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D'Aquino, Jason
Virtual gallery featuring small-scale, highly detailed graphite drawings. Fairy-tale imagery. Includes exhibitions listing.

Daborn, Erica
Surrealist paintings and drawings by artist and art teacher. Her idea is to "make visible what is understood but not seen." Includes exhibition listings.

Daeni, Pino
Italian-born artist shows romantic paintings featuring women.

Daley, Paul
Artist and animator shows some samples in a site titled, "3D-Anim8or".

Dallas, Ben
Chicago artist shows abstract works in acrylic on wood. Includes exhibitions listing.

Dameron, Bryant
Project October: online gallery featuring digital and video works plus a weblog by this Virginia artist. Includes biography and exhibitions listing.

Abstract works in soft pastels.

Daniel, J.B.
Chicago artist says "If one acknowledges the obvious as merely a construct of convention then everything comes into question, including art".

Darway, Chris
New Jersey artist and metalworker shows lamps, radios, jewelry and other objects.

Primitive-style paintings by an artist who hopes to inspire others to "make wonderful things."

Davidhazy, Andrew
Graphic, furniture, and environment design works by the artist. Also includes an archive of photographs, writings, and travel journals.

Davidson, Mary
Landscape and still life paintings by Scottish artist. Impressionist. Includes a visit to the artist's garden.

Davies, T. E.
Mount Bermo Timbo: album covers, photography, poetry. Digital manipulations.

Davis, Barbara
Germany-based artist presents abstract mixed-media paintings, graphics, and collages. Includes resume and exhibitions listing.

Davis, Joshua A.
Paintings and digital works from this Ohio-based artist. Fantasy illustrations and self-portraits.

Davis, Nicky
Houston-based artist presents fun illustrations, sometimes cartoonesque and sometimes commenting on the world we live in. With exhibitions listing.

Davis, Sandra C.
New Jersey artist shows photos featuring historic architecture and Irish landscapes. Includes biography with exhibitions listing.

Davison, Paul
British artist presents oil paintings inspired by the surroundings of his adopted home in southern France.

Dawes, Roy
This Boston-area artist is interested in how the structure of nature relates to the mechanics of design. Includes resume.

De Almeida, David
Portuguese artist shows abstract paintings, engravings, and sculptures. Includes exhibitions listing.

De Bel, Dennis
This Dutch artist recycles everyday objects and media to create critical, humorous 'new media' works.Site is called Dilly Dally Foundry.

De Caso, Michel
French artist and self-described 'creator of Rectoversion' presents an online gallery featuring exhibition photos and information. Includes exhibitions listing.

De Clercq, Ted
Naples, Florida-based artist and sculptor presents a selection of figurative art, oil paintings, landscapes, nude drawings and scupltures.

De Jong, Caleb
Blog reviewing exhibitions of contemporary artists in New York City as well as interviews, book reviews and appreciations.

De Large, Nathaniel
Abstract drawings and sculptures.

De Luigi, Ludovico
Surrealist view of Venice from this Italian painter.

De Rosette, Angela
Gallery of figurative paintings and prints. Includes artist's statement and biography.

De Sloover, Isabelle
Belgian artist present photographs of outdoor works. Some text only in Flemish.

De Zilva, Jess
Realistic paintings as well as projects and installations. With exhibitions listing.

DeMuth, D.F.
Artwork in various styles by self-described "starving artist."

Dederick, William
Nature photography, including environmental subjects and forms of transportation, from this Kingston, NY artist.

Dedyk, Yakov
Realistic portraits in oils, pencil, and pastels by this Russian artist.

Deis, Eric
Exhibition space of the Canadian artist who shows photographs and multimedia works. Includes exhibitions listing.

Delabano, Martin
This Texas sculptor/painter presents an archive of twenty years of work. Includes exhibition listings.

Delange, Sylvain
French painter who died aboard TWA flight 800. Abstract paintings, drawings, and etchings are shown in virtual gallery.

Delattre, Pierre
Paintings (abstract-figurative in acrylic on canvas), writings, workshops, lectures, and resume, with updates on shows and links to galleries.

Delgado, Jasmine
Spray-painted and stenciled murals, digital prints, and mixed-media works by this California artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Deliot, Claudette
French artist shows abstract and figurative paintings in oils and acrylics. Includes exhibitions listing. Some text in French.

Delisle, Michele
Sugarplum: figurative illustrations, photography, digital experimentations--the Quebec-based artist's inner world.

Personal page showing examples of Lake Applets, also includes some poetry.

Dell'Orto, Suzanne
Bee paintings and other artwork focusing on structures. Various media. Abstract. Includes exhibitions listing.

Delle, Brenda
Colorful pastel paintings of animals and people from this Louisiana artist. Street scenes too. Includes exhibitions listing.

Deller, Jeremy
British artist known for works on political and social themes. A Turner Prize nominee.

Graffiti-style site-specific street art in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan by Daniel Joseph Bombardier, aka Denial.

Denis, E.
Belarusian artist shows photorealistic images featuring wine bottles. Limited edition prints too.

Deorzio, Chris
Online gallery of photos and digital art.

Derr, David
DD2 Studios: digital and traditional paintings, mixed media, photography, graphic design, poetry, and original MP3 music. New Jersey artist.

Derrick, Christine
UK-based artist with 25+ years of experience shows landscapes and floral and still-life subjects in various media.

The artist's work inspired by Anime, Art Nouveau, and mythology.

Devine, Peter
Online portfolio featuring landscape paintings, chiefly ocean views. Includes exhibitions listing.

Di Carlo, Elena
Monochromatic artwork in oil and enamel on cloth. Introspective pieces by this Italian artist.

