artist who is located in Natick, Massachusetts.

Frank, Basil C.
Jerusalem-based artist shows abstract mixed media works, including photography and digital art. Biography.

Franssen, James
Charcoal drawings and clay sculpture. Figurative works, including nudes.

Fransson, Stefan
Swedish artist presents an online portfolio featuring abstract paintings, drawings, collages, and sculpture. Prints.

Fraser, Vince
Online portfolio from this London-based digital illustrator and designer. Flashy work and flashy presentation.

Frazier, Sandy
New York artist and musician displays artwork, writing and compositions. Site is titled "Mystic Art."

Frederick, Matthew
Photography in color and black and white and paintings by a California artist. Includes a collection of his articles and reviews for Applelust magazine.

Fredman, Michael T.
Star Strewn Sky: digital collages and illustrations in various styles, writing and music.

Freeman, Jeff
North Dakota-based artist shows abstract works, including constructions, paintings, and drawings. Includes biography and exhibitions listing.

Fribley, Weston
Virtual portfolio of this student of film, visual effects, and new media. Includes weblog.

Fritz, Julie
Abstract landscape artist who grounds her work in time and real places.

Frueh, Joanna
Multidisciplinary artist, writer, and scholar presents a website about her life and work including her books, current one-woman shows, and exhibitions. Nudity.

Fuchs-Musgrave, Julianne
India Ink Tattoo: comments and images in weblog format on topic of what it means to be an artist.

Fuentes, Ismael
This Spanish painter presents figurative works, including portraits. With biography. Text also in Spanish.

Fulbeck, Kip
Explores multi-racial and Asian-American identity through performance, video, and writing.

Fuller, Van Evan
Presenting Giclee prints from digital graphics in a wide variety of styles, from realistm to abstractionism to cartooning.

Contains layered digital artwork, poetry, photography, and essays.

Furton, Lisa
California artist presents Neptune Visions with surrealist paintings in oil, acrylic and oil bar. Graphics too. Includes biography.