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Earley , Melissa
Portfolio of beadpaintings, oil or acrylic or watercolor paintings, and woodcuts. Expressionist-influenced pieces.

Eastman, Karen
Abstract and expressionist works by this California artist.

Edalatpour, Seyed
Iranian artist currently based in UK shows figurative sculptures, prints and drawings.

Edens, Michael
Minnesota artist presents many works, from portraits to 3D-digital design. Media range from pen-and-ink to oil to charcoal. Photography. Includes exhibitions listing.

Edlen, Daniel
Using recycled record albums, this artist paints with acrylic and showcases the portraits of musicians and singers on their original disks.

Edlund, Bard
Artistic photography, geometric stylized illustrations, and poetry.

Edmund, Marcella
Photo collages, mosaics, weaving and embroideries. Plus 3-D works called "Collection Containments."

Vancouver artist presents a line of non-objective paintings on gouged plywood in a style coined as "Reductive Modernism".

Dutch artist presents figurative paintings of portraits of women and nudes, including plump women and goddesses.

Eghiazaryan, Boris
Paintings, graphics, collages, and objects by this Ukrainian artist. Colorful expressionist and symbolist works. Includes exhibitins listing.

Ehly, Isabelle
Figurative paintings and sculpture by this French artist.

Eichman, Heidi N.
The artist presents thoughts and sketches.

Einspruch, Franklin
The artist presents a weblog about the visual arts, arts writing, design, art criticism, the artist's life, exhibition and book reviews, rants, and quotes.

Ejkej, Andreas
Swedish artist presents artwork including photomanips, tattoos and photography. Figurative and nature pieces. Nudes.

Eleftheriadis, Marios
Greek artist and art professor presents a virtual studio. Prints, conceptual pieces, and performance art. Includes exhibitions listing.

Elf, Shari
Art from trash and funny little folk songs. Flash plug-in necessary to view site.

Elias, Joshua
California-based artist's on-line studio features abstract oil paintings. Includes statement and exhibitions listing.

Ellert, Petra
This German artist gives us an overview of her sculpture and site-specific work. Works are organized by location. Biography.

Elliot, Ian
Colorful landscape paintings in oil by a Scottish artist.

Ellis, Arienne
Paintings, totems, and ink drawings by this Arizona-based artist. Colorful surreal and expressionist works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Ellis, Steven K.
The artist shows representational paintings, drawings, and book illustrations.

Ellmann, Barbara
New York artist known for public works and permutable, abstract, encaustic painting installations presents an online showcase. Includes exhibitions listing.

Elmaleh, Rachel M.
Paintings by a Cambridge MA-based artist. Music and musical instruments are themes in many of the works shown on this site.

Elszy-Perez, Bernadette
Paintings and prints by this Chicana artist are colorful and mostly figurative.

Personal gallery with bizarre and black images, rendered in various media. Expressionist.

Emery, Rob
An eclectic collection featuring drawings, paintings, and stone, clay and stained-glass sculptures. Figurative and fantasy works, including Halloween costumes.

Emma D
Poetical realism in paintings, drawings and monotypes. Includes exhibition listing.

Emmett, John
The artist presents his Museum of Art, with photos and poetry. Abstract works and a few portrait drawings.

Engberg, Jeff
"Crazy and bohemian" projects in Barcelona and Oslo. Prints, paintings, drawings, animations. Abstract and-or Gothic.

Engle, Gary
The artist shows works with a surrealist aura. Favorite photos too, including pictures of lizards.

Engles, Carol
California artist presents works in water media and pastels. Featuring abstracts, landscapes, and still-lifes.

Epping, Jenee'
Florida-based artist shows paintings, including portraits, as well as wall murals. Sculpture too. Representational.

Erickson, Ivan
A brief history of Dominican carnival masks and a small gallery of work.

Espanola, Noli V.
Filipino artist and art teacher shows pen-and-ink and watercolor works. Representational. Includes exhibitions listing.

Estrada, Eugenio
Retrospective featuring abstract paintings by this Spanish artist, teacher and researcher. Includes biography.

Estrada, Francis
The artist shows works which explore identity, growing up Filipino in America, and the "influence of the Spanish (Catholic) occupation."

Evans, C. M.
San Diego-based cartoonist and illustrator presents works and thoughts.

Evans, Ryan
The artist provides a trip around his gallery featuring original artwork and online role-playing characters.

Evcimen,Tunc Tekin
The artist's Concept Workshop shows abstract oil paintings and some photography, with links to his work in New Age music. Text in English and Turkish.

Young artist shows drawings and photos on a site called Eden's Moon. Includes a short story and an online diary.

Evstafiev, Mikhail
Oil paintings by this Russian artist. Abstract works and photography. Includes biography.

Ewart, Jana
Portfolio of oil and acrylic paintings by this Canadian artist. Expressive plein-air works.

Eyres, David
Wales-based artist shows abstract paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.