DiPaola, Anthony
Drawings about tension in various forms and situations, using self-portraiture instead of abstraction to develop the artwork. Includes biography.

Diaz, Richard
Expressive abstract and figurative works inspired by musical cadences and by the urban rhythms of New York City. Also subway portraits and abstract sculptures.

Dick, Stefani
Portrait drawings in pencil and cityscape photography by this Canadian artist. With background music.

Didik, Frank
New York artist presents an overview of recent art, design, film and book projects. Includes bio, statement, and many photos.

Didriksen, Maryann
New Jersey artist shows representational and impressionist works in pastel.

Dietz, Suzanne
The artist focuses on the imaginary place called Fayshoneshire. Photos.

Dinkin, Larry
Paintings and prints featuring landscapes and structures are presented by this Sandspoint NY-based artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Divshali, Mitra
Rome, Italy-based artist presents works in various media and categories. Representational, featuring trees, landscapes and cartoons.

Dix, Adam
London-based painter presents an online portfolio featuring figurative and industrial imagery.

Dixon, Mark
UK artist shows installation works and sculpture in this online portfolio.

Dixon, Mark
Montreal artist posts works made in several different mediums. Abstract.

Watercolours and oil paintings of New Zealand scenery and life.

Dlabal, Matej
Polish artist's blog with work, ranging from sketches and watercolor to graphic design. Includes biography

Doak, Andrew
Blogger shares his commentary on design, creativity and auto mechanics.

Dobrovic, Olja
California-based artist shows abstract paintings. Includes exhibitions listing.

Dodson, Sandra
This Northwestern U.S. painter specializes in contemporary realism, with emphasis on landscapes, still life, and figurative works.

Dolejs, Jakub
Portfolio and online projects of this Canadian artist. Includes exhibitions listing.

Domagalska, Renata
Polish artist presents figurative paintings, including a series on flamenco dancing.

Dommelen, Annelies van
Representational and symbolist prints and oil paintings. Includes Bestiary Alphabet.

Donati, Marco
This young artist working with media such as digital images and paintings, videos and writings presents works and ideas.

Donec, Julie
Garnet Studio: works in oil, pastel, and watercolor by this Canadian artist. Portraiture and figurative subject matter. Includes exhibitions listing.

Donker, Elisabeth
Blog of a Dutch artist living in the United States whose art is multi-disciplined, ranging from jewelry and graphic design to stained glass, ceramics and oil painting.

Donkor, Kimathi
Oil paintings, photographs, portraits and narrative work with an African and Caribbean theme.

Dooley, Mark
This Massachusetts-based artist works in encaustic, mixed media, and printmaking. Figurative and impressionist landscapes. Includes exhibitions listing.

Dosio, Joseph
This contemporary artist, sculptor, painter, designer, and furniture designer presents examples of his works. Includes reviews.

Douglass, Suzanne
Figurative works varying in flavor from realistic to abstract. Landscapes and still-lifes in oils.

Doyle, Chris
Brooklyn-based artist presents realistic paintings as well as works in animation, collaborative and public pieces. With biography.

Doyle, Shaun and Mally Mallinson
British art duo presents work samples, including comic figurative installations. With exhibitions listing.

Doyle, Troy
Southern Minnesota artist presents realist paintings and prints.

Dr.S. Scientific Artist productions promotes Multiple Sketch Book and other art products. Black and white film clips.

Artworks (varied styles and media, including collage), poetry, and costumes by an Australian artist who titles his site, Hedonist Art.

Virtual gallery displaying recent works, including painting, drawing, digital animation and photo-manipulation. Includes classroom drawings.

Drakulich, Merrilee
Pennsylvania-based artist shows landscapes featuring scenes from France, Japan, and the U.S. Representational with a tendency toward abstraction.

Drayton, Elizabeth
Cotswold scenes and seascapes in watercolor and oil from this British artist. Also representational drawings, especially featuring animals.

Dream Cities
Visions and drawings of imaginary cities.

Du Moulin, Paul
Australian artist shows paintings, drawings, and prints. Figurative and abstract; landscapes too.

Dubinsky, Yvette D.
On-line gallery features recent and past work by this St. Louis-based artist and printmaker. Includes exhibitions listing.

Dubisch, Carolyn Watson
Phoenix-based artist blogs about her life, her art, and her ongoing search for the shady side of the street. Illustrations and set and prop designs, aimed at an audience of children.

Duboc, François
Portrait of the British Queen Mother by a French painter. Text also in French.

Dude Can't Draw
Weblog documenting one guy's exploration of his own inability to draw.

Duerwald, Jennifer
Atmospheric portraits of children by this New Jersey artist. Pastel medium.

Dumbarton, Julie
Scotland-based artist presents her artwork. Landscape paintings.

Duncan, Gimara H.
Showing traditional representational artwork, scientific illustration, and photography. Includes biography.

Dunlop, Brian
Australian realistic and figurative painter presents a virtual gallery. Includes exhibitions listing.

Dunn, Antony
Zero4Seventeen: collection of personal and commercial works encompassing, graphic, web design and fine art.

Dunning, Craig
Australian multi-media artist shows black-and-white and color photos, 3-D graphics, figure drawings, and symbollist paintings.

Duque, Fabiola
Portfolio by this Switzerland-based and Colombian-born architect, painter and sculptor. Nudes and other figurative works. Expressionist. Includes bio.

Dusseault, Yanick
Visual effects designer and digital artist presents a gallery of science-fiction inspired illustrations.

Duval, George
Information about how to layout pictures, scrap-booking, and framing from this painter who also shows colorful examples of his works, including portraits.

Duvivie, Francoise
Damaged Corpse: digital-collages, dolls, and masks by this Paris-based artist. Also shows works by guest artists.

Paintings, poetry, music, and photography in a variety of styles